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RAK60NB: Hecates Winged Athame [RAK60NB]


Featuring the symbol of Hecate just above its winged cross guard, this ritual Athame brings the power of the goddess of magick, the underworld, and crossroads into your ritual crafts. This athame is a marvelous piece to add to the mystery of your ritual and worship. With a black, 3.75 inch handle carved of wood and metal to comfortably fit the curve of your palm, it presents a 4.5 inch blade, finely crafted of stainless steel. Flaring out at the base into a curved cross guard, often referred to as wings, it is decorated with the upturned moon and pentagram that are viewed as a symbol for Hecate, the goddess of magick, the underworld, and crossroads. Often known as the crone goddess, or otherwise seen as a potent force in mystery and magick, her symbol and blessing upon this athame make it a potent addition to your rituals. This athame comes with a black leather sheath that snaps closed around the athame's handle to hold it firmly in place and has a loop to allow it to be affixed to your belt.  Not sold in MASSACHUSETTS or CALIFORNIA.

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