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by Raven and Crone

Louise - LOVE the crystals. They are amazing. I will be back for more! And thank you for sending the red tiger's eye. Thanks again, Julie 6-1-2020

Louise, I received my order today! Thank you so much! The stones are lovely and have such good vibes. I appreciate the Botswana Agate you added to the order! I think I'll have to get more of those for these trying times! Thank you for your quick turn-around! Looking forward to doing more shopping at Raven and Crone! Blessed Be,
Alison 5-13-2020

I am pleased, as always, with my lovely stones!! I love shopping with you! Brandy 5-8-2020

Hi Louise, I hope your move is going well. I just wanted to reach out and thank you so very much for the order, it was received in excellent condition, and a special thanx for the extra Dragon stone you threw in, much appreciated!! I was curious if you could send me links or direct me to any online reviews that your company participates in? Google, Yelp, etc... I'll write a great review for you. Thank you again, Selena 5-6-2020

Oh Louise! first, let me say many, many thanks for the Zoisite - I absolutely love it!! Beautiful!! These stones are so fabulous, I can't wait to get to know them... one of the Rose Quartz (they are both very nice) is off the hook!!! it's loaded with rainbows and all kinds of magical inclusions....and the Amethyst is an absolute gem, so sparkly!  I have yet words for the Mangano Calcite... For such a small order, you don't cease to amaze me-- Thank you very much for your generocity and as usual, magnifcent crystals.  Have a great weekend Maggie 5-1-2020

Thank you! This is by far the best crystal swhop I’ve come across. I even love that you handpicked some of the crystal. I am a crystal child and awakening empath. If you have any stone-gem recommendations please let me know. I think I’ve covered most of the crystals I needed and wanted lol. Hope you have a high vibrational day,
Harvey 4-30-2020

The selenite stand is magnificent. quality, bevel edges, clear shrink wrap packaging and it comes in a gift box. i can not ask for more. the pattern inside the base is crazy good. thank you for the apatite stone. my obelisk sits perfecly in my selenite base with the apatite next to it. thank you for helping me put together my first time experience with a crystal obelisk, selenite base and apatite stone. My journey will continue. peace and love, Charles 4-29-2020

Thank you so much! I want you to know that your shop was the only one after searching at least 10 others-two of which are typically my go to places for any crystals/minerals-where I found EVERYTHING I was looking for! You’re now my number one go to online shop from this point on and I’m happy to spend my money in your shop during this difficult time for so many businesses. Thank you for your large selection of fine stones. Skye 4-29-2020

Hi Louise, I love all of the stones you've picked for us. But I am so in love with my pink opal that I can't pass by without it catching my eye until I hold it. That will be the first one I'll review as soon as I get a chance. Be as well as can be, with love, Diane 4-28-2020

Dear Louise, thank you so much for this amazing package that arrived so swiftly. I have long been interested in crystals but am just now deepening my study and this was the first time I bought any. I did a lot of research before buying and came to your wonderful website and I knew this was where my journey on the  crystal path would begin. I am delighted with every item and a special thank you for the bonus Dragon Stone! Many blessings to you and I look forward to future purchases! Madeleine 4-26-20

Hi Louise, I can't help but send a few pics of the stone you helped me work with.  Again, it was Morganite on "top", cut Moldavite on other side, then opposing, Aquamarine, Sugilite, and the Hematite. If you have any insight on how best to guardian - work with this piece please feel free to share... Thank you again, you are awesome! Jeffrey  4-24-20

Thank you Louise! Received my crystals ... love!  Be well. Heather 4-23-2020

Hi Louise, I received my order today and I am thoroughly pleased with my crystals. The size and quality of the stones are excellent and better than I could have expected. I am so glad that I took the chance an ordered from your company.  Just know that I will definitely be placing another order very soon. Thank you for your service. Sincerely, Nicole 4-23-2020

Thank you Louise.. I always get great energy from your crystals. I appreciate you sending a new celestite. Thank you so much for getting back with me so quickly. I hope you are well... and safe.. sending many blessings your way! Enjoy your day.. and your weekend! Debbie 4-17-2020

Good afternoon! I just wanted to let you know that I have received my stones, and I am extremely satisfied with the ones you sent! I really love the way you guys individually bag each stone and label them. I will definitely be buying from you all again-telling my friends! Thank you so much! Also, thank you for sending the extra Red Tiger Eye! Love it! Alexxis 4-16-2020

Hi! Thank you so much for the stones, they're both absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again! Lydia 4-15-2020

Omg! Thank you so much. Thank you and bless you! So happy! I really needed them. You just don't know! Bless you!!! 4-10-2020

Raven and Crone is the epitome of a neighborhood store in the digital form.  I am so pleased with every thing I order from the Raven and Crone.  The quality surpasses anything I have found in person.  Perhaps, it’s the embedded energy is so loving and I look forward to every installment.  Blessed be, sweet Sisters.  You are an inspiration to me. The one thing that keeps me coming back, other than yourselves, is that you store my purchases.  I have a record of what I bought.  I lost everything in the California fires, and having that record stored, makes me a lifelong customer.  Please keep that feature. I wish you all continued success, Kelly 4-9-2020

Hi Louise, Our crystals arrived today! The stones gorgeous. Thank you again, xx Diane 4-9-2020

Thank you! I love your products so much! Paige 3-28-2020

Greetings! The stones arrived today! Thank you so much..they're all just perfect! Stay safe and well! Blessings, Chris 3-27-2020

Hi Louise, My package arrived today, everything looks fabulous...and many many thanks for the gorgeous Aquamarine! holy crow, it is perfect.  I was actually on the fence about buying one when I saw them listed under "New"... Thank you, I guess I was meant to have one! I love it. Stay well in these crazy times--
love, light and high vibes! maggie 3-23-2020

I am very pleased with the beautiful stones. I love your website and wish to order more in the future. Thank you very much. Laurie 1-12-2020

Hi Louise, Thank you so much for the emails and fast shipping. I just told my husband I received emails regarding my order from a person! Not automated. Merry Christmas to you too. Tara 12-24-19

Hello Louise, My order of a Diamentina quartz laser point just arrived and as soon as I held it, it had a healing-cathartic effect on me. I'm going to be ordering it's bigger relative!  I loved the way it was packed in its own little box along with a piece of selenite.  Nice touch ! You will be hearing from me again. Thanx again
Carl 12-16-19

Hi Louise! Well, I think this is the most sparkly batch of stones I have ever ordered, lol!!  Just amazing, even the Moonstone gift you selected has sparkles.
Everything is great as ususal. I can't wait to go through them. Thank you again, Maggie 12-4-19

Hi Louise, I just received my package today and I am in LOVE lol. Thank you I’m very impressed with the quality and service and just wanted to say thank you and I will definitely keep shopping with you. Amber 12-2-19

Louise, Just wanted to tell you the package arrived today and with the Dove’s Blood too!  Cudos for outstanding customer service. Happy Holidays. Bob 11-30-19

Hi Louise, Ohmygoodness!!  My stones arrived yesterday and I swear I could feel all the energy when I opened the box - no exaggeration, maybe I am getting more sensitive to feeling energy? I don't know; but it was amazing to say the least. Everything is awesome, thank you very much for the Lemon Quartz gift!
And The Epidote! yes, you are right, no need for returning! I love love love it. It is gorgeous just like you said - the copper inclusions are incredible the way they reflect the light; the whole thing is fabulous.  Thank you so much for the special piece, I really do appreciate it.
This batch of stones are so colorful and full of  different qualities - it's a lot to take in - I can't wait to spend time going through them;  the raw Appatite and Topaz pack a lot of energy into those little gems! Many many thanks for everything Louise!  Maggie 11-14-2019 

Hi Louise, My Full Moon Presents, I mean packages came yesterday - So Quick!! Anyway, I was thrilled, and appreciate very much the fast shipping. I know I always tell you how beautiful the stones are, but this batch is exceptional-- the Aurora Rainbow Quarts is absolutely out of this world; I love the Blue Opal, it is so hard to capture its beauty in a picture, I had no idea how lovely it really is...And I am loving that Sugilite! it has fabulous markings and great energy; I'm looking forward to working with all these guys! I was intrigued by the many types of Sardonyx, I imagine their differences are subtle. And thank you very much for the Gift of Smoky Quartz, your generocity is always appreciated. Thank you very much for everything Louise, I hope the full moon and the eclipse are good to you -- have a great rest of your week, Maggie 7-17-19

Oh Louise, First, thank you for the beautiful stones that you selected; the Clear Calcite is spectacular, and that is the second Cassiterite stone I've gotten - they have such great energy and I love their markings.  And the Phantom Quartz! I can't even put into words just yet...amazing. I think Scolecite is becoming a favorite, I love the subtle differences you can feel between raw and tumbled. And Louise, finally, that Crab Fire Agate!! That is the mother of all Crab Fire Agates!!!  Thank you so much!  I opened my package and was like, what is this gigantic stone!  Omg, it is fabulous... Thank you again for the wonderful sale and having such great selection of stones. Maggie 7-9-19

Hi Louise, I received my order yesterday I live in Panama so it comes through a mail redirection service based in the US. I really like all the stones you chose. And thank you for the gift of black agate, that was very sweet. Thanks Anne-Marie 6-19-19

Hi Louise, My stones arrived yesterday, always so, so quick!, and I am loving the soothing enerygy from the Peach Moonstone, thank you so much for the gift  :)
I am also really loving the Tanzanite, it is beautiful and has great energy...all of them especially the Moldevite, have really great, strong energy clearly my crystal addiction hasn't subsided! Thank you again for my Peach Moonstone and for carrying such a great selection of crystals!! Have a great rest of your week-- Maggie 6-18-2019

Hi Louise--I just wanted to let you know that my stones arrived today, so fast! and say thank you so much for the bonus Smoky Quartz and Garnet, both beautiful; they are all fabulous, actually. many, many thanks for carrying such a great array of crystals! I hope the rest of your week is super! ~maggie 3-27-19

Good afternoon Louise, I wanted to take a moment and tell you again how grateful I am to have found You! You truly are a Blessing! My Nana passed on April 24, 2009 it's always a bittersweet time for me. I Love the return of birds, plants and I feel her in all of it. She Loved birds, tons of feeders, baths and we collected all the feathers- I still do. She was the only Grandmother I ever had. She would sing two songs for me, Tora Lora Lora and Que Sera Sera. I've been having personal struggles and felt compelled to go to your site when I saw your post about Star Anise- I needed some. As you can see that was saved for later. I didn't even know there was such a stone as Que Sera but I knew it was for me! When the box arrived I couldn't open it fast enough, when I held it I cried and was so hot my tears burned. I will treasure this stone always. Thank You So Much for bringing us together! Blessings and Love, Julia 4-5-19

Hi Louise, I just wanted to let you know that my stones arrived yesterday (Super-fast, thank you!) and they are Beautiful as usual. Thank you very much for the Zebra Stone gift! I love it. Thanks again, have a great week! ~maggie 4-24-19

Hi Louise, I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived yesterday (wicked fast!! - thanks!) and the stones are beautiful....I am especially loving the Spectrolite and the Aurora Quartz, but they are all just fabulous.  Thanks very much for your generosity with all the "bonus" stones you send along with each order (I love the surprise!) - the Tiger Iron is great!! Have a great week and thanks again! ~maggie 5-14-19

Hi and much appreciation. Just rec’d product and the gift of selenite couldn’t have been more apropos to a sticky work situation. I clutched it in my hand while on the phone w/the general manager to report an abusive situation between a salesperson and the floor manager. Extremely distasteful, unnecessary and unkind - a scenario which I’d reported to Corporate yesterday on their hotline. Head cleared, words flowed. The GM was receptive. Now I can get on with my day. EC 5-28-19

Hi Louise, my stones arrived Wednesday (So quick, many many thanks) and I am still sorting through them, getting to know them and have yet to determine a favorite; the Labradorite is awesome and I am really digging the "non-gemmy" Epidotes, both versions are truly my all-time favorites...Thank you so much! ~maggie 5-31-19

Thank you. I was excited to run across your site while looking for unusual crystals. Thank you for stocking a huge selection of tumbled stones at affordable prices for small quantities. Jasmine 3-10-19

Louise, All my items arrived today. I'm very pleased with my order. Thank you so much and I will definitely keep Raven and Crone in mind for further purchases. Sincerely, Emily 2-27-19

Hi Louise, I just wanted to say thank you very much for the Bonus Celestite crystal you included in my order, that was very generous of you and I absolutely love each crystal - they're beautiful Thanks again, Maggie  2-24-19

Thank you - they arrived today. All are beautiful and I appreciate the bonus quartz crystal, too! TA  2-21-19

Hi Louise, I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived yesterday (so quick!) and I am just going through the stones now; I am absolutely head over heals crazy about them!! All of them are fabulous, I couldn't be happier. And thank you for the ones you selected!! Gorgeous! I think the Blue Aragonite is my favorite  :) I love, love, love everything--Thank you very much, I look forward to more shopping - ~maggie 1-29-19

I wanted to drop a quick note to say THANK you for such a wonderfully packed order. The stone selections were fantastic and a few I’m down rightly in awe of! Also thank you for the free gift of Seafoam Calcite!   I believe it may have been one I looked at and opted not to get this order.  What a fabulous job!  I can’t imagine being able to work where you do with all these beauties. THANK YOU for making my day!  Wendy 1-29-19

Louise, Thank you so much for your detailed communication about the delivery of my baby water wand.  I don't think I have ever had such caring and thorough service about a product I have purchased anywhere before. Thank you again and blessings, Kristy 1-15-2019

You are the best. Thank you so so much. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness with your customers. You do have the best customer service. Blessings Heather 1-12-19

Hey Louise, I wanted to say thank you for the extra little crystal. This is the 2nd one you've given me and it's like you know what I need at the time for both times you've done this. Thanks a bunch! Beautiful Crystals. Thanks Danielle 1/5/19

Thank you so much for what you do with your shipping orders. I was expecting them Wednesday but they came today! Thank you so much for the extra exxtra free stones that you threw in for me , I absolutely love every single one. Thank you again for your business I'm looking forward to talking to you again with another order. Have a happy New Year. Jane 12-31-18

Hi Louise! Apologies for the delayed response I just arrived home from vacation last night. I immediately opened my package and absolutely love my crystals! Thank you so much for the blue calcite gift! I love working with calcite right now! You could probably tell! Best wishes, Jillian 12-11-18

Good afternoon Louise,  I wanted to send a quick email after receiving my 2nd order from you. Again everything is perfect, Beautiful and packed with care! I also needed to include a long list of thank yous!My first order included an additional stand for the malachite egg that was too small for stand I bought. Adding me to the newsletter and telling me of the sale- awesome!! And the special gift of the Agate, Mexican Crazy Lace included in this order. Wow! Many, many thanks Louise!! This is all just so wonderful, you've made me very happy!! Blessings and Love! Julia 11/27/18

Thank you so so much! Your customer service is one of the best I've ever dealt with! Thank you also for taking time on a holiday, even! I send all my friends who ask about crystals to you :) Haley 11-22-18

Good afternoon Louise, I received my order today! I was so nervous with the cold temperatures coming but it arrived on time and everything was packed with such care, it made my heart happy. Thank you so much!! Never did I think I'd purchase such things online, no matter how pretty if it doesn't feel right, I won't buy. I found you on my 4th Google search and on page 3! I've been in need of more Carnelian, that's how I found you, when I saw the shop name I said this is it! Clicked the link and oh my, so many of my dreams come true! I was still nervous on shipping and the quality. I want you to know everything is perfect, everything is Beautiful!! The free standing Carnelian was ice cold out of the box but in my hand the surge, heat it sent- Amazing!! I've been waiting so long for a big piece, it's beyond perfect! I'm so thrilled to have found you, you've gained a customer and I'll be making another order tonight, next month and whenever the need arises! Blessings and Love!! Julia 11-21-18

Hello! Just wanted to say a quick thank you for taking the time to pick all these amazing little beauties for me!! They are absolutely perfect as always, and that pyramid is so, so pretty! I may have a slight selenite obsession... Haha! With love and light! Marissa 11-10-2018

Hi Louse. I just wanted to let you know that I received my packaged today and I am very happy with its contents, including the crazy agate.  Thank you.  I really appreciate you and your excellent customer service.  Blessings to you, too. Nicole 11-8-2018

Hi there! Got this order today, and they are all gorgeous as always! Even the one you weren't happy with is beautiful! And that piece of seafoam calcite you sent is so pretty! It's going to be hard for me to not just place another order today. Haha I'm such a crystal addict! Hope your week is going great!! 10-25-2018

Thank you so much Louise! I've been having so much fun meditating with and using my crystals. LOVE your product! And after seeing all the other horror stories online, it's such a relief to know that what you see if what you get - you explain everything perfectly. Tamara 9-30-18

Hello Louise, I have received the crystals safely today. The girasol sphere is really beautiful. It has multiple star spots in there. I actually have been collecting these kinds of unusual star sphere for a long time. When I saw the star spot in the sphere, I was SOOOOO happy and SOOOO surprised. And girasol egg and moonstone egg are super duper cute too. Thank you for sending them safely to Japan and helping me a lot. THANK YOU SO MUCH LOUISE with lots of love. Lisa 9-19-18

Louise, Oh my goodness you have such a wonderful and generous heart! Your gift was not only a surprise, but a blessing. I don’t even have the words to express my gratitude - I am speechless. Your thoughtfulness and generosity is so touching and it gives me hope. And what a beautiful golden calcite you picked out! It’s gorgeous, with delightful energy and so many rainbows! Have you looked at it!?  This brings me additional joy and optimism - I love natural rainbows. You certainly have a knack for choosing the perfect stones and crystals for people.
Thank you so much, Louise! I will hang on to this golden calcite every time I study. With much appreciation and gratitude, Michelle 9-12-18

Louise, thank you for the stone! It’s beautiful, and I love its energy. I will definitely be adding it to all of my protective work. Blessings to you and a site I’m going to utilize a lot!
Saille 9-5-18

Good morning Louise. My order arrived this morning and everything is absolutely perfect and beautiful. And oh my goodness, the 5.5 inch Amphibole Angel Quartz - it’s just stunning! I can’t stop holding it! But I have to put it down at some point because I have so much school work to catch up on, lol. Welcome them and play with the crystals and stones. First I have to say  the little black tourmaline pendent is now on my little chihuahua, who I am proud to say has just reached 4 pounds.  Yay!  It will be good for her. As always, I appreciate you and all that you have to offer. Many blessings, Michelle 9-3-18

Good afternoon Louise, My order arrived this morning and I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful these stones and crystals are. Their frequencies and vibrations are absolutely phenomenal! I cannot thank you enough for your professional and wonderful communications and for the sacred energies that came along through our interactions and my purchase. Also, I thank you very much for the beautiful gifts you attached to my order. Working with you has been a privilege, and I thank you! With gratitude and blessings, Michelle 8-22-18

Hey Louise! Just got my package... I'm in awe of these stones! I'm always so very happy with your selection... but I must say that this batch is just breathtaking! I cannot wait to start working with these and then be able to share them with everyone. You are amazing!! Thank you again! Marissa  8-15-18

Hi. I have received my order and I love all of my new crystals!  I will be ordering more very soon! Thank you so much, Many blessings! Keli 7-12-18

Hi Louise, I just got my package and I wanted to thank you, once again, for choosing the most beautiful stones for me! There is such variety, and the shapes are perfect! Also thank you very much for the extra blue tiger's eye - it is absolutely stunning!! I'll be keeping that one for myself for sure! Marissa 6-27-2018

Hi Louise, I love everything! Thank you so much for your super fast service! Many blessings. Have a magickal day! Lori 6-23-2018

Hi Louise, Thank you! I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to check in with the order issues. I can't wait to get my stones. I'm working some crystal grids. Thanks, Brenda 6-20-2018

Thank you so much for being speedy and having excellent customer care! I appreciate it! Nichole 3-26-18

I received my packaged today, they are so beautiful!  And thank you so much for the extra quartz crystal, of course I had secretly wanted it even though I'd hit the order button for the tumbled one the second time around. So sweet of you! All the best, Astrid 3-9-18

Hi – Thanks for including the unexpected angel aura rose quartz – just the right energy for me at this time. Nina 2-23-18

Dear Louise, Thank you very much for shipping the crystals I ordered out this week.  They are everything I hoped for (and a little more) and they were packed with such care.  Holding each crystal felt just right.  Including the Topaz and Lepidolite, which has wonderful energy and was so nice of you. I am just learning about crystals and am so happy I found your store. I look forward to growing my collection with Raven and Crone. All the best, Mary Ellen 2-20-18

Received my purchase from ya'll today. I give you a 10 out of 10! The free gift was above and beyond. I will be shopping with you in the future and recommending you to others. Thank you and well done! 2-20-18

Love, love love my stones. I saw your info in the office of the owner of our wellness center, ONE Wellness Ctr in Rochester, NY. Thanks, I shall be returning Christina 2-19-18

Omg!!! Thank you. Shipping already shows the crystals should be delivered tomorrow. I'm so happy.  You guys are absolutely amazing. I love you guys!!! Alena 2-19-18

Hi Louise, Just wanted to tell you that I think the Tiger's Eye sphere is just beautiful. Thank you for such speedy shipping. Sincerely, Lisa 2-19-18

I loved everything and appreciate all your kindness. I look forward to ordering again soon. I am saving my pennies. Thank you Beth 2-11-18

Thank you Louise!!! Yes I haven't been buying many new things lately, just working with what I have. I actually had a spirit guide reading today, and I was told to buy crystal pyramids, and I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!  Kristina 1-25-2018

You have lovely things at excellent prices and offer wonderful personalized customer service. I really appreciate your business and offerings and look forward to building my collection with you. Happy New Year and thank you so much. Warm Regards Helen 1-1-2018

Hi, I love the stones! Thanks!I am actually going to order a few more Kathleen 12-12-2017

I LOVE EVERYTHING! The Lapis is perfect! All of it is perfect...we will do it again. I'm a collector but am clearly working on stuff too...the lepidolite and brecciated are outstanding. Thank you for the gift...Happy Holidays, Chuck 12-3-2017

Hi Louise, I am very happy you enjoyed the email! As always, the gemstones are beautiful and have a very uplifting energy about them. Also, I greatly appreciate the thought and consideration put into the golden calcite gift; I definitely plan to incorporate it into my meditations and study sessions! All of my purchases from your store have really helped me find a much needed sense of self and concomitant serenity. I sincerely thank you and I wish you the same, blessings, and prosperity in all that you do! Have a wonderful weekend!!! Sincerely, Wil 10-27-17

Hi Louise! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get them! Each gem has been gorgeous upon arrival and i have uniquely felt myself bond with each one. They have been excellent tools for managing my anxiety, boosting my confidence and sense of self, recognizing my virtues, and focusing my thoughts and actions!
I just wanted to make sure that you know that I sincerely appreciate your store and business practices. & Thank you so much for the additional Hypersthene in my last order. Not only was it beautiful, but upon looking up the unique virtues associated with the stone, I discovered it was perfect for me. I’m pursuing a masters in Occupational Therapy so the Problem Solving abilities associated with Hypersthene are absolutely invaluable to me in current internship. Just carrying it on me and being able to see it, triggers a boost of self confidence myself and my ability to work out my daily challenges. Thank you, these stones have truly been a gift in helping me reclaim and shape a positive sense of self. Have a great night! Sincerely, Wil 10-24-17

Hi Louise! I received my order and am blown away by the beauties you picked for me!!! Thank you so much, my heart was over-joyed! It was so thoughtful of you to send those stones for my mom too! You have made a loyal customer of me and a loud-mouthed advocate of yours. So much love and light to you sister!!! Angela 10-23-17

You guys are always absolutely phenomenal. I love buying from you guys. Thank you. :D 10-18-17

Hi Louise, I received my order today and I thank you so much for the gift!  What a beautiful stromatolite!  That was very sweet of you to include it with the order and it really made my day.
I also really like this Hessonite Garnet – it’s very nice.  I wonder why I’ve never heard of this stone before -- I’ll definitely have to get a few more.  The arfvedsonites are gorgeous and sparkly! Thank you again for always sending me such beautiful stones. Steph 9-15-17

Got the package today and it is like the worry stone was made for my thumb!! I felt calmer after ordering and knowing it was on the way has helped with this crazy weather week in Georgia. It will be with me from here on. And the Mookaite is a great name for a very cool stone. Many thanks and blessings for and to you Louise!! Kim 9-14-17

Hi Louise, My stones arrived today and I love them!  They’re smooth and shiny and beautiful.  Thank you for sending such nice ones! When I shopped on this site earlier this month my main purpose was to buy some Arfvedsonite stones. I must have been sidetracked by all the other nice products because I completely forgot to add the Arfvedsonite to my cart, so I’m making another purchase tonight. Plus I see a new item – Hessonite Garnet that looks interesting so I’m getting that too! Have a good week. Steph 9-12-17

Just wanted you guys to know that I have never ordered/received anything that wasn't beautiful or special!   It's hard to write reviews about individual stones - they are all equally beautiful & perfect in their own way.   I love shopping with you guys - learn something new every time & your descriptions help me find what I am looking for! Can't wait to receive my order!   Thank you for everything you guys do! Valerie 9-4-17

Thank you so much Louise! It's always a wonderful experience ordering from you guys, Andrew 9-2-17

This article was published on Monday 30 October, 2017.
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