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Rutile in Hematite Crystal .25 inch VERY SMALL [RACRUTHEM-NAT-VS]


The combination of rutile and hematite makes for a very tranquil and calming mineral. Such a pretty combination of the two with the Golden Needles of Rutile and the Silver Metallic of Hematite.

The golden needles of Rutile is a mineral and is a major ore of titanium. It can make one more forgiving toward both oneself and others, and to give a general sense of tranquility and order. It is also said to stimulate one's problem solving capabilities by providing a more in-depth understanding of the details involved. Metaphysical healing lore says that Rutile is said to help strengthen the immune system and to help in the treatment of pulmonary and circulatory disorders.

Hematite natural crystal decreases negativity and can help balance the body, mind and spirit. Use hematite for divination. Hematite brings you peace from stress, is very calming and a great protection stone. It is also used for restful sleep, physical strength and healing. Hematite is a protective stone and can help in legal situations. It also gives you energy, revitalizes and enhances personal magnetism. Hematite is good at grounding out excess energy, Use hematite to ground yourself when feeling scattered and need increased energy levels and physical strength. Place hematite on your heart to strengthen it and to create joy in your life. Hematite helps with original and logical thinking. Physically it has been used to keep the body cool, to decrease blood disorders, nervous problems and insomnia, as well as align the spine and mend broken bones. Hematite harmonizes well with black tourmaline, smoky quartz, obsidian, jet, herkimer diamond, moldavite and ruby. Hematite is associated with the root chakra and the magnetic hematite is associated with all chakras.

You will receive one crystal, approx size .25 to .25 x 1/8 inch thick, These are a very tiny crystal

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