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SC720: Horned God Cernunnos Plaque [SC720]

This Horned God Cernunnos plaque is a dramatic highly detailed depiction of the lord of the wood, Ruler of the land, viral fertility and protector. Cernunnos, the essence of the masculine aspect in the balance of Nature. The antlered god sits in a lush woodland setting, surrounded by symbols of fertility, power and masculinity - stag, bull, snake. The torc around his neck symbolizes his sacred role as husbandman to Mother Earth; with his right hand he bestows a torc of initiation. A ram-headed serpent, connoting male sexual power and vitality, is held under control in his left hand. It is bone gray, hand painted Resin plaque measuring 13.75 x 1.5 x 13.5 inches

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