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Comments from Satisfied Customers, Page 3

by Raven and Crone

Thank You Louise for sending such lovely enchanting spirit stones... amongst them... gorgeous amethyst tumbled stones. So grateful as well for the two gifts of spirit stones !!! Your online store is divine !! Many Thanks !!
Blessings )O( Lux 9-1-2017

Hi Louise! Wow thank you so much! The gems are lovely and i sincerely appreciate your inclusion of the gift of Marble Jasper. That was incredibly kind and an awesome customer service touch. I will certainly be considering you & "Raven and Crone" for all my future gem purchases. The stickers that explain the gem virtues are an awesome feature. Sincerely, Wil 8-25-2017

You little Sweetheart, Thank YOU Louise !!I definitely WILL enjoy the Angel Aura stone 
AND...I really luv,luv,luv the carnelian pendant/pendulum, I'll be wearing it as a pendant tomorrow, was just planning my outfit for work around it. Liz 8-23-2017

Dear Louise, THANK YOU!    THANK YOU!   THANK YOU! The Morganite is just what is needed right now.  Such a beautiful crystal.  The clock is just puurrrrrfect.  ;-)  I'm going to have lots of fun using it as a center piece in my living-room library. Again, Thank you so much for your wonderful store.  It reminds me of a shoppe in New Smyrna Beach that I would frequent often. (I can do the same with yours too.  I just have wait till my packages arrive to smell the Heavenly scents of Nag Champa or any other delightful incense). Sincerely,  Debbie 8-22-2017

Hi Louise, Thank you for packaging my order so nicely! I appreciate the Zebra Marble Jasper that you included!  Marla 6-17-2017

Thank you Louise. :) I've always been extremely happy with my purchases! I'm doing some work with chakra sets, and needed to replenish my supply in a few different areas. Can't wait to get my package! Marissa 5-31-17

Hi Louise, Thank you very much, I appreciate your stones.  The stones all have good quality.  I will look forward to receiving them maybe sometime next week when they arrive. I will certainly visit your Website again.  It is nice doing Business with you, as always. I hope you have a Good Weekend too! Thanks a lot, very much. Robert 5-6-17

Good afternoon, I received my order and couldn't be happier! Thank you for the beautiful packaging and lightning fast shipping! Sarai 5-3-17

Hi Louise, Just received my order this morning. Looks like it travelled quickly through the States but took a week to travel across Canada. All in all it was 10 days which is pretty good. I absolutely love the spheres. They are beautiful selections and the stands work perfect. I especially liked that extra small wood one that looked great with the Unakite. I will definitely be shopping again at your site again. Thank you Cindy 5-2-17

Thank you so much for providing a great kit with the tools to cast. I meant everything in each review but wanted to personally give you my appreciations. So mote it be! Blessings,
Ellie 4-30-17

The service and products were indeed superb. They arrived in a timely manner and I appreciate your generosity in including some stones. Jon 2-15-17

Louise, All of the stones are beautiful and I am continuing to make wrapped stones for wearing as necklaces and also some rings. Everyone loves the stones.  They are high quality, beautiful and functional as healing stones.  I just ordered more today and am sharing you website with others!  2-9-17

Louise, The package came today and the stones are beautiful. The kyanite and selenite are precisely what I was hoping for. It's the larimar and celestite that are breathtaking. I have no idea what their purpose is, for whatever reason it was important to have them to work with. Thank you for taking the time to select such luscious specimens. I'm enjoying their company while we wait to find out what's next. Thanks again, Janet 2-1-17

Louise, I wanted to stop and take sometime to thank you for my items. They arrived sooner than expected. The pendulum is beautifully crafted. And is very responsive. The amazonite stones are just stunning! And I have to thank you for the extra honey calcite stone. I don't know if you were GUIDED to select that stone for me but it is the perfect stone to help me in my current situation. I am going through massive changes in my life. Your products are extremely high quality and I will be a returning customer! Take care and have a great week. Wendy 1-16-2017

Hello Louise!! The stones are fantastic!! Thank you very much! You did a great job picking out the perfect stones for me :) I will be putting in another order of some that were my favorites.....and thank you so much for the spiderweb and pietersite.....very sweet of you....take care and have a great day!! Jen 1-7-2017

Dear Louise, I’ve been meaning to write and tell you how happy I am with the crystals I purchased in early November.  I did leave a review on the Carborundum and will do so on the bismuth once I’m more familiar with its properties. I was very impressed with how quickly I received that first shipment and how beautifully and lovingly the stones were packaged and labeled. I think Raven and Crone is first class!  Raven and Crone is my new favorite source for crystals. Thank you so much for the prompt service and labels describing the healing properties. Blessings to you, Marybeth 1-4-2017

Louise, Thanks for your help.  The magnetite was a big hit.  I had enough to give the students and teachers 3 pieces each.  I see some of these kids outside school and they all said it was a fun afternoon. Thanks for all the help in getting this to me on time.Jeff 12-29-16

Hello Louise, I am truly sorry for not responding to you after the stones were delivered, I meant to do it so many times and just forgot, my apologies. So, I got them, they are all beautiful, beyond my expectations, I was so happy and satisfied with everything - the costumer service - shipping -  quality of  product. The quality you provide is amazing and even better, the prices, unbeatable! Once again thank you so much, I will for sure be buying more and more soon, my wish list on your website  just gets bigger every time you add new products! Have a wonderful day, Gustavo 12-19-16

Dear Louise, I just wanted to tell you that I have received the stones.  They are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and arrived just at the right time.  Thank you so very much for your site and all the Energy that you put into it. Sincerely, Debbie 12-14-16

Hi, Louise, I got my stones and, small, less costly order this may have been, but WOW these stones are beautiful!!  The green quartz is such a lovely shade not to mention the Charoite!  I have a friend from the Siberian area in Russia and she loved it!  I am really fascinated by the "artwork" of  jaspers and agates.  I love the Zebra jasper and the way it feels with the Mexican agate such a swirl of colors and patterns. I am always so thrilled when I get my orders and your offer of the coupon is very appreciated.  I hope you have the most amazing Yule ever and Blessings always. Thank you, Debra 12-12-16

Thanks so much for responding so quickly! It means a lot in this day and age to find such a congenial businessperson. I was already considering ordering some things for myself later because of your lovely selection, but I'm certain I'll come back to your site now. Luke 12-3-16

Thank you for your friendly and prompt services. I am grateful for all the wonderful items you offer and will definitely order from you again in the future. May you have a lovely weekend also and many blessings to you. Amber 12-1-16

Hi. I just wanted you to know how much you assisted me in doing all things "stands" and it is wonderful having everything in it's place, up off the surface's held nicely for display And I also wanted to thank you for having sent me that little moon stone. Nice touch to my having reached out to you. I have passed your info on to several friends. Really you do go the extra mile and that means so much these days. At least to me it does! Virginia 11-20-16

I received my order, and just wanted to say that I'm still just as impressed and happy as I was with my first time ordering. I'm overwhelmed by the quality of the stones (and generous sizing). It sounds silly, but I literally gasped when opening some of them. It was hard to believe how amazing they looked, and that you are able to find them in this quality. I was also very excited to receive the free zoistite. I really love the huge variety of stones offered in your store and am already excited for my next future batch from you. Thank you very much! Xander 11-7-16

You are amazing! I already got my stones and I am always so impressed by the quality. I hope I can order again soon. Question, there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between the limestone and the picture stone. Do you know what separates them. Thanks so very much, Carrie 10-31-16

Hi, Louise,  I received my salt lamp yesterday and was surprised at the sturdy heft of it and the fact that there are screws in the base to help hold it instead of just glue, which I have heard many are anchored that way.  It gives off such a beautiful light and it is obvious that the quality of lamp that you sell is the best!  The extra time to an order is never a problem as I have complete trust in what you sell.  Thank you so much for another beautiful addition to my little home. Blessings always, Debra 10-28-16

Hi, Louise: My second shipment came yesterday.  I am, once again, amazed at the beauty and artistry hidden in our Earth.  And, the fact that you have such a variety of these fantastic stones is nothing less that than incredible.  Thank you so much for sharing these with me, with all your customers.  And, thank you for the beautiful orange calcite, truly one of my favorite stones.  Today, I have with me the ruby w/kyanite and the K-2.  They are helping me feel so good and calm.  I especially love the ruby/kyanite ability to lessen anger and frustration.  But, I have a confession.  I am absolutely entranced by the 3rd eye agate and it is with me, too.  The way it looks, the way it feels, is beyond description.  In other words, it and the Dragon stone have reeled me in and made me their own! Should you ever want to use any of my messages in your reviews, please do so, or I would love to write a review of my experiences with Raven and Crone, whichever you prefer.  The whole world needs to know of your beautiful items, your stellar customer service  and super fast shipping.  Raven and Crone and you, Louise, are a treasure. Many blessings always, Debra 10-21-16

Thank you so very much - they are beautiful and perfect! I was in tears of joy with both orders! I will be ordering more but it will have to wait until next month ❤️ Thank you again! Janey 10-20-16

Dear Louise, I am so very happy with my order that I don't have enough adjectives to tell you how beautiful I find them all.  So, now, in my "Wish List", I have gone back over every single type of crystal you list (tumbled, to start out) and have over 200 items waiting, including a salt lamp!  It may take a bit of time to go through the whole list, maybe I'll even lose a few to those who buy before me, but I assure you, I'll be buying all I can!  You have such a beautiful selection, very fair prices and super fast shipping, what more could anyone want?  Again, thank you.  You've got a customer for life...and, thank you for my jungle jasper stone!  It's a beauty and I am carrying it with me as we speak, along with a dragon stone (amazing!) and the copper nugget.  Yes, I am completely thrilled that I found Raven and Crone.  And, as a Crone, even the name of your shop resonates in my heart. Blessings always, Debra 10-13-16

First time ordering from you guys. Wanted to say thank you for the quick turn around on my order, and the emails. Great communication. Keith 10-13-16

love love love it. all of the stones are just beautiful. and the lil spiderweb jasper is really great. so much calming energy.just what I needed and didn't even thank you and blessed mabon to you and yours, Kristany 9-24-16

Hi Louise, Just wanted to thank you for the two extra stones. Thank you. I didn't know there were green amethysts. Funny thing I kinda figured you might send me a free stone to make up for shipping cus some others do but I thought don't put expectation on it. And I was thinking of rutillated quartz and amethyst but never dawned on me you'd send TWO! I really appreciate it. Funny too how the Eudialyte came to me. In a store, they call to you but online different thing. I kept thinking azurite and when I went to look I saw the eudialyte and just felt I was saying let me help you. First thing when I put it in my hand I really felt the vibe go up my arm. They're awesome stones. And quick delivery. Great job. Thanks again. Dawn 9-14-2016

Oh, Louise, I am in love!!!  Thank you.  Thank you.  They are sun bathing right now.
You really hooked me up this time. I don't know which is my favorite.  Dodey, the citrine???  Love the smokey. Blessings to you! Jan 9-6-16

Lovely Louise,     I received my stones yesterday. Oh my goodness....they are all so beautiful, they took my breath away!  I am cleansing them and welcoming them into my space and my heart. Again, thank you for being such an amazing resource and supporter in my journey. Peace, Joy and Gratitude, Hugs, Cici  9-7-16

Hi Louise! I received my order today and am sooo happy!  Everything is beautiful.  I’m blown away by the pyrite specimen – it’s much bigger than expected and gorgeous.  I’m also in love with the Hypersthene and its beautiful banding.  The Kyanite is so colorful and the arfvedsonite is perfect. Thank you so much for sending such awesome crystals. Also thanks for the Jet -- very nice! Have a great week! Stephanie 8-29-16

Good afternoon, just wanted to thank you again and I was very pleased with my order. Stones are beautiful. Many BLESSINGS! Jobe 8-6-16

Lovely Louise, I appreciate your beautiful store and am looking forward to adding to my collection!. All your stones are gorgeous, and I smile every time I gaze at them. They have just been cleansed and recharged under the Capricorn Moon, so they are ready to go! Thank you again, Cici 7-23-16

Louise, Thanks so much. I just wanted to compliment you on your expediency and outstanding personalized customer service. It definitely played a factor in me being a return customer instead of going with another metaphysical site. Have a lovely and blessed week, Alison 7-20-16

I just received my package today, first time ordering from Raven and Crone. I'm very happy with it! I've bought crystals and tumbled stones from other online stores before, and with this order I was really blown away. I liked how neatly everything was packaged, and all the attention to detail. I appreciated how they came together in a protective/decorative box, and each pouch was labeled with brief metaphysical descriptions. The stones seemed thoughtfully selected (for example when I ordered two of something, the specimens were each very different from each other so as to provide variety) I was especially happy with the free stone included as a gift, it was not only beautiful but felt especially suitable for me. This was definitely the most excited I've been to look through a new batch of crystals. I'm going to bookmark the store and be a returning customer for sure. Amanda 7-5-16

Dear Louise, Got my order today. Thank you, thank you! Everything is so beautiful. I can't wait to cleans my stones and give them my intentions. Enjoy your week! Cici 7-5-16

Thank you so much for my precious crystals, there beautiful, they got here so fast, and as always their beautiful, ill be back always have a great day, thanks again Michele 7-1-16

Thank you, Louise, I concentrated my energy on these stones just like the last, and I have no doubt they'll be wonderful. I very much appreciate your mindful selections, as well as how fast you ship them! Also, thank you for packing my last order with such care. All too often I get poorly packed boxes in the mail, so receiving your package was so refreshing! I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. Marissa 4-30-16

Hi Louise, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for selecting these beautiful stones for me. They're all I could hope for and have a very good feeling to them, if that makes sense. Also, thank you for the Rhyolite. It's absolutely beautiful, and certainly goes very well with the others, in regards to my purpose for them. I very much appreciate your kindness, and I'll be sure to come back next time I'm in need. Thank you again, Marissa  4-28-16

Thank you so so so much Louise!!! The stones and pendulum are gorgeous and the bismuth is great! Thank
you! Blessings, Alex 4-27-16

My first two packages arrived yesterday.  The pendulums are phenomenal! Anita 3-29-16

Hi Louise!  I received the stones today.  Thank you so much! They got here much more quickly than I thought they would!  Thank you very much for the Chrysocolla!  It's funny, I was looking at your stones and came across that one, never hearing of it before, I wanted to do some research and order one later! You must be a mind reader! Have a wonderful day! Lisa 3-28-16

Hi Louise, My package just arrived a few minutes ago and as always, I'm in love with the stones that you picked for me!  I can't get over how gorgeous the Blue Lace Agates are, and this particular Tourmalated Quartz is calling my name.  (I think it will be a favorite and will spend a lot of time in my pocket.)   The Charoite is perfect.  Also, thank you so much for the beautiful Honey Calcite gift!  I love it. I really appreciate all the attention you put into choosing such beautiful stones for me. Stephanie 3-17-16

Louise, thank you so much for choosing such beautiful stones for me! I’m in love -- they are perfect.  I got “chills” as I pulled each one out of the box. The Blue Lace Agates should be in a museum –they’re amazing!  (I will probably return soon to get some more.) Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a wonderful weekend! Steph 3-11-16

Hi Louise, Just wanted to thank you again for all your help picking the perfect stones for my chakra project. It was a gift for my mother and she loves it! I included a photo so you can see how wonderfully the stones you picked worked with the others. Spring is very busy for me but I have some other projects stewing in my head. You can be sure you'll be hearing from me when I get some free time to work on them!
Thanks, Kathleen 3-8-16

Hi Louise! Sounds great, thanks so much. I meant to write you after I got my last order to say that I was really pleased with the quality and the energetic clarity of the crystals. Hope you have a lovely day. Kindly,Laurel 2-25-16

Dear Louise, The stones you picked are absolutely perfect, couldn't have done better myself. Thank you so much. I really appreciate all the care you put into picking them. And the charoite is new to me but I'm already in love with it. When I find the perfect project for it you'll be the first to know!
Thanks again, Katie 2-24-16

Louise, Thank you for the quartz crystals gift. They are quite... intense. I love it and they are doing wonders to myself and my other stones. 5 Stars to your store and service. Thank you again. Jamie 2-10-16

Hey, Louise, Wanted to let you know I received my order today, and was SOOO happy with the quality of the stones you sent. Thank you so much for the great service, and the little gift you included. It's perfect and timely, as I'm in the process of formulating a new business. The extra support in the area of patience and energy. Thank you again, and I look forward to ordering from you again! Jennifer 2-4-16

Thank you! Your store has the best selection of crystals! I found everything on my list. Rebecca 1-27-16

I am soon PLEASED. with every stone, and the lady, I don't remember her name, but she is on top of everything,  she was so helpful and understanding,  VERY GOOD EMPLOYEE! !! I will definitely be ordering from your store again,  Thank you for my precious crystals I LOVE ALL of them Michele 1-14-16

My crystals came today! Thank you very much for the extra blue lace agate, also the fire agate and infinite are wonderful colors Sarah 1-22-16

Thank you for your prompt service. I have ordered a couple things from you and would like to tell you how pleased I am with my purchases. I will keep your website on my go to list always. Patti 1-20-16

Louise, I had to tell you that my order has arrived, and I LOVE  everything from the selenite cleaning plate - so beautiful! You chose well! I am so happy with everything. As always, I appreciate your wonderful help and good nature. Blessings, David 10-5-15

Dear Louise,I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the crystals you sent.  They are beautiful.  Thank you so much. Blessings  Sara 10-2-15

Hi Louise, my stones just arrived. The Carnelian was a pleasant surprise and I am glad you sent it. Thank you for the beautiful stones and the quick delivery! Ashley 8-17-15

Thank you, you still take the time to provide such personal attention. I wish only the best for you. You are an amazing lady. Thanks again! Blessed Be! David 8-17-15

Louise, It is wonderful doing business with you. You have wonderful stones, and I do too, since ordering from you! Going to try my hand at some synergistic combinations with crystals, flower essences and essential oils. And I will be working with angels for the first time! So, a new adventure.
Thank you so much. I know I can always count on you. Blessed Be,Pat 8-16-15

Louise, thank you, thank you!  I love my stones.  The pyrite is just amazing.  I could not love it more.  Thanks for your great pick!! Best wishes, Jan 7-29-15

Thank you so very much Louise:  I just loved all my stones and thank for the little extra ;0).  I will be ordering again in the very near future. Many Blessings, Erika  7-28-15

Louise, I wanted to let you know that I received my order today and am very happy with everything.  You were right, the Silver Leaf Jasper is really nice – I love it. And thank you so much for the So. African Amethyst!  An unexpected gift that is very much appreciated! Stephanie 12-10-15

Louise, Thank you so much for the timely shipment and accuracy regarding my order! I was extremely pleased with the ease of checking out and the fact that I received my shipment in the mail today. I believe I will be ordering again shortly. Thanks again, Kristen  12-9-15

OMG!!! Thank you Louise, I am in receipt of my order and I can't tell you how happy I am; you and Raven and Crone never disappoint and I will be ordering again and again. I so need a bigger piece of moldavite and sugilite LOL.  May your  Holiday Season Be A Blessed One. Erika 12-7-15

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely thrilled with the products I have received from your online store and wanted to say thank you for the excellent customer service! I really appreciated the emails sent when my separate packages were sent out and I plan on making future purchases on your site! I reviewed the Inner Peace Amulet on your site, gave it 5 out of 5 stars, and described the unique beauty of the piece and how much I love it! Thank you again!! Jamie 8-28-15

Hello Louise. I just wanted to thank you so very much for the orange calcite!  That was so nice of you to give me that lovely stone! What a wonderful thing to do!  Also, wanted to tell you that the garnets were the most beautiful garnets I have ever seen!  Where on earth does Mother Earth give up such love? I use them every night in my personal healing as well as meditation. Many thanks and may an abundance of love flow your way! Diane 7-21-15

Hi Louise, I received my package yesterday when I got home from work. Every stone is a treasure! I love them! Amy 7-17-15

I wanted to thank you for the angelite but also for doing such a great job picking out these stones. i couldn't have done better if i'd done it in person.  thank you so much! Daryl 7-9-15

Hi, Louise, Thanks for such prompt handling of my order.  And super-big thanks for the orange calcite gift!  I really like it! Best regards, Pat 7-9-15

I do love your site. I will be back again and again. You have a customer for life. David 5-27-15

I am IN LOVE with everything I received today (super fast!!!) So much so, that I actually want to put in another order! I saw on your facebook page that you have a newsletter and additional 10% off coupon? I'd love to receive your newsletter so I can keep up with what you're doing. My daughter is loving all the stones too. In fact, part of the reason I want to place another order is because I'm pretty sure she's pilfering a handful from me to start her own "rock collection." Thank you so much! Kristen 5-22-15

Just wanted to say that I'm soooooo happy with the gemstone order from you that i received! omg..they are all so perfect and pretty for wire wrapping!! Thank you so much for sending me two moonstones plus the pink chaledoncy! I'm super impressed and have already told my friend that does wrapping also. You just got all my future gemstone business!  Thanks!!! Hugs, Tamara 5-8-15

Hi I will be buying more soon. I just cant get over all the wonderful things you have in you store, keep it up lol and I will never leave Jesse 5-2-15

Just wanted to say thank you for your service and quality products. Sam 5-2-15

Hi Louise, I received my order today - thank you!  I especially loved the emerald -good picking! and the malachite!  Also, thank you for the Carnelian gift you sent me. It's funny, that's the stone I always gravitate towards... how did you know? Thanks again... and happy spring! Marta 3-19-15

Hi Louise, I'm writing to say thank you, thank you, thank you ever so much for the calcite sphere and citrine heart that you selected for me.  Oh my goodness, Louise, it is perfect for me in oh so many ways . . .  And it's absolutely gorgeous, too!  I couldn't believe it when I opened the box last night. Thank you for taking the time to communicate with us and for choosing such perfectly suited tools -companions.  Know that both will be well loved.  I am so very grateful, thank you so very, very much! Love and Blessings, Marcy 3-6-15

I received the stones yesterday and they were beautiful, amazing how even when I don't physically pick my own stones the right ones make it to me anyway. I thank you so much for the quick handling of my order and was so surprised to see it yesterday. I look forward to placing more orders with you in the future. Namaste Debbie 3-3-15

Dear Louise ! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much for taking such love and care with my order !
WOW,  each one wrapped so nice and individually labeled... which I had found you waaaaay long ago, but now that I have found you, I AM a loyal patron! I love my stuff !!! Awesome! Fay 2-28-15

Oh my, what beautiful crystals and stones! And your prompt service is outstanding... Thank you xxx Christina 2-5-15

Hi! I just wanted to let you know I received my stones and I LOVE them!! Thank you so much! And thank you for the gift of the red tiger's eye stone. I really appreciate how quickly they came to me. Just wanted to let you know. Renee 1-22-15

Hi Louise, Thank you for working so hard to get my order out today. I am very grateful. Your customer service is the reason I always choose your site when I order crystals online! April 1-10-15

Thank you for your speedy reply and great customer service! Kamaria 1-10-15

Hi, Wanted to let you know how happy I am with yet more perfect crystals from you--they are exactly what I was hoping for!!  You always pick out the exact pieces I would choose for myself. The thing I'm trying to say here is THANK YOU as always.  Every order I place with you exceeds my expectations in the best possible way, and the compassion and time you've offered. Your caring is as pure and flawless as the crystals you sent me, and I truly feel that the world would be a better place if there were more people like you in it. I will obviously and happily be placing another order with you soon. Matt 12-24-14

Thank you for shipping my package so fast! I have to say I'm very pleased with your selection of stones, amazing variety and descriptions on the web site. Rachel 12-16-14

Just received my crystals, and I am almost speechless.  They are absolutely 100% perfect!!  Thank you so very much for everything! Matt 12-16-14 

Dear Louise,   My order arrived today and it's WONDERFUL.  I'm especially enjoying the incense!  You are a class act, lady...I'll be back. peace...sally 12-12-14

This article was published on Saturday 29 November, 2014.
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