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Friendship Spells  
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Good friends are hard to come by and sometimes with friendships we need a spell or ritual to help us out to settle differences or show how much they are loved and missed. Friendships can be the greatest gift, sometimes these relationships get troubled and sometimes friends just need our help. The best way to start is to Work on your own feelings and after that give your friendship the boost of love and attention it needs. Here you will find a few friendship spells to help ourselves, our friends or to enhance a friendship that both parties want. 


Friendship Reconciliation Spell

The light of the Full Moon in friendship-loving Aquarius can help reconcile two pals who have argued. First of all, think on the reason you stopped seeing your friend, and if you genuinely wish to be friends again begin this spell with an open and loving heart. Place your friend's name on a piece of pink paper. Light a pink candle. Now write on another page the words that you want to say to your friend. For example, write something like: "I'm truly sorry that we quarreled, and I'd like us to be friends again." Hold the paper with the friend's name over your heart, and speak the written words as many times as you feel necessary. Close your eyes and envision yourself surrounded by pink light. See your friend stepping into the pink light with you and shaking hands or embracing you. Burn the candle a little each day. Imagine the anger between you waning as the Moon wanes. You are working on your own feelings here, so do not think this spell is manipulative. When you are ready, approach your friend and say what you wish to say. Be confident that you have been honest with your feelings.By: Denise Dumars

Contact and Old Friend Spell
Author: Terri Paajanen

Tools Needed:
White candle
Sandalwood oil and incense
Photograph of person
Glass or cup of water
Sea salt
Cast a circle in your usual manner. Light incense and anoint candle with sandalwood oil. Place the photo of the person you wish to have contact you on your altar. If you have no photo, write their name on a piece of paper. Take a small handful of salt in your right hand, and let it trickle into the cup of water. While the salt falls, repeat the words "Contact me", and concentrate on your friend getting in touch with you. Place the salt water on your altar and leave the candle to burn out.Your friend should make contact with you before the water evaporates from the cup.

Two candles with the astrological Color correspondences of both your signs.
Light both candles. Chant:
Candle shining in the night
With your flame enchanted By the powers of magic might
May my wish be granted.
Winds of friendship blow this way from now until our final day.
This spell that I send is now at an end.
Let the magick I've laid go forth and not fade!
So mote it be!
Sprinkle cinnamon over the candles watching as it crackles. Blow out the candles in the direction
Of your friend's house so the smoke Wafts in his or her direction. Each morning the following week have Cinnamon toast for breakfast. And if you can sprinkle cinnamon on Your cappuccino. And if you like it chew cinnamon gum. If it's in the best interests of the Universe your friend will agree with you during the week.

This article was published on 06/15/2009.06/15/2009 This article was last modified on 09/12/2016. 09/12/2016
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About this page: Good friends are hard to come by and sometimes with friendships we need a spell or ritual to help us out to settle differences or show how much they are loved and missed

Keywords for this page include: Friendships, great, troubled, friends, help, spells, ritual, settle, differences, loved, missed