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Chakra Crystals and Stones

by Raven and Crone

The article lists the endless choices for chakra crystals and stones. What crystal should you use with each chakra. This list shows the crystals and what chakra they correspond to. This will always be a work in progress and will be updated as time permits and we find more more crystals.

Abalone: root, sacral and solar plexus chakras, calms, emotional situations,  intuition, promotes imagination, healing

Agate, Blue Lace: clears throat chakra, calms, assists inner attunement, healing 

Agate, Bostwana: stimulates crown chakra, inner knowledge  

Agate, Fire: sacral root chakras, courage, protects, fear, spiritual progression, meditation, healing

Agate, Mexican Crazy Lace: root chakra, balancing, calms, protects, laughter, emotional pain, wealth, attract new friends

Agate, Moss: heart chakra, abundance, success, prosperity, gain peace, self-confidence, higher self-esteem, protection, addiction, healing   

Agate, 3rd Eye: protection against evil, enhance psychic abilities, intuition, ESP, imagination, concentration

Agate, Tree: heart chakra, introspection and self discovery, relieves tension  

Agate, Turritella: root chakra, negativity, healing, anger, love, courage, emotional trauma, aura  
Amazonite: heart and throat chakra, brings clarity, truth and trust, dispels negativity, health and well being  

Amber: solar plexus chakra, chakras balanced and revitalized, calms, protection, love, negativity, healing, good luck, depression

Amethyst:  opens crown chakra, promotes inner peace, love, insomnia, balance, healing, cleansing, initiates wisdom & under standing, communicates directly with the inner soul

Amethyst, Black: 3rd Eye Chakra, grounding, healing, environmental cleanup  

Amegreen: Crown and Heart Chakra, lift spirits, love, fear, business, healing, negativity, fears

Ametrine:  3rd eye chakra, harmony, healing, stress relief, learning, meditation, negativity, psychic abilities

Amphibole Angel Quartz: crown and 3rd eye chakras, balance, love, Spirit Guides, dreaming, clarity, verbal abuse, meditation, energy healing

Angelite: throat, 3rd eye and crown chakras, inner peace, dispel fear, forgiveness, healing, communicate 

Apache Tear: root, sacral and heart chakras, soothes grief, insight and acceptance at times of death  

Apophyllite: 3rd eye chakra, charge objects, truth, calms,  healing, helps eyes

Apatite: 3rd eye chakra, learn, healing, inner peace, enhance energies of crystals

Aqua Aura, Blue:  throat Chakra and 3rd eye chakras, activate all chakras, power, healing, love, protection, soothe anger, release stress, communicate, inner truth  

Aqua Aura, Tangerine: solar plexus and heart chakras, activate all chakras, wealth, healing, love, protection, stress  

Aqua Aura, Tanzanite: 3rd eye and crown chakras, activate all chakras, wealth, healing, love, protection, stress

Aquamarine: throat and heart chakras, courage, strength, peace, protection and calming  

Aragonite: throat, heart and thrird eye chakras, increases prayers and magick charms, confidence, anger, stress, calms, psychic, healing

Arfvedsonite: crown, 3rd eye and throat chakra, courage, forgiveness, self-confidence, reduces guilt, self-doubt, depression,   

Atlantasite: all chakras, end disputes, understand love, healing, spiritual, stress,  success in business, power, money

Aventurine, Blue: 3rd Eye and throat chakras, self discipline, patience. inner strength, protection, healing emotions, intuitive

Aventurine, Green: heart chakra, heals heart, physic healing, emotional stress  

Aventurine, Peach: heals heart, physic healing, emotional stress

Aventurine, Red: Root, Sacral and 3rd eye chakras, enhances creativity, see possibilities, prosperity, negativity, healing
Azurite: 3rd eye and crown chakras, align all chakras, soothing, intuition, meditation, divination, healing, depression  

Azurite Malachite: 3rd eye, crown, solar plexus and heart chakras, stress, depression, love, well-being, good fortune, prosperity, abundance, protection, new beginnings
Beryl, Green: crown, frontal, 3rd eye and thymus chakras, gentle energy, calms, meditation

Bismuth: heart and base chakras, see and overcome blocks, meditation, grounding, focus, relationships  

Bloodstone: root chakra, healing, courage, wealth, confidence, business, protection

Boji Stones - Kansas Pop Rocks: all chakras, metaphysical healing, balance and align ones energy field, promote the removal of blockages to allow healing to take place, memory loss, depression, healing

Bronzite: base and solar plexus chakras, protection, restore harmony, courage, indecision, change, healing

Calcite, Blue: throat chakra, calming, ease emotional pain, healing, happiness,  communication 

Calcite, Clear Optical: all chakras, amplifies energy, healing, protection, inner peace, lessen fear, stress, clear away negative

Calcite, Golden: clears and activates all chakras, disagreements, meditation, negative emotions, negative energy, amplify positive energy 

Calcite, Green: heart chakra, heals the heart for love of self and others, breaking old relationship habits, let go love issues, joy

Calcite, Honey: root, solar plexus and third eye chakras, amplifies energy, assists with challenges associated with change, psychic, intellect, memory

Calcite, Mangano: heart chakra, anger, grief, fear, calming, bring love, abuse, success, memory, physical energy

Calcite, Orange:  sacral and solar plexus chakras, various chakras, protecting, purifying, grounding, prosperity, spirituality, reconciliation, healing, psychic abilities, increases and amplifies energy, stress
Carnelian:  root and sacral chakras. creativity, individuality, courage, protection energies, memory, past lives, protection from anger, jealousy, fear, brings good luck, ease sorrows

Cats Eye: 3rd eye chakra, power, forgiveness, healing, prosperity, negative, luck,  protects, peace,  increase positive in relationship

Cavansite in Stillbite: 3rd eye, protection towards disease: will not have the ability to return, intuition, activate channeling 

Celestite:  throat and crown chakras, clearing chakras, mental activities, balance, angelic realms, astral travel, dream recall, cleanses, healing, eyes, hearing, mental dysfunction, eliminates toxins, digestive disorders  

Chalcedony: throat and 3rd eye chakras, calming, joy, healing, negative, depression, harmonizes mind, body, and spirit

Chalcedony, Pink: heart chakra, stabilize all chakras, dissipates negative energy, depression, inner peace, divorce, self-love 

Chalcopyrite: opens, cleanses and activates crown chakra, crystal healing, remove energy blocks, crown chakra, meditation, perception, protection

Chiastolite, Cross Stone: root and third eye chakras, protection, harmony, negativity, calms fears, guilt, spirituality during illness and trauma, creativity 

Charoite: 3rd eye, crown, solar plexus and root chakras, power, negative emotions, anger, entity release, healing

Chrysanthemum: all chakras, new beginnings, spiritual growth, supports change, self development, jealousy, confidence  

Chrysocolla: throat, heart and root chakras, harmony,  balance stone, gives comfort, heal, self confidence

Chrysoprase: heart and solar plexus chakras, stress, abundance, friendship, healing  

Chrysoprase, Lemon: heart chakra, prosperity, business success, happiness, negative, soothing, healing, depression  

Citrine: solar plexus chakra, promote success, abundance, especially in business, mental clarity, confidence, happiness, will power, protection, depression, self-doubt, eliminate nightmares

Copper: all chakras, healing, energy & mental agility, enhances stone energies, emotion, wisdom  relieves pain  

Coral Fossil Agatized: root chakra, evil eye, luck, trauma, inner peace, emotional cleansing, protection, love, irritability, healing

Danburite: heart chakra, communication, love yourself, relationships, calms, angelic energy
Dolomite: balance and alighn chakras, relieves sorrow, anxiety, loneliness, encourages generosity, insomnia  

Dragon Stone: grounds the heart chakra and aligns all of the chakras,  patience, healing, stimulate personal power, dissolves grief - sadness and sorrow, increase anything it touches

Dumortierite, Blue Quartz: 3rd eye chakra, self-discipline, clarity, peace, courage, depression, stress, happiness, patience, angels, clairvoyance, meditate

Emerald: heart chakra, stimulates heart chakra, helps domestic bliss, harmony, fidelity, joy, all healing

Epidote: all chakras, healing, negativity, increase anything it touches, emotional and spiritual growth,  patience, panic attacks

Fluorite: all chakras, centers the mind, healing, computer and electromagnetic stress  

Fluorite, Blue: throat chakra, all chakras, protection, grounding, mental clarity, negative, psychic, inner peace, spiritual awakening

Orange Elestial: all chakras, relieves sorrow, depression, lightens the heart, strength, emotional burdens, uplifting energy  

Fluorite, Lavender: heart, third eye and crown chakras, Shyness, negativity, self fulfillment, aniexty, wealth, serenity, clarity, healing  

Fluorite, Green: all and heart chakras, spiritual, psychic, truth, protection, healing, meditate, self-love, peace

Fluorite, Yellow: all chakras, attracts wealth, abundance, manifestation, sharpen mind, decisive, creative thoughts, negativity  

Fuschite Crystal: 3rd Eye Chakra, healing Stone, enhances power of other minerals, meditation, fairies and natures spirit

Garnet: root chakra, creativity, imagination, purifies, strength, courage

Girasol: throat and crown chakra, calms, reignite interest in life, heals spiritual - emotional and physical  

Hematite: root chakra and magnetic hematite is for all chakras, protection, legal, calming, healing, negativity  

Herkimer Diamond: 3rd eye and crown chakras, attunement, balance, stress, healing

Howlite: place on third eye, state of mind, stress selfishness, rudeness, reduces pain

Infinate: root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras, clears chakras, negative, healing, emotional, spiritual, calming

Iolite: 3rd eye, inner knowing, eliminate debt,  disharmony in relationships, carry to aid  financial situations

Jade: heart chakra, healing, wealth, emotional balance, courage  

Jade, Serpentine: all chakras, protection, wisdom, shields, luck, love, purity, friendship

Jasper, Breciated: all chakras, stimulates base and sacral chakras, relaxation, protection, eases stress, grounding  

Jasper, Dalmation: base chakra, see strengths and weaknesses, patience, protection, depression, relax, bring sense of fun to life

Jasper, Kambaba: heart and root chakra, soothe nerves, grounding, protection, healing, ward off negativity

Jasper, Leopard Skin: base, heart and crown chakras, success in work-business, protection, stress, healing, negativity, grounding, spiritual discovery

Jasper, Ocean: heart chakra, love, grounds, healing, heals emotions, protects  

Jasper, Picture: 3rd eye and root chakras, grounding, creativity, harmony, business, emotional healing

Jasper, Red: root and sacral chakras, intensifier, strength, balancing, calming  

Jasper, Yellow: solar plexus chakra, protects spiritual work, positive energy,  memory, intellect

Jasper, Zebra: all chakras, acheive goals, joy of life, stress, meditation, stamina, compassion, increase endurance, protection  

Jasper, Picasso: all chakras, calming, promotes weight loss, creativity, self-discipline, relationships,  renew old friendships

Jasper, Leopard Fossil Snake: cleanses and aligns chakras, aura healing, stress, protection, absorbs negative energy, courage,
Jet:  base chakra for grounding and all chakras for purification, alleviates grief, protection, negativity, psychic experience, calm, fear, negative energy, healing

Kyanite, Black: clear blocked energies in any chakra, empowers vision and clairvoyance, meditation, grounding

Kyanite, Blue: all chakras, protection, honesty, anger, meditation, communication, fibromyalgia, healing, arguments, psychic, dreaming, astral travel, never needs cleansing doesn't hold negative energy 

Kyanite, Green: all chakras, protection, loyalty, anger, honesty, healing, meditation  

Kunzite: heart chakra and aligns it with the third eye and throat chakras, spiritual, love, healing,  heartache, protection, negative energy

Labadorite: solar plexus and brow chakras, transformation, clear- balance and protect aura, clarity into destiny, attract success, dream recall, stress, psychic development, esoteric wisdom 

Labradorite, Golden: solar plexus chakra, inner strength, courage, calm, endurance, spiritual, manipulation, new situations

Lapis: Throat, 3rd eye and  crown chakras, deep power, wisdom, inner strength, psychic abilities, decision making, gemstones of friendship and truth, emotional balancing, PMS, protection, insomnia, dreaming, healing, depression

Lemurian: all chakras, meditation, healing, inspiration, joy, hope, problem solving, psychic dreams

Lemurian Golden Healer: all chakras, meditation, healing, protection, inspiration, joyful energy, problem solving  

Lemurian Seed Crystal, Pink: all chakras, healing, love, emotions, traumatized by negative

Lepidolite: all chakras especially heart and third eye chakras, harmony, peace, calm, remove negatives, nightmares

Lithium: all chakras, healing, balancing, sends & receives energy, calming, stress, peace, meditation, prayer, grief, anger

Lodestone: all chakras, attract love - luck and healing, used to lessen and dispel greif- fear - anger and despression, protection, grounding 

Lodolite: crown chakra, strong healing, manifestation of desires, spiritual energies

Malachite: solar plexus and heart chakras, clears mental blocks, heals the heart, brings true love

Moldavite: 3rd eye, throat and crown chakras, powerful metaphysical energy, breaking through limitations and past patterns, spiritual growth and psychic awakening, manifest positive life changes, meditation, ease transformation, letting go   

Mookaite: 3rd eye, solar plexus and root chakras, lower chakras, balance, change, meditation, protection, emotional, stabilizes health, immune system

Moonstone: crown, heart, sacral and third eye chakras, stress, love, calms, change, protection/travel, abundance  

Moonstone, Black: root chakra, prosperity, healing, injured animals, clumsy children,  settled home and relationships

Moonstone, Rainbow: align and activate all chakras, intuition, spirituality, love, magick, sleep, harmony, protecting

Moqui Balls Shaman Stones: all chaktas, cleansing, relaxation, meditation, astral journeying, negative energy, grounding, centering, protection, earth healing

Morganite: heart chakra, love, compassion, healing, self-control, patience, balance emotions, ease pain of separation

Mugglestone: sacral and root chakras, grounding, protection, clarity, knowledge, artistic abilities, strength, vitality, confidence, willpower, balance, motivation, healing  

Nebula: all chakras especially root chakra, memory, fear, letting go, grounding, healing,  emotional stability

Obsidian, Rainbow:  root chakra, brings pleasure, joy, love, enhance clairvoyance, scrying stone, self development, protection, grounding, centering 

Obsidian, Snowflake: root and third eye chakras, letting go, meditation, intuition

Onyx: root chakra, happiness, good fortune, stress, purify negative emotions, spiritual strength, healing

Obsidian: root chakra, protection, remove negativity, healing, focus, abuse, scrying, manifestation

Onyx, Blue: heart and throat chakras, stress, grief, self-control, negative emotions, crystal healing and energy work

Opal: crown chakra, inspiration, release inhibitions, memory, face emotions, happy dreams, eases the process of change

Opal, Dendritic: solar plexus, abundance, relationships, joy, harmony, healing, positive emotion, spiritual

Obsidian, Mahogany: all chakras, strength, protects, stimulates growth, decision making, stress, healing

Peridot: heart chakra, health, wealth, protection, healing, marriage, stress, anger, find lost, love  

Petrified Wood: root and third eye chakras, business success, calm fears, protection,  stabilize emotions, grounding, past life regression

Petosky: 3rd eye and crown chakra, keep naughty spirits from interfering, emotional issues, negative energies, healing  

Psilomelane: 3rd eye, crown and root chakra, magic, magical ritual, healing, spiritual
Pietersite: solar plexus and third eye chakra, love, forceful stone, personal change, forgiveness, healing

Prasiolite - Green Amethyst: heart, crown, third eye and solar plexus chakras, attract abundance, spiritual, aids in spells and rituals, healing, inner peace, general uplifting, courage
Prehnite: solar plexus and heart chakras, chakra grid for calmness, protection, increases physical energy, calming, ease worries, meditation, healing

Psilomelane: 3rd eye, crown and root chakras, magic, magical ritual, healing, spiritual

Pyrite: solar plexus chakra, sharpens intellect, shields  

Nirvana Quartz Ice Point: all chakras, protective, negative behavior, growth, emotional well being, physical and spiritual well being, health

Quartz, Clear: channels all the chakra colors, transmits energy, charges and intensifies, protection, balancing, healing, physic development, meditation

Quartz, Gold: align all chakras, balance yin yang, healing, scrying, spiritual  

Quartz, Phantom: all chakras, meditation, healing, recover memories, negativity, intuition, love, emotional healing

Quartz, Rose: opens heart chakra, develops love, healing, peace, happiness 

Quartz, Rutilated: all chakras, strength, balancing, purification, self confidence

Quartz, Smokey: root chakra, cleanses, grounds, protects

Quartz, Strawberry: heart chakra, love, healing, calming, amplify gratitude and generosity, balance emotions, meditation healing

Quartz, Tourmalated: all chakras, independence, responsibility, progression, dreams  

Quartz, Spirit: all chakras, grief, abundance, self-worth, protects, negative, dream, fear, healing, abuse and stress  

Arkansas Ice Quartz: channels all the chakra colors, transmit energy, healing,  protection, balancing, healing, meditation  

Rhodochrosite: heart and solar plexus chakras, balancing and love stone. use for harmonizing and cleansing 

Rhondonite: heart and root chakras, aligns chakras, grounds energy, heals emotional shock, abuse and anger, helps with forgiveness, promotes calm, wound healer

Rhyolite - Rainforest Jasper: all chakras, protection, regeneration, healing, resolution  

Ruby: root chakra, integrity, happiness, prosperity, love, protects home, healing

Ruby Fuschite: crown and heart chakras, love, health, wealth, protects, gentleness, discourages violence  

Ruby with Kyanite: throat, heart and root chakras, courage, passion, calms, communication, dispels anger and frustration, clarity, meditation

Ruby in Zoisite: root and heart chakras, emotional, confidence, integrity, optimism, abundance, psychic, empowerment, healing  

Tourmaline Pink, Rubellite: base and heart chakras, serenity, positive, healing, strength, increases success, love, joy, release our old hurts  

Sardonyx: root, throat and 3rd eye chakras, protection, strength, friends, good fortune, depression, healing

Scolecite: heart chakra, clears chakras, Deep relaxation, sleeping, meditation, dreams, change and hardship, love, joy
Selenite: crown chakra, mental clarity, strengthening decisions, angelic guidance, past lives, good business practices, removes energy blocks from the physical and etheric bodies, healing, clears other stones

Selenite, Red: crown chakra, transformation, heal emotions, negative energy, mental clarity, protection, calms, healing

Septarian: low chakras, powerful, healing, calm, communication, grounding,  negative energy, joy, spiritual uplifting 

Seraphinite: all chakras, angel stone, intuition, psychic, love, purifying, magickal, healing, imbalance  

Sodalite: throat and brow chakras. logic, rationality, efficiency, stimulates thought, communication, truth, end arguments, honesty of emotions, increases intelligence, unite logical with spiritual

Spectrolite: root chakra, sleep, luck, anxiety, depression,  self-confidence, inspiration,  independence, magical revelations

Stilbite, Peach: crown and throat chakras.intuition, creative energy, acceptance-letting go, manifestation, heart  

Stromatolite: massages the chakras, heal past-life, meditation, physical and emotional stress, patient and steady energy

Sugilite: 3rd eye and crown chakras, healing, spirituality, psychic, love, anger, jealousy  

Sunstone, Gold: sacral and solar plexus chakras, focusing, power, inner peace, strength 

Tektite: all chakras, helps with emotional stumbling, overcome challenges, wisdom  

Tigers Eye, Gold: solar plexus, sacral and root chakras, protection, courage, prosperity, luck, depression, honesty

Tigers Eye, Blue: throat and 3rd eye chakras, confidence, decision making, see truth, courage, protection, good luck, healing

Tigers Eye, Mutli: root chakra, intuition, fear, personal power, enthusiasm for life, calming, grounding

Tourmaline, Green: heart chakra, healing, spiritual energy, abundance, joy for life,calm 

Tourmaline, Black: root chakra, negativity, calming, grounding, reduce anger, protection

Topaz Silver Blue: all chakras, joy, confidence, love, success, negativity, healing, emotional balancer, soothing

Turquoise: throat chakra, astral travel, opens communication, joins love and wisdom

Unakite: all chakras and especially heart chakra, visions, love, creativity, calms  

Vogesite: all chakras, business, harmony, hope, strength, encouragement, comfort from within, abuse, acceptance  

Zebra Marble Jasper: all chakras, healing, protection, clarity, grounding, patience, meditation, dream recall, inner truth, manifest desires 

This article was published on Tuesday 21 February, 2012.
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