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August 01, 2020

Title :  Lammas, Wiccan Holiday
  From :  August 1, 2020  
  Through :  August 1, 2020  
Event :
Lammas, Wiccan Holiday
Lammas or Lughnasadh Wiccan sabbat marks the middle of summer or the beginning of harvest time. Grains, vegetable and herbs are ripe for their first pickings. Herbs chosen at this time are at their most potent. This is a time to say goodbye to the sun and to thank Mother Earth for her bounty. Use green, yellow or orange candles and burn a mixture of heliotrope, sunflower petals and frankincense for incense. Do a spell for prosperity for the coming months. The color for the day is blue and the gemstones for the month of August are Peridot and Carnelian.
Event link :  Mother EarthLammas, Wiccan Holiday
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Black Tourmaline Sphere 2.5 inch 65 mm

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