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September 22, 2018

Title :  Mabon, Wiccan Holiday
  From :  September 22, 2018  
  Through :  September 22, 2018  
Event :
Mabon, Wiccan Holiday
Mabon is our Fall Equinox, The Witches Thanksgiving, The first day of Autumn and the second harvest period. This is also a time to celebrate the earths bounty and thank mother earth for her blessings to us. It is a time to remember our ancestors and thank them for what they have given us to make us who we are. It is a time of total Thanksgiving. Use brown, cranberry or purple candles. Burn a mix of myrrh, rose petals, sage. Cast your circle with an athame. The color of the day is Indigo and the gemstones for the month of September are Sapphire and Sardonyx.
Event link :  Athames, Letter OpenersMabon, Wiccan Holiday
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