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Aquamarine Natural Crystal with Lithium Inclusions 2 inch [RACAQUALITH-58.4]

The combination of Aquamarine and Lithium makes for a very calming gemstone, helpful for stress, depression and emotional issues.

Aquamarine crystal is beneficial for pollutants, stress, intuition and fear. Aquamarine natural stone is of the Water element, and their energy is very refreshing. It brings one to a calm yet alert state of consciousness in which one is fully aware of ones own store of knowledge, wisdom and feelings, and compassion. It is perhaps the strongest stone for clearing and activating the throat chakra. It stimulates the flow of energy and communication from the heart to the throat, assisting one in gently speaking ones deepest and most heartfelt truth with clarity and conviction. It can be beneficial to a child that is shy or has difficulty verbalizing. Aquamarine is extremely cleansing for the emotional body. It brings emotional patterns to the surface for processing, helping one understand where one is holding on to emotions, communication patterns, or thoughts that are limiting ones ability to go with the flow. Once these patterns are identified, it helps one consciously release them, freeing oneself of attachments to old patterns, relationships, and ways of being. In this way, Aquamarine is a stone of empowerment and gentle, yet dynamic, change. It is excellent for working with grief and closure as it assists one in fully releasing attachment to the loved ones body while retaining a positive emotional connection to their spiritual being. Aquamarine can assist one in rapidly moving through transition, removing resistance and helping one overcome fear of the unknown. It is an excellent ally when ones baggage has become too heavy! The cleansing nature of this stone also clarifies perception, as much of the mental and emotional clutter is washed away. Metaphysical healing lore says that Aquamarine is used for sore throats, laryngitis, strep throat, swollen glands, thyroid, pituitary, hormones, growth, elimination, eyes, jaw and teeth, near- or far sightedness, stomach, immune system, autoimmune diseases, infection, inflammatory diseases,  eczema, hives, rosacea, psoriasis, nervous system, herpes and allergy symptoms. Associated with the throat and heart chakras.

Lithium is a high energy healing and balancing stone. It is said to be self-clearing and self-cleansing. Lithium quartz sends and receives energy as well as storing it. Lithium quartz is balancing and calming, and is used in crystal healing as a natural anti-depressant. Emotionally and other ways, lithium quartz is said to relieve stress, anxiety, and tension, bringing relaxation and peace. It works in a gentle and slow powerful manner, not causing the discomfort of sudden change that some crystals might at times. Lithium quartz is excellent for meditation and prayer. It is used to heal repressed grief and anger, as well as emotional issues from past lives. It is also said to purify water. Metaphysical healing lore says that lithium is used in crystal healing for stress related disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, muscular tension, repetitive motion injuries. Lithium opens the heart chakra and moves energy through the body. It stimulates the third eye chakra and sends energy flowing into all the mind centers. It can be used safely to activate all of the chakras.

You will receive one stone, approx size 2 long x 1.5 x 1 inch thick Weighs 58.4 grams

This is a gorgeous Aquamarine with Llithium inclusions. These are a high quality mineral specimen directly from Brazil. The miner came to me with a truck load of crystals he mined himself. I was able to hand pick this crystal...The energy on all the crystals I had gotten are amazing!


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