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February 09, 2020

Title :  February Full Moon, The Quickening Moon
  From :  February 9, 2020  
  Through :  February 9, 2020  
Event :
February Full Moon, The Quickening Moon
The Quickening Moon for the February full moon at 2:33 AM. The color of the day is Amber. Use white candles for your ritual and burn sandalwood or sage incense. The gemstones are rose quartz, amethyst and jasper. Use an amethyst stone for dreaming. Take time to relax and savor some spiritual time too. This is a month when new life is beginning, but still lies dormant. Pregnant animals, due in the spring, begin to feel the quickening of their unborn young. The earth itself is quickening, as seeds and bulbs far beneath the soil begin their journey towards the light. This is the month to make plans for the future. It is a time to dream, hope, and set goals for ourselves. Accept responsibility for mistakes you have made in the past, and move on. Magical workings this month should focus on personal achievements and advancement. Plan a ritual to ask the Old Ones for help in planning your future. The gemstone for the month of February is Amethyst.
Event link :  Mother EarthFebruary Full Moon, The Quickening Moon




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