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Tools of the Craft

by Raven and Crone

Tools of the Craft

Magick can be performed without the standard tools. These are only props to help you focus your energy and concentration. You many collect all of these, a few of these, or none of these. I don't have all of these items but I keep an eye open for things that catch my eye.

Your Altar has to be one of the most important tools. This is where all the magickal things happen.Your altar centralizes your personal power. It is a work table. A permanent altar helps you honor the Gods even when you are not physically present.

The wand serves to protect and direct your energy to a certain place, thing, person, or dimension. There are many Occult shops that sell wands, but I think if it is possible, make your own. This makes it more personalized. The wand and the Athame are interchangable.

Broom or Besom
The broom can be for decoration, magickal and ritual use. It is used to "sweep" the negative energy from an area.

Chalice or Cup
The chalice is used in a magickal circle to hold the beverage to be drunk during the ceremony. You may want to have 2: One for you and one for the Gods.

The pentacle is a flat disc with a pentagram among other possible symbols inscribed onto it. Its basic use is to evoke entities and protection. It's also excellent for empowering jewelry and gems.

Athame -pronounced Athaymay
The athame is used for commanding and directing power. This is usually a double-edged, dull knife as it is never used to cut anything on the physical plane. After a magickal rite is over, most magicians absorb the circles energy back into the athame for later use.

This is the magickal knife used to cut things on the physical plane. Most use a curved hilt or blade. It is used to harvest herbs, plants, inscribing candles, cutting cords, etc.

The censor is also called the incense burner. The use for this should be obvious. It should be made out of a heat resistant material especially if you use the type of incense made from herbs that will need to be burned on charcoal.

A cauldron is where the witch makes brews, oils, or other crafty things. This should also be made out of a good material that can stand high heat.

Mortar and Pestle
You will need a mortar and pestle for grinding and mixing your herbs for incense, powders, baths and sachets.

You will want to keep a stock of candles in all different colors. You will also need holders for your candles. There are many uses for the colors of candles in magick

Consecration of Tools
Items needed:

Tools to be consecrated
Bowl of water
Bowl of salt
White candle

Cast a proper circle before doing any magickal work. Place the tool to be consecrated on the pentacle. Touch it with your left hand and say: "I consecrate this tool to cleanse it, so that it may be purified and able to serve me in the magick circle. In the name of the Mother Goddess and the Father God, you are consecrated." Pick up the tool. Touch it to the salt. Pass it through the incense and the flame of the candle. Sprinkle it with water. Then hold the tool to the sky and say: "Lady and Lord, bless this (name of tool). Let it be pure for thy service and bind it so that no harm will come to anyone from it's use. Keep watch over it and guard the works that come forth from it. I dedicate this tool to thy service. So mote it be!"

Continue with magickal workings or close the circle.

This article was published on Monday 15 June, 2009.
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