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Fluorite Pendulum 6 sided [RACPDFLUO]


Fluorite Pendulum can be used as one of the basic divination and dowsing tools. Use it with a pendulum board or by itself, it can help determine the answers to questions or aid in general decision-making. Dowsing with a pendulum is a type of divination used to locate ground water, buried items such as metals, gemstones, oil, gravesites, and many other objects and materials, as well as Ley lines.

Fluorite can draw off negative energies and stress of all kinds, absorbs and neutralizes negative vibrations. Fluorite is a success stone, increases concentration and helps in decision making. Helps you to know when there are outside influences at work. It can assists you to move forward in any endeavor and makes an excellent learning aid for students of all ages. Fluorite is great for computer electromagnetic stress.

Fluorite crystals are filled with the beautiful color for which fluorite is known, making each an entirely unique piece, yielding a beautiful view that changes with every glance and shift in light.

Fluorite promotes spiritual and psychic development, truth, protection, and brings peace. It protects psychically. It can help with meditation by letting us go past the chatter that our minds tend to generate when first learning to meditate.

All colors of fluorite are good for auric cleansing, protection and healing. Green fluorite is an excellent all purpose healing stone that promotes healing on all levels and also promotes self-love. Green fluorite also cleanses the chakras and eliminates negativity in a room. Purple fluorite strengthens mystical insight, psychic awareness, and can open the third eye. Clear fluorite guards against psychic attack and strengthens consciousness. Blue fluorite has the quality of protecting the emotions and restoring emotional balance.

Associated Chakras are Crown, Heart and Third Eye and the Astrological Signs are Gemini and Capricorn

approx size 1.25 to 1.5 inch and 12 inches total with chain

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