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Calcite Green Optical Transparent Cube [RACOPCALGR-CUBE]

Green optical calcite is a stone that is a very deep healing heart chakra stone. It heals those deepest issues of the heart such as love of self and others. Cleansing of old stagnant and blocked energy. Breaking old relationship habits and patterns. Emerald Calcite allows you to surrender or to let go of those love issues which have stopped you from finding your true love or soul mate. Surrender to the Universe the ‘need' to be in a relationship. Give yourself the gift of clearing out the old energy that you are projecting. If you project the energy of neediness or being a victim, you will only attract those who are not good for you. Use the Emerald Calcite to help you project an image of love and self-respect for yourself. This will allow your true energy to show and only then will you be able to mirror your soul mate. In numerology- Emerald Calcite vibrates to the number 3, joy and creativity! This stone is fairly soft as most calcites are. Calcite is fairly abundant and is found all over the world. Emerald Calcite is believed to be colored green by chromium. Associated with the heart chakra.

approx size 2 inch long x 1 to 1.5 inch wide x .5 to .75 inch thick

Calcite Green Optical Transparent Cube, Natural Gemstone, Healing Crystal

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