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Clear Quartz Crystal Octahedron .75 inch [RACQTZOCT-SMALL]


Polished and cut Clear Quartz crystal Octahedron Geometric Shape is a stone of Power and can help amplify any intention or energy. This geometric shaped clear quartz is often used in healing. It is a powerful tool to aid focus and clarity of intention. Clear Quartz is know for its high vibration and healing energy. It is know as the most powerful healing stone. It is a stone of power and amplifies any energy. It protects again negativity. Quartz optimizes the stones healing energy. Quartz is wonderful crystal to use for meditation, Reiki, table work and Energy Grids. It is said to help with cleansing and detoxification. Quartz amplifies the Sacred Geometry energies within these Octahedrons, making them ideal for all kinds of spiritual work.

A Octahedron is a eight sided crystal and has 8 faces of equal triangle shape which includes a total of 12 edges, all sides are equidimensional and bisect at at the same angle. The Octahedron looks like two square based pyramids, placed base to base.

It is associated with all chakra

You will receive one crystal, approx size .75 inch Brazil

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