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Spirit and Death Spells

by Raven and Crone

Incantation of Bereavement

An incantation for the passing over of a loved one.
This incantation should only be worked on a dawn following a death. Seven candles should be lighted
and placed in the following formation on a flat surface, such as the top of a table:

         O    O      O
     WEST         EAST 

           O       O
Standing at the southern end of the formation, the following invocation should be spoken aloud:
Guides of the journey of the dead hear my plea
That the spirit of (full name of the departed) shall follow thee
Let it be no harm to them may pass
Or worry break across their traveler's trail
Lead them to their place of just reward
Opportunities for peace please them afford
That in their haven may abide
Safety, peace and love
Guard them from all evil
Let enter
No trepidation
No anguish
No more.
The candles should be allowed to burn for the minimum of an hour before extinguishing.

Pet Death-Euthinasia Ritual
sandlewood incense
rose quartz
red candle
white candle
flower of choice
Light the incense and candles and greet the Lady and Lord and say:
I come to you now to release (name of pet)
This pain and all emotional burdens
That plague my heart so heavily
Take them from,  me-set my free!
Name the flower for your pet. Stroke it's petals and tell your pet how much it is loved and will be missed. Take the flower and place it on your altar. Lay the rose quartz on top of the rose. Tell the pet that the stone will always represent him or her to you. And urge them to go freely into the Summerland to be reborn. Now say:
Your free to go now Little one
Rejoice and play-the time has come
For your spirit to be on it's way
Have fun, be happy-your love will stay!
Remember your pet, then place a drop of vinegar on your tongue to represent the sourness we feel when a loved one crosses the veil. Have a good cry if you need one. When you can cry no more put a drop of honey on your tongue. Extinguish the candles and thank the Lady and Lord. Release the flower into a body of water. Wish it a fond farewell. Keep the rose quartz close to you. Author Unknown Cemetery Summonings

Do you wish to talk to the dead? Take a trip to the cemetery.
Before you leave your house:
1. Burn Frankincense or Bay Leaves to clear out any negative vibes and strengthen your energy defenses. 2. Make sure that you have a protective stone on you. Such as a Turquoise , Onyx or Black Tourmaline. 3. Call in your Guardian Angels and Spirits Guides to be with you.
When you get to the cemetery, walk around it three times, keeping your wits about you and focused in on your desire for communications. As you walk, the dead will communicate. After you are finished and get home burn Frankincense or Bay Leaves to clear out any negative vibes and spirit attachments. Thank your Guardian Angels and Spirits Guides for their aid. From Hearth & Home Witchery

A Spirit Summoning Spell

To create an incense portal for summoning the ancestor spirits from the other world, you will need an altar complete with pictures and items to honor them. In a strongly protected circle, place lavender, cinnamon, and wormwood on the coals. Call out only to benevolent and loving ancestor spirits by saying: Blood of my blood, you spirits of love,
Come from below and from above;
Entities loving who wish me well,
Come to this circle when I sound the bell.
Intone a bell three times and welcome the ancestors spirits. Afterwards, ring the bell seven times to send them back through the portal so you can close your circle. By Edain McCoy

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This article was published on Tuesday 17 March, 2009.
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