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  • Rhodolite Garnet Rough Tanzania [RACRHODGARN-NAT]


    Rhodolite Garnet natural stone is a variety of Pyrope Garnet. Its name is derived from two Greek words meaning "rose stone." It displays all the brilliancy and fire of the Garnets, with a beautiful color ranging from rose red to pale violet. It is known as a Stone of Inspiration, bringing the inspiration of love via the heart and mind. [Melody, 564] It helps one receive abundance on an emotional level, stimulating one's sense of self-worth and alleviating feelings of inadequacy. It assists in owning one's gifts and abilities, and sharing them with others. It is a soothing and healing crystal for the emotional body. It encourages self love.
    Rhodolite helps to attract good luck through a greater awareness of how often one has been very lucky in life. This essence also helps to release negative energies from all the Chakras and thus helps one to feel much lighter and more refreshed energy wise. It also helps to stimulate positive changes in one's life, attracting new opportunities quite quickly. It also helps one to know what opportunities are best for one to pursue so as they appear, one may take needed action quickly and decisively. Metaphysical healing lore says that Rhodolite Garnet is good for capillaries, skin elasticity and protection from pre-cancerous conditions. It also is helpful in recovery from sexually related abuse.

    Rhodolite Garnet is associated with the Root, Heart and Crown Chakras

    You will receive one stone, approx size 3/8 to 1/2 inch, From Tanzania

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