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Beltane, May Day, Rituals, Spells

by Raven and Crone

May Love Spell

1. Think about what qualities you desire in a mate and write these words down in a column on a piece of paper.
2. Next to the first column write another column containing what qualities you have to offer a prospective mate.
3. Cast a Circle by Cleansing your mind and picture the energy of the universe and nature mixed with your energy. Imagine yourself glowing purple or orange, whatever works for you. While facing North point your athame, wand, finger, or whatever you use towards the ground and see the energy flowing out. Begin to walk clockwise (right) around the circumference of the circle. Imagine a sphere forming with you inside it, half below the ground and half above.
4. Sit inside the circle and light two red or pink candles setting them a couple of feet apart in front of you.
5 . Read out loud the first word on the list of your prospective mates qualities and move the candle on your right towards the candle on the left.
6 . Read out loud the first work on the list of your qualities and move the left candle towards the right.
7 . Continue reading back and forth from the columns while moving the candles toward each other with each word read until you have read the last word and the candles are touching each other.
8. Blow out the candles.
9. Close the circle Close the circle by picking up your athame, wand, finger, or whatever you used to cast it and walk to the corner at which you started. Point at the boundary of the circle and begin to walk counter-clockwise (left) until you complete the circle. While you're walking visualize the circle disappearing and the energy flowing back through the tool. When you are finished say "The circle is open, but unbroken."

Beltane Eve Fairy Spell

Tis the eve of Beltane and the fairies are out in force. Here is a fairy spell to work in your own garden or backyard. Gather together violets, St. Johns wort, and clover. The violets are a fairy favorite. The St. Johns wort will protect you from becoming fairy-led or tricked, and the clover is for prosperity and good luck. Gather these plants together, forming a little posy, and then tie it up with green ribbons. Blow the fairies a kiss and leave the posy as a gift. Now go and sit in the garden and try to meditate or to communicate with the fairies.

Fairies from far and wide,
I offer you a gift,
Tied up in green for luck,
And sealed with a kiss.
I can sense you
If I'm pure of heart,
Bless me with good luck
To boost my Witch's art.

By: Ellen Dugan

Beltane Ritual

If possible, celebrate Beltane in a forest or near a living tree. If this is impossible, bring a small tree within the circle, preferably potted; it can be of any type.

Create a small token or charm in honor of the wedding of the Goddess and God to hang upon the tree. You can make several if you desire. These tokens can be bags filled with fragrant flowers, strings of beads, carvings, flower garlands - whatever your talents an imagination can conjure.

Arrange the altar, light the candles and censer, and cast the Circle of Stones. Recite the Blessing Chant. Invoke the Goddess and God. Stand before the altar and say, with wand upraised:

Mother goddess, Queen of the night and of the Earth;
O Father God, King of the day and of the forest,
I celebrate Your union as nature rejoices in a riotous
blaze of color and life. Accept my gift, Mother Goddess
and Father god, in honor of Your union.

Place the tokens on the tree.

From Your mating shall spring fourth life anew;
a profusion of living creatures shall cover the lands,
and the winds will blow pure and sweet.
Ancient Ones, I celebrate with You!

Works of magic, if necessary, may follow.
Celebrate the Simple Feast.
The circle is released.

We try to credit all articles but sometimes don't know where they came from. Some information is our own research and some is sent into us by friends and customers. If you see something here that is yours and your not getting credit for it please contact us and we will add you as the author or remove it if requested. We want to thank everyone for sharing this wonderful information!

This article was published on Tuesday 03 March, 2009.
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