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by Raven and Crone

Hello Louise, Thank you so much. I appreciate your great customer service. Grateful, Sophia 8-29-13

I really love your online store. Love and Light Yolanda 8-27-13

Hi Louise, I received the stones on Monday and they are beautiful and just what I was looking for! Once a month, I meet up with a group of women for spiritual work and I took these with me yesterday. My friends liked the stones from your store and will be ordering some as well. I love that they're round and the larger pieces are great! I will order some more in the near future. Thank you and Blessings Janay  8-21-13

Hello Louise, Want to let you know that I love your stones, they are so beautiful. The labradorite  that you picked is excellent. Thank you so much for all the lovely  stones that I have gotten from you. I am so glad I found your web site. Bless You, Nellie 8-19-13

I recently ordered a magic gem amulet. I was pleasantly surprised as to how quickly my purchase arrived. When I opened the box, I was even more pleasantly surprised as to the obvious care and pride taken in the wrapping and presentation. It was contained in a piece of purple tissue paper with a "thank you" sticker affixed. Once opened, there was a lovely satchel and inside, the amulet. I also found a mint enclosed. The amulet is beautifully crafted! I can't explain the wonderful energy which this entire package contained...from the amulet, right down to the presentation and packaging. It is obvious a lot of time and care were taken. I will recommend your website to friends, as well as continue to purchase from you in the future. Namaste, Eva 8-9-13

Thank you Louise I am telling all my friends and family about your site I think your site is amazing so does my husband. Mary 7-23-13

I Received the stones today. They are gorgeous! Trish 6-26-13

Hello Louise, I wanted to let you know that I love your site. I also love how quickly I get my packages. The crystals are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for everything you do! Apryl 6-22-13

Louise, I just about fainted. These are totally beautiful stones. Now I bought large ones are you smaller ones just as beautiful. I'm in shock. I have been purchasing from others and in no way they are like yours. Thank you for the stones. Take Care Janice 6-13-13

Good Morning Louise, As always, your crystals are wonderful, they are reasonably priced and the delivery is on time even early...Thank you so much for all you do!! Sending you many blessings Always Tina 6-13-13

Hi Louise,  I just received box 1 of 2 .  The titanium quartz cluster, aqua aura is amazing.  When I opened the bowl and wondered what was inside and I unwrapped the little bundle....I said WOW.  You have the most amazing stones and crystals.  I am never disappointed.   Your stones and crystals all come with a good feel, I never feel like I have to cleanse them right away.   I'm looking forward to box 2 of 2. Joan 5-28-13

Hello Louise, Thank you for your great website. I love the beautiful layout and of course the good pricing! I'll be back Lana 5-7-13

Louise, You that you are my #1 place to go and buy stones. They are of high quality and priced right and your delivery on each of them was right on time and even early. The last one you did for me for my niece on her birthday was AWESOME!!! I really appreciate the time you take for your customers.  YOU ARE AWESOME!!! God Bless! Tina 5-3-13

Louise, I will go rate. I wanted to let you know that Herkimer diamond is magnificent! Love it. The amethysts are also beautiful. Thanks for the sunstone, it's also beautiful. You really do have the nicest crystals!I'm totally enjoying my purchases.  Many thanks, Joan 4-19-13

Louise, I love my new stones which arrived today!  So happy I discovered your wonderful website.   Great customer service too!  Many thanks and blessings to you, Julie 4-8-13

You guys are outstanding and I love to shop on your page. Your my first stop for all my stones and many other items thank you so much. Brightest Blessings Stephanie 3-24-13

Thank you so much Louise. I loved the moonstone. You have the absolute best customer service on the web and I look forward to shopping with you. Blessings Salina 3-19-13

Thank you so much for your quick and thoughtful service.  I love, love, love my stones and crystals from my first order and can't wait for these to arrive!  I'm glad that I found your website. Tracy  3-14-13

Hey Louise! Just a quick note to tell you that I simply love your online store! Thanks for keeping your products affordable! It lets me come back for more! Love it! Happy in Texas 3-1-13

Hi Louise, My package arrived and the stones you sent we're amazing!  I am really happy and felt like i was doing Christmas unwrapping! I loved the apophyllite lots!  What a gorgeous chunk! I am going to recommend you highly with my crystal lover friends! I appreciate so much your taste n selecting these, I really loved them! Luz  2-1-13

Thank you so much for everything, Louise.  The stones are beautiful and your customer service is excellent as always. 1-21-13 Sherwin

I just found your website through Google by searching for that wand, and I'm so glad I did. The shipment was fast, your website is a dream, and your customer service is super friendly and helpful. I love what i see there. So many wonderful things! Looks like I have a new favorite place to shop. I'll definitely order from you again in the future. Melissa 1-18-13

Thanks so much.  I love your site and the personal service!  You take the time to make sure things are right, and that goes a long way.  I'll buy from nowhere else!   Anthony 1-14-13 

I love your website. Very easy to browse. Shop. Great info on products. I appreciate that very much!  Anthony 12-29-12

Thank you so much.  Everything arrived in time for Christmas.  I really appreciate all you did to get my order to me.  I will definitely be making future orders.  Thank you again  Tamara 12-27-12

My order arrived safely.  What an amazing job you did picking out crystal for me!  I couldn't have picked any better if I were there in person. I look forward to ordering from you again! Eric 11-26-12

I just received my order and I wanted to thank you for the extra stone and pen. They were a pleasant surprise and much appreciated. Also, the stones are very beautiful, exactly like I hoped they would be. Susan 11-14-12

Received my shipment today and I am very pleased. I will definitely order from you again. Thank you and blessed be. Sheri 11-2-12

Thank you so much ~ and I have to tell you, I have been absolutely blown away by your fantastic customer service. The quality of the stones I've received is amazing, and I've so appreciated the free stones you've included with my other orders. Your shipping is always prompt and I just... I could go on and on. I am so grateful for you! THANK YOU. Brightest blessings, Jen 9-24-12

Hi, I just received the Auralite 23 crystal that I ordered from you on Monday night and am really  pleased with it. I had seen these crystals for the first time about 4 days ago and they were quite expensive. So I went on line and found your store and the price was really good so I thought even if it is isn't great I'll buy one for $12.99 just to have a small piece. It was really a wonderful size and I'm pretty excited about your store. I also thank you for the little Prehnite that you sent with it. Also you sent it so quickly that it hasn't been 3 days since I ordered it. Thanks for such wonderful customer care . It is very appreciated. I'll be shopping with you often.. ~~~~Love & Light Nancy  4-27-12

Louise, Wow , I am soo excited to place an order with you. I have looked high and low for the apophyllite and am so pleased to be getting them from you.  Thank you for many wonderful products and I hope to order again soon. Deanne  4-16-12

Awesome buying experience!!! I am very satisfied with your service. P.S. Thanks for the extra's! Jerry 4-9-12

Thank you so much! Excellent service! I look forward to doing more business with you in the future! Thanks again and blessed be! -Eowyn 4-5-12

I received my order of stones today and all I can say is wow! They are just beautiful. I couldn't have hand picked them any better myself. Thank you so much for the care you gave to choosing, packaging, and shipping them. I also love the tags placed on each bag. That's such a nice touch. Also I must thank you for the gifts. How did you know I didn't have that stone in my collection yet? That worked out perfectly. Needless to say you have a very happy first time customer and I will be placing many more orders in the near future. Thanks again and you are tops on my list. Brightest Blessings Penni" 3-14-12

I received the mortar and pestle today, Thank You very much for the anointing oil! i love ordering from you.  Roxan 3-12-12

Hello, received my package yesterday, thank you so much for a quick delivery.  Will be buying from you again. Blessed be, Jo  2-23-12

The stones are beautiful, nice size and color! Blessings, Pam 2-17-12

Hi Louise, I just received the order today! Indeed the shipping was pretty quick I'd say. Well packed and I appreciate the labels on the Little bags, listing the stone's properties. And the stones are all pretty much what I expected and hoped. The chrysanthemum are perfect size and pattern wise. And as for the carnelian, well it IS the color I was thinking of. So you were drawn to the right one's. Love the amethyst shape too, I must say.  Oh and thanks for the little extra Red Jasper! Thanks again. Garett 2-8-12

Hello, just wanted to say thank you so much for great customer service and I want to say that I am very thankful for this product that i ordered, the lady was very please and I am as well.  I will continue to order from u as needed and I'll recommend your place to others thank you. Caroline 1-18-12 

Hi Louise, Got our latest order the other day.  Wow, you are fast!  I see what you mean about the moonstone but we are very happy with all the stones.  Thank you for everything.  We really could not ask for a better online shopping experience. Sherwin  1-11-12

Hi Louise, I was away on holiday, and only received your parcel yesterday. I was jumping for joy as all the items are fantastic! Thank you so much for the care and quality of service that you provided. I am more than satisfied. Thanx again. Blessings, Theresa 10-20-11 

Hi Louise, I will be excited to get my order. Love your website store and all it has available. Blessings, Lori 7-26-11

Thank you so much. I appreciate the quick service and notification. I will know where to purchase things in the future. Thanks again.   Val 7-20-11

Hi Louise, I received my order today and I couldn't be happier.  thank you so much for the extra little gift in there. I looked around your site to see if there was anywhere I could leave a comment because I would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of ordering online and wants a safe and very pleasant experience.  You have a true fan here and I will be ordering from you again.  Dorothy 7-16-11

Thank you SO much Louise. As always, it is a pleasure to do business with you. I love your merchandise, I love how easy it is to use your website and I love how promptly you take care of your customers. Is there a place on the website where I can leave a comment? I would LOVE to let others know how WONDERFUL you are...
Blessings, Gina 6-12-11

Hi Louise, I just wanted to thank you so much!  I received everything and love it all. I really love the oils.  Thanks again Louise! Andrea 5-31-11

Hi Louise, I received my order today, I just want to thank you for the nice shipping of the goods . And also ... the gifts clear quartz and Pen. I will be a regular customer and recommend your website to other friends and colleagues. Blessings, Daniella 5-30-11

Thank you so much, and thank you for the tektite as This is my first piece.  I bookmarked you site and I will be ordering again. Roslyn 5-2-11 

Thank you very much for the great service. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Teri 4-11-11

Very Pleased. I did receive the Gems and thought they were in wonderful condition and shape. I am very pleased with the way you handled the shipping and letting me know how to track as it got here. I do plan on ordering from you again very soon and have also told my friends on your wonderful Website. Melissa 3-11-2011

Thank you again for all your help! I love getting shipments in from you lol. So shiny  Liz 3-10-2011

I just received my stones this morning and I love them. The jade has the most beautiful coloring  and  dalmation jasper is by far thee most unique, I really like the breciated jasper, another unique stone   love the   bright coral-orange color. Thank you for picking out the  most unique and beautiful  stones, Bonnie   3-9-2011

Thank you for your letter, definitely I am very satisfied with your service, excellent!  The product especially is very beautiful, nothing to compare to, it enriches my collection already. As you know, I am very fond of stones, especially this extraordinary one. Keep in touch  Lucy Feb 18, 2011

Greeting Louise, I have my package and I appreciate your fast shipping despite the horrible weather you had. I am going to pass along your website to my friends. Thank you again, Cheryl  2-8-2011

I just received my stones, and they are perfect. I was a bit worried about not being able to pick the stones myself, but the ones I received have amazing power and clarity that my normal supplier simply doesn't compete. Rare for me, at least to find such cheerful and determined sparklies. I will be coming back to you the next time I'm ready to expand my kit. Thank you, Liz  2-8-2011

The carnelian arrived and is quite lovely.  Thank you again for taking so much time to search out just the right piece for me; that was extraordinary of you.  I simply couldn't have done this by randomly ordering from some high-volume place. Dorothy 2-6-2011

Hi Louise, I just received my order and everything is beautiful. Thank you for your help and advise with my selections, I couldn't be happier.Thank you also, so much, for my lovely citrine, its just what I needed. I look forward to becoming a regular customer and I have forwarded your web site to my friends. Sincerely, Julie 1-25-11

Thanks, Louise. Your prices are very reasonable, and your customer service is awesome..Dorothy 1-31-11

Dear Louise, I am writing just to thank you for the efficiency and excellent quality of your service. We received the email that let us know about shipment of our order in 2 separate packages. Today we were very happy to receive the package within 4 days of our purchase date. It was a pleasure to order the supplies through Raven & Crone. Blessed Be Jaroslaw 12-4-2010

I will continue to be a loyal customer I am always satisfied with the product and the emails letting me know are the best, they will keep me returning many blessings to you , Bonnie 12-2-2010

I must tell you how much I enjoy doing business with you. I tried a few other places but they were very slow in shipping and very impersonal - I like the service you provide and how friendly you are over email. It means a lot. A personal touch definitely keeps me coming back. Kate 11-20-2010

Dear Louise, I just wanted to say that you are great and that I appreciate your kindness and friendliness. I am definitely a fan and life long customer of Raven and Crone. You have excellent prices, extremely fast shipping and your one-on-one service is a rare and valuable thing and it will keep me coming back to you. Again, thank you for your wonderful "customer service," I appreciate you!  Blessings, Margaret 11-12-2010

Thank you, Louise!! Looking forward to the positive energy you and your stones bring. Always a pleasure doing business with you. Darlene 11-8-2010

I want to say- you have first class customer service! Thanks! Valerie  11-6-2010

Thank you for your pleasant and prompt service.  Blessings to you as well! Sherry 11-2-2010

Hi Louise, I've just picked up my package. The stones are beautiful!  Thank you so much for the extra Quartz Crystals. Blessings from Guam 10-24-2010

Thank you for your assistance with the order.  I appreciate how you deal with issues on a personal, direct level - unlike some companies where the customers are dealt through automated and indirect messages.  Until next time...  Greg 10-22-2010

Thanks so much. I really appreciate your extra time and attention.Blessed Be, Cara 10-12-2010

I want to thank you again for enduring to persevere. Please consider me a friend cause I think of you that way. Jim 10-9-10

Thank you for all the personalized attention. That matters in business.  Ariel 10-7-2010

You are awesome and I have not even received my order yet. This kind of care will keep people coming back again and again though - I already feel a repeat coming on. Kate 10-3-2010

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the service. All of my needs were met, you gave me all of the information I needed, and thew package came discreetly shipped through USPS. I just got the package today and was very pleased with the service. Thanks again, Glenn 9-18-2010

Hi Louise, I received my stones a few days ago and I am just so grateful. Thank you so much for the extra stones. I really appreciate your generosity. Blessings to you, Leah  8-31-10

Thank you. I received my order in a timely manner and that is much appreciated. The stones are beautiful. Thank you for adding the clear quartz free of charge, that was very thoughtful of you. I will definitely be continuing my business with you in the future and I look forward to future purchases. Amanda 6-10-2010

Louise, Thank you so much! Such prompt service! Lesley 4-23-2010 

I will always be a customer to you, I am very happy with your service and I love to chat with you here in there. You are a wonderful company!  Blessings, Natalie  3-17-10

Thanks again Louise.  Again, it's a pleasure purchasing from you, will definitely continue to do so in the future. Light and Love, Lane 3-5-10

Thanks again Louise, I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future. Light and Love, Lane 2-10-2010 

Thank You Louise, I just received the mug. I love it , it is co You are the best..will be shopping with you again  Christine 2-1-10

Louise, Oh my goddess, thank you so much. I have purchase from a couple of place on line but I noticed that on your website had a lot of stones. Again thank you very much!!  That was very thoughtful and that kind of service is very nice to see. I will make sure that our coven uses your web site in the future. Blessed be, Laurie  2-1-10

Dear Louise, I received the last package thanks for the great service. It was a pleasure to have someone to get stuff from that is responsive instead of waiting or dealing with an automated machine. Blessed be. Christina 1-28-2010

Thank you! Your customer service is the best I've ever encountered - TRULY.. Stephanie 1-5-2010 

I recieved my order and love everything. Thank you so much, I am so happy to have found your website.
Blessings, Lori 8-23-09

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I soooo appreciate all of your help and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Blessed Be, Rebecca 8-3-09

Thank you so much for your email, it is nice to see that a company still cares about their customers.  You should be very proud. Light and love, Darlene 7-29-09

Thank you Louise.  We rec'd the check.  Really appreciate your promptness and fairness.Will def keep u in mind in the future. Sheila 7-28-09

Louise...I love that you contacted me to keep me updated...thank you! Jane  7-16-09

Dear Louise, Thank you so much for all your help. The extra attention is truly appreciated. Thank you again -it was nice speaking with you.

I am about to place my third order with Raven and Crone and I am so happy with their service and quality of product! Raven and Crone not only delivers the products promptly and correctly, the quality is top notch. I have tried other on line pagan shops without success. When I placed my first order with Raven and Crone, I was so impressed that I stopped shopping around and found a home for all of my pagan needs. Thank you Raven and Crone. Gina 6-17-2009

Greetings, I just wanted to personally thank you for the consideration you have taken in my order. The gift box for the present was very thoughtful.  I am very excited in awaiting my items. I will be ordering more in a week or two. Again, thanks. Teri 6-2009

Thanks Louise, Your personal touch is very appreciated! Sheri 5-20-09

I am just glad I found such a user friendly site with lots to offer at really good prices. Elisabeth 5-14-09

Hi Louise, I did get the package . They were wrapped wonderfully. The necklace is very beautiful. I had to email my thanks and I should be placing another order late this week. Myself and friend are ordering together. He likes the website also. Blessed Be. Teri 5-6-09

Hi Louise, Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my order! I truly appreciate it! You have a wonderful selection, an easy website to navigate and prompt response. I will definitely be ordering from you time and time again! Thank you, Gina 5-5-09

Hey Louise, thanks for the fast service and help. Kevin 5-4-2009

I wanted to let you know that the necklace came today and it is beautiful!!  I know that my Granddaughter will love it. Thank you so much for the wonderful items you offer and the very quick delivery. Blessed Be Sharonmarie

Hi Louise,
I just wanted to tell you how much I love the pendant I bought in my last order, the triple moon with the pentagram in the center. I just love it! And thank you for getting my orders out so quickly. I really appreciate it. Blessings, Terry

Hi Louise,
Thank you so much. I appreciate this greatly especially for going out of you way to accommodate my wishes, as far as putting a note on the outside of the package.  You can be sure to seeing more orders from us, whether it is from me abroad or my darling Wife in PA.  Thank you for everything. Blessed Be, Jordan

This article was published on Thursday 12 March, 2009.
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