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by Raven and Crone

Good afternoon Louise, My order arrived this morning and I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful these stones and crystals are. Their frequencies and vibrations are absolutely phenomenal! I cannot thank you enough for your professional and wonderful communications and for the sacred energies that came along through our interactions and my purchase. Also, I thank you very much for the beautiful gifts you attached to my order. Working with you has been a privilege, and I thank you! With gratitude and blessings, Michelle 8-22-18

Hey Louise! Just got my package... I'm in awe of these stones! I'm always so very happy with your selection... but I must say that this batch is just breathtaking! I cannot wait to start working with these and then be able to share them with everyone. You are amazing!! Thank you again! Marissa  8-15-18

Hi. I have received my order and I love all of my new crystals!  I will be ordering more very soon! Thank you so much, Many blessings! Keli 7-12-18

Hi Louise, I just got my package and I wanted to thank you, once again, for choosing the most beautiful stones for me! There is such variety, and the shapes are perfect! Also thank you very much for the extra blue tiger's eye - it is absolutely stunning!! I'll be keeping that one for myself for sure! Marissa 6-27-2018

Hi Louise, I love everything! Thank you so much for your super fast service! Many blessings. Have a magickal day! Lori 6-23-2018

Hi Louise, Thank you! I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to check in with the order issues. I can't wait to get my stones. I'm working some crystal grids. Thanks, Brenda 6-20-2018

Thank you so much for being speedy and having excellent customer care! I appreciate it! Nichole 3-26-18

I received my packaged today, they are so beautiful!  And thank you so much for the extra quartz crystal, of course I had secretly wanted it even though I'd hit the order button for the tumbled one the second time around. So sweet of you! All the best, Astrid 3-9-18

Hi – Thanks for including the unexpected angel aura rose quartz – just the right energy for me at this time. Nina 2-23-18

Dear Louise, Thank you very much for shipping the crystals I ordered out this week.  They are everything I hoped for (and a little more) and they were packed with such care.  Holding each crystal felt just right.  Including the Topaz and Lepidolite, which has wonderful energy and was so nice of you. I am just learning about crystals and am so happy I found your store. I look forward to growing my collection with Raven and Crone. All the best, Mary Ellen 2-20-18

Received my purchase from ya'll today. I give you a 10 out of 10! The free gift was above and beyond. I will be shopping with you in the future and recommending you to others. Thank you and well done! 2-20-18

Love, love love my stones. I saw your info in the office of the owner of our wellness center, ONE Wellness Ctr in Rochester, NY. Thanks, I shall be returning Christina 2-19-18

Omg!!! Thank you. Shipping already shows the crystals should be delivered tomorrow. I'm so happy.  You guys are absolutely amazing. I love you guys!!! Alena 2-19-18

Hi Louise, Just wanted to tell you that I think the Tiger's Eye sphere is just beautiful. Thank you for such speedy shipping. Sincerely, Lisa 2-19-18

I loved everything and appreciate all your kindness. I look forward to ordering again soon. I am saving my pennies. Thank you Beth 2-11-18

Thank you Louise!!! Yes I haven't been buying many new things lately, just working with what I have. I actually had a spirit guide reading today, and I was told to buy crystal pyramids, and I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!  Kristina 1-25-2018

You have lovely things at excellent prices and offer wonderful personalized customer service. I really appreciate your business and offerings and look forward to building my collection with you. Happy New Year and thank you so much. Warm Regards Helen 1-1-2018

Hi, I love the stones! Thanks!I am actually going to order a few more Kathleen 12-12-2017

I LOVE EVERYTHING! The Lapis is perfect! All of it is perfect...we will do it again. I'm a collector but am clearly working on stuff too...the lepidolite and brecciated are outstanding. Thank you for the gift...Happy Holidays, Chuck 12-3-2017

Hi Louise, I am very happy you enjoyed the email! As always, the gemstones are beautiful and have a very uplifting energy about them. Also, I greatly appreciate the thought and consideration put into the golden calcite gift; I definitely plan to incorporate it into my meditations and study sessions! All of my purchases from your store have really helped me find a much needed sense of self and concomitant serenity. I sincerely thank you and I wish you the same, blessings, and prosperity in all that you do! Have a wonderful weekend!!! Sincerely, Wil 10-27-17

Hi Louise! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get them! Each gem has been gorgeous upon arrival and i have uniquely felt myself bond with each one. They have been excellent tools for managing my anxiety, boosting my confidence and sense of self, recognizing my virtues, and focusing my thoughts and actions!
I just wanted to make sure that you know that I sincerely appreciate your store and business practices. & Thank you so much for the additional Hypersthene in my last order. Not only was it beautiful, but upon looking up the unique virtues associated with the stone, I discovered it was perfect for me. I’m pursuing a masters in Occupational Therapy so the Problem Solving abilities associated with Hypersthene are absolutely invaluable to me in current internship. Just carrying it on me and being able to see it, triggers a boost of self confidence myself and my ability to work out my daily challenges. Thank you, these stones have truly been a gift in helping me reclaim and shape a positive sense of self. Have a great night! Sincerely, Wil 10-24-17

Hi Louise! I received my order and am blown away by the beauties you picked for me!!! Thank you so much, my heart was over-joyed! It was so thoughtful of you to send those stones for my mom too! You have made a loyal customer of me and a loud-mouthed advocate of yours. So much love and light to you sister!!! Angela 10-23-17

You guys are always absolutely phenomenal. I love buying from you guys. Thank you. :D 10-18-17

Hi Louise, I received my order today and I thank you so much for the gift!  What a beautiful stromatolite!  That was very sweet of you to include it with the order and it really made my day.
I also really like this Hessonite Garnet – it’s very nice.  I wonder why I’ve never heard of this stone before -- I’ll definitely have to get a few more.  The arfvedsonites are gorgeous and sparkly! Thank you again for always sending me such beautiful stones. Steph 9-15-17

Got the package today and it is like the worry stone was made for my thumb!! I felt calmer after ordering and knowing it was on the way has helped with this crazy weather week in Georgia. It will be with me from here on. And the Mookaite is a great name for a very cool stone. Many thanks and blessings for and to you Louise!! Kim 9-14-17

Hi Louise, My stones arrived today and I love them!  They’re smooth and shiny and beautiful.  Thank you for sending such nice ones! When I shopped on this site earlier this month my main purpose was to buy some Arfvedsonite stones. I must have been sidetracked by all the other nice products because I completely forgot to add the Arfvedsonite to my cart, so I’m making another purchase tonight. Plus I see a new item – Hessonite Garnet that looks interesting so I’m getting that too! Have a good week. Steph 9-12-17

Just wanted you guys to know that I have never ordered/received anything that wasn't beautiful or special!   It's hard to write reviews about individual stones - they are all equally beautiful & perfect in their own way.   I love shopping with you guys - learn something new every time & your descriptions help me find what I am looking for! Can't wait to receive my order!   Thank you for everything you guys do! Valerie 9-4-17

Thank you so much Louise! It's always a wonderful experience ordering from you guys, Andrew 9-2-17

This article was published on Monday 30 October, 2017.
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