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101 Power Crystals by Judy HallB101POW$18.99
AABUL: Abundant Life CrossAABUL$7.95
AAW156: Wicca Circle Dance, Witch Power amuletAAW156$8.95
Abalone Shell, TumbledRACABL$0.50
ACCELC: Celtic Cross AmuletACCELC$7.95
ACCLAC: Claddagh Cross AmuletACCLAC$7.95
ACGRE: Celtic Greenman AmuletACGRE$7.95
ACIR862: Circle of Protection AmuletACIR862$7.95
ACON20: Control Evil Spirits AmuletACON20$7.95
Acrylic Crystal Ball Sphere Stand 1 inchRACGBACSTD$1.25
ACWIN: Windblown Celestial AmuletACWIN$7.95
AETEF: Eternal Faith AmuletAETEF$6.95
AEYE1121: Eye of Horus AmuletAEYE1121$7.95
AEYE12: All Seeing Eye Pentagram AmuletAEYE12$8.95
AFOUKS6: Fourth Pentacle of Mercury AmuletAFOUKS6$7.95
Agate Banded Tumbled StoneRACAGBAND-MED$0.50
Agate Blue Lace Natural CrystalRACAGBLU-RGH$1.90
Agate Blue Lace, B Grade Tumbled Stone, XXLGRACAGBLUB-XXLG$6.65
Agate Blue Lace, Tumbled Stone, LGRACAGBLU-LG$1.65
Agate Blue Lace, Tumbled Stone, MediumRACAGBLU-MED$1.00
Agate Blue Lace, Tumbled Stone, SmallRACAGBLU-SMALL$0.50
Agate Botswana Tumbled Stone, MedRACAGBOTW-MED$0.80
Agate Botswana Tumbled Stone, SmallRACAGBOTW-SM$0.50
Agate Fire Tumbled StoneRACAGFIR$1.00
Agate Mexican Crazy Lace, Tumbled Stone, Boulder XLGRACAGMX-XLG-BLDR$3.99
Agate Mexican Crazy Lace, Tumbled Stone, MedRACAGMX-MED$1.00
Agate Mexican Crazy Lace, Tumbled Stone, XLGRACAGMX-XLG$1.25
Agate Moss Tumbled Stone, MediumRACAGMS-MED$0.85
Agate Moss, Tumbled Stone, LGRACAGMS-LG$1.15
Agate Moss, Tumbled Stone, SmallRACAGMS-SMALL$0.60
Agate Moss, Tumbled Stone, XLGRACAGMS-XLG$1.50
Agate Third Eye, Shiva Eye Agate IndiaRACAG3$5.95
Agate Tree Tumbled Stone, XLGRACAGTR-XLG$2.35
Agate Tree, Tumbled Stone, LGRACAGTR-LG$1.25
Agate Tree, Tumbled Stone, MediumRACAGTR-MED$1.00
Agate Tree, Tumbled Stone-SmallRACAGTR-SMALL$0.65
Agate Turritella Tumbled StoneRACAGTURR$1.00
Agate, Crab Fire Tumbled Stone, MediumRACAGCRFIR-MED$2.49
Agatized Coral Fossil Tumbled StoneRACAGCOR$0.89
AGFER: Goddess of Fertility AmuletAGFER$7.95
AGUA4: Guardians of the 4 QuartersAGUA4$7.95
AHAR678: Harmony TalismanAHAR678$5.95
AHEA21: Healing Powers AmuletAHEA21$7.95
AHPRO: Celtic Harmony Protection AmuletAHPRO$7.95
AIMLOV: Immortal Love AmuletAIMLOV$5.95
Air Baby Wand PendantELB1$49.95
ALUNGOD: Lunar Goddess AmuletALUNGOD$13.95
AMAJC: Majestic Cross AmuletAMAJC$7.95
Amazonite Light Blue, Tumbled Stone, MediumRACAMAZ-MED$1.45
Amazonite Natural CrystalRACAMAZ-RGH$0.75
Amazonite, Tumbled Stone, SmallRACAMAZ-SM$0.50
Amber Incense StickRACDEAMB$3.99
Amber, Baltic, extra small, 4 piecesRACAMBER-SMALL$1.45
Amegreen Tumbled StoneRACAMGR$1.79
Amethyst Crystal ClusterRACAMET-CRYS$9.99
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points, 1 inchRACGAMPT-1$0.60
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points, 1.25 inchRACGAMPT-1.25$2.49
Amethyst Natural Crystal Points, 2 to 2.75 inchRACAMPT-2$5.99
Amethyst Pendant Natural UntumbledJUAME$5.95
Amethyst Pendulum, 6 sidedracpdam$9.99
Amethyst Point Double Terminated Crystal, 2 inchRACAMEDT-SMALL$6.99
Amethyst Point Double Terminated Crystal, 2.5 inch, High QualityRACGMAMDB$21.99
Amethyst Point Pendant, .75 inchRACJPAMPT-.75$15.99
Amethyst Point Pendant, 1.5 inchRACJPAMPT-1.5$19.99
Amethyst Sphere 40 mmRACGSPHAM$37.99
Amethyst Tumbled Stone LGRACAMET-LG$2.00
Amethyst Tumbled Stone, MediumRACAMET-MED$1.50
Amethyst Tumbled Stone, SmallRACAMET-SMALL$0.50
Amethyst Tumbled Stone, XLGRACAMET-XLG$1.35
Amethyst, Black Tumbled StoneRACAMETBL$0.50
Ametrine Tumbled Stone, LargeRACAMTRN-LG$3.65
Ametrine, Tumbled Stone - SmallRACAMTRN$0.55
ANATPOW: Natures Power TalismanANATPOW$6.95
Ancient Scrolls Leather Blank BookBBBLEAR$58.99
Angel spirit boardRSB408$33.95
Angelite Tumbled Stone, B Grade, MEDIUMRACANGELB-MED$1.20
Angelite Tumbled Stone, LGRACANGEL-LG$3.99
Angelite Tumbled Stone, MedRACANGEL-MED$2.50
Angelite Tumbled Stone, XLGRACANGEL-XLG$5.75
Animal Speak by Andrews, TedBANISPE$21.95
Apache Tear Natural Tumbled Stone, MediumRACAPTR-MED$0.90
Apache Tear Natural Tumbled Stone, SmallRACAPTR-SMALL$0.65
Apache Tear Polished Stone, LGRACAPTRPOL-LG$1.85
Apache Tear Polished Stone, MediumRACAPTRPOL-MED$1.00
Apache Tear Polished Stone, SmallRACAPTRPOL-SM$0.65
Apache Tear Polished Stone, XLGRACAPTRPOL-XLG$3.75
Apatite Blue Raw CrystalRACAPAT-RGH$1.25
Apatite Golden CrystalRACAPATG-CRYS$9.99
Apatite, Blue Tumbled Stone, LGRACAPAT-LG$6.50
Apatite, Blue Tumbled Stone, MEDRACAPAT-MED$5.50
Aphrodesia Incense StickRACSWAPH$1.99
Apophylite Crystal ClusterRACAPOP325175$17.99
Apophylite Crystal ClusterRACAP3.2.1.25$14.99
Apophylite Crystal Specimen with Peach Stilbite, 11 LBSRACAPOP5-11LBS$285.00
Apophylite Crystal with StilbiteRACAPOP3.75-3.5$47.95
Apophyllite Crystal Tip, LargeRACAPOP-LG$6.99
Apophyllite Crystal Tip, MediumRACAPOP-MED$4.25
Apophyllite Polished CrystalRACAPOP-POL$14.99
APOWT: Power Triangle AmuletAPOWT$7.95
APROTC: Protection Cross AmuletAPROTC$7.95
APROTP7: Protect from Accidents AmuletAPROTP7$7.95
Aqua Aura Blue Tumbled Stone, SmallRACAQAU-SM$4.45
Aqua Aura Crystal Point, Blue 1.75 to 2 inchRACAQUA-CRYPT$19.99
Aqua Aura Double Terminated Faceted Point BlueRACAQAU-DTR$13.99
Aqua Aura Point, Dbl Terminated Crystal Faceted Tapered, BlueRACAQAU-DTRTAP$13.99
Aquamarine Tumbled Stone, MediumRACAQUAR-MED$2.25
Aquamarine Tumbled Stone, SMALLRACAQUAR-SMALL$1.25
Aragonite Star ClusterRACARGRED$5.99
Aragonite, Blue Tumbled StoneRACARGBL-XLG$6.00
Aragonite, Brown Tumbled StoneRACARGBR$2.45
Arfvedsonite Tumbled StoneRACARF$6.99
Aromatherapy Bible by Gill Farrer-HallsBAROBIB$14.95
Art of the Pendulum by Cassandra EasonBARTPEN$14.95
ASCHM8: Seal of Schemhamphoras AmuletASCHM8$7.95
Ask Believe Receive Magick Wand LargeABRL$299.99
Ask, Believe, Receive AmuletABRA$43.25
Ask, Believe, Receive Baby Wand PendantRBWABR$51.95
Ask, Believe, Receive Wand, MediumABRM$74.75
Ask, Believe, Recieve Gem Drop AmuletRACABRG$36.75
ASPM: Second Pentacle of Mars AmuletASPM$7.95
ASPV: Second Pentacle of Venus AmuletASPV$7.95
ASTAG: Stag Power AmuletASTAG$7.95
Astrophyllite Palm StoneRACWRASTRO$10.25
ASWEDRE: Sweet Dreams TalismanASWEDRE$6.95
ATAB: Tree of Life Above and Below AmuletATAB$7.95
ATBEA: Bear Totem AmuletATBEA$7.95
ATBUT: Butterfly Totem AmuletATBUT$7.95
ATDRA: Dragonfly Totem AmuletATDRA$7.95
ATHIKS4: Third Pentacle of the Sun AmuletATHIKS4$7.95
ATHOR: Horse Totem AmuletATHOR$7.95
ATHUM: Hummingird Totem AmuletATHUM$7.95
Atlantasite Tumbled Stone, LGRACATL-LG$5.50
Atlantasite Tumbled Stone, SmallRACATL-SMALL$2.50
ATRAV: Raven Totem AmuletATRAV$7.95
ATRAW: Travel Witch TalismanATRAW$5.95
Attraction Magic Wand, MediumW40$71.99
ATWOL: Wolf Totem AmuletATWOL$7.95
Aura Reading for Beginners by Webster, RichardBAURREA$13.99
Auralite 23 Crystal, 1.5 - 2 inchRACAURLT-1.5$9.99
Auralite 23 Crystal, 2.25 - 2.5 inchRACAURLT-2$12.95
Auralite 23 Crystal, 2.25 to 2.5 inch. 25 to 29 gramsRACAURLT-29gr$18.95
Auralite 23 Crystal, 2.75 inchRACAURLT-2.75$15.95
Auralite 23 Crystal, 3 to 3.25 inchRACAURLT-3$19.95
Auralite 23 Crystal, 3.25 inchRACAURLT-2.75$27.95
Auralite 23 Crystal, 3.5 to 3.75 inchRACAURLT-3.5$23.95
Auralite Tumbled StoneRACAURLT$5.75
Aventurine Blue Tumbled StoneRACAVNBL$0.55
Aventurine Green Tumbled Stone, Brazil, XLGRACAVNGR-XLG$1.35
Aventurine Green Tumbled Stone Africa LGRACAVNGRAF-LG$1.00
Aventurine Green Tumbled Stone, Africa MEDRACAVNGRAF-MED$0.89
Aventurine Green Tumbled Stone, Africa XLGRACAVNGRAF-XLG$2.05
Aventurine Green Tumbled Stone, Brazil MEDRACAVNGR-MED$0.75
Aventurine Peach Tumbled Stone LGRACAVENP-LG$1.05
Aventurine Red Tumbled Stone, MediumRACAVNRD-MED$1.00
Aventurine Red Tumbled Stone, SmallRACAVNRD-SMALL$0.50
AWIN3: Win Male or Female of Choice AmuletAWIN3$7.95
AWIN45: Win in Court AmuletAWIN45$7.95
AWISWIZ: Wishing Wizard AmuletAWISWIZ$6.95
AWITA58: Witches Aid AmuletAWITA58$6.95
Axinite Tumbled StoneRACAXIN$0.75
Azurite Blueberry Rough CrystalsRACAZU$7.50
Azurite Crystal, .75 inchRACAZUR75-CRYS$11.99
Azurite Crystal, 1 inchRACAZUR1-CRYS$19.99
Barite Desert Rose Natural Crystal, MEDIUMRACBARRS-MED$0.50
Barite Desert Rose Natural Crystal, SMALL, 2 piecesRACBARRS-SM$0.70
Beryl-Green, Tumbled Stone, Brazil, MediumRACBERGR-MED$0.75
Beryl-Green, Tumbled Stone, Brazil, SmallRACBERGR-SM$0.50
Birds Eye Rhyolite Tumbled StoneRACRHYBE$1.00
Bismuth CrystalRACBISMU$2.99
Black Amethyst Sphere, 1.5 inchRACGSPHAMB-1.5$25.99
Black Glass Runes, Copper LettersRACRNBL-CO$11.50
Black Obsidian scrying mirror, 3 inchRSM3BO$31.95
Black Obsidian scrying mirror, 5 inchRSM5BO$84.95
Black Obsidian scrying mirror, 6 inchRSM6BO$126.95
Black Obsidian scrying mirror, 8 inchRSM8BO$210.95
Black Obsidian Sphere, 1.5 inchRACGSPHOBBL-1.5$19.99
Black Onyx Pentacle Ring, size 6RACJRPENON$34.99
Black Onyx Tumbled Stone, LGRACONYX-LG$1.25
Black Onyx Tumbled Stone, MEDRACONYX-MED$0.95
Black Onyx Tumbled Stone, SMALLRACONYX-SM$0.50
Black Star Diopside Tumbled Stone IndiaRACDIOPBL$6.50
Black Taper Candles, 6 inch, 2 packC6BK$3.00
Black Tourmaline in Quartz MatrixRACQTZTR-CRY1.5$6.99
Black Tourmaline Rune SetRRBLAT$32.95
Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone LargeRACTOURBL-LG$2.25
Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone MediumRACTOURBL-MED$1.95
Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stone SmallRACTOURBL-sm$1.55
Bloodstone Massager, 4 inchGMBLO3-RAC$13.95
Bloodstone Massagers, 3.5 to 4 inchGMBLO-RAC$11.95
Bloodstone Natural Raw CrystalRACBLOO-RGH-1$1.99
Bloodstone Pendulum, 6 sidedRACPDBLOO$9.99
Bloodstone Sphere, 1.5 inch, 40 mmRACGSPHBLOO-1.5$19.99
Bloodstone Tumbled Stone LargeRACBLOO-LG$1.35
Bloodstone Tumbled Stone, MediumRACBLOO-MED$0.75
Bloostone Gemstone Egg, 2 inchRACBLOO-EGG$22.99
Blue Beryl Aquamarine Tumbled StoneRACBERBL$1.99
Blue Halite CrystalRACHALBL$5.99
Blue Onyx Tumbled StoneRACONXBL$2.00
Blue Onyx tumbled stone, Low GradeRACONXBL-B-Grade$1.55
Blue Quartz Points with Phantoms of Indicolite - Blue TourmalineRACQTZBLTM$4.25
Blue Taper Candles, 6 inch, 2 packC6BL$3.00
Book of Crystal Spells by Ember GrantBBOOCRY$16.99
Book of Shadows tarot deck and book by Gabrielli, Krysinski, RivDBOOSHA$32.95
Box Chain Sterling Silver 20 inchRAC20B$21.99
Box Chain Sterling Silver 24 inchRAC24B$20.99
Bronzite Tumbled StoneRACBRONZ$0.75
Brown Taper Candles, 6 inch, 2 packC6BR$3.00
Buddha Beads by Zerner and FarberDBUDBEA$19.95
Buddhist Blend Incense StickRACDEBB$3.99
C4BK: Black Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4BK4-RAC$2.00
C4BKbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Black, 20 pkC4BK$7.95
C4BR: Brown Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4BR4-RAC$2.00
C4BRbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Brown, 20 pkC4BR$7.95
C4DB: Dark Blue Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4DB4-RAC$2.00
C4DBbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Dk Blue, 20 pkC4DB$7.95
C4GO: Gold Ritual Candle 4 inch, 1 pieceC4GO1-RAC$1.65
C4GObox: Ritual Chime Candles, Gold, 4 inch, 20 pkC4GO$31.95
C4GY: Gray Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4GY4-RAC$2.00
C4GYbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Gray, 20 pkC4GY$7.95
C4IV: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Ivory, 20 pkC4IV$7.95
C4LBbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Light Blue, 20 packC4LB$7.95
C4LV: Lavender Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4LV4-RAC$2.00
C4LVbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Lavender, 20 pkC4LV$7.95
C4OG: Orange Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4OG4-RAC$2.00
C4OGbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4inch Orange, 20 pkC4OG$7.95
C4PG: Dark Green Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4PG4-RAC$2.00
C4PGbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Dk Green, 20 pkC4PG$7.95
C4PK: Pink Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4PK4-RAC$2.00
C4PKbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Pink, 20 pkC4PK$7.95
C4PP: Purple Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4PP4-RAC$2.00
C4PPbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch dk purple, 20 pkC4PP$7.95
C4RD: Red Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4RD4-RAC$2.00
C4RDbox: Ritual-Chime Candles 4 inch Red, 20 pkC4RD$7.95
C4SI: Silver Ritual Candles 4 inch, 1 pieceC4SI1-RAC$1.65
C4SIbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch Silver, 20 pkC4SI$31.95
C4WT: White Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4WT4-RAC$2.00
C4WTbox: Ritual Chime Candles 4 inch White, 20 pkC4WT$7.95
C4YE: Yellow Ritual Candles 4 inch, 4 pcsC4YE4-RAC$2.00
C4YEbox: Ritual-Chime Candles 4 inch, yellow, 20 pkC4YE$7.95
C7KNB: 7 Knob Candles BlackC7KNB$6.95
C7KNG: 7 Knob Candles GreenC7KNG$6.95
C7KNR: 7 Knob Candles RedC7KNR$6.95
Calcite , Honey Tumbled StoneRACCALHNY-MED$2.75
Calcite Clear Optical Transparent CubeRACOPCAL$11.25
Calcite Clear Optical, Polished CubeRACOPCAL-CUBE$14.99
Calcite Golden Tumbled Stone, XLGRACCALG-XLG$3.49
Calcite Green Natural Crystal .75 to 1RACCALGR-CRYS-75-1$0.75
Calcite Green Natural Crystal, 1.75 inchRACCALGR-CRYS2.25$5.99
Calcite Green Natural Crystal, 3 inchRACCALGR-CRYS3$11.25
Calcite Honey Gold Optical, Polished CubeRACOPCALG-CUBE$14.99
Calcite, Blue Natural CrystalRACCALBLRGH$5.99
Calcite, Blue Natural Crystal .75 to 1 inchRACCALBLRGH-CRYS-1$0.75
Calcite, Blue Natural Crystal 1 to 2 inchRACCALBLRGH-1-2$1.70
Calcite, Blue Tumbled StoneRACCALBL$4.50
Calcite, Clear Optical Sphere, 1.5 inchRACGSPHCALO$15.99
Calcite, Clear Optical Sphere, 1.75 inch, 45 mmRACGSPHCALO-1.75$29.99
Calcite, Clear, Tumbled Stone, LGRACCALOP-LG$3.00
Calcite, Clear, Tumbled Stone, XLGRACCALOP-XLG$4.99
Calcite, Golden Sphere, 1.75 inchRACGSPHCALG-1.5$29.99
Calcite, Honey Natural CrystalRACCALHNY-RGH$5.99
Calcite, Mangano Tumbled StoneRACCALMG-LG$4.65
Calcite, Orange Natural CrystalRACCALORRGH$5.99
Calcite, Orange Natural Crystal .75 to 1inchRACCALORRGH-CRYS-1$0.75
Calcite, Orange, Tumbled Stone, LGRACCALOR-LG$3.75
Calcite, Orange, Tumbled Stone, MediumRACCALOR-MED$1.00
Calcite, Orange, Tumbled Stone, XLGRACCALOR-XLG$4.99
Calcite, Pink Optical Transparent CubeRACOPCALPK$7.99
Calcite, Red Natural CrystalRACCALRDRGH$7.50
Calcite, Red Natural Crystal .75 to 1 inchRACCALRDRGH-CRYS-1$0.75
Calligraphy Script Tumbled StoneRACCALLIG$1.10
Carborundum Moissanite CrystalRACCARBOR-LG$14.99
Carnelian PendulumRACPDCARN$9.99
Carnelian Polished Free Form Stone, 2 inchRACCARNE-FF2$10.99
Carnelian Polished Free Form Stone, 2.5 inchRACCARNE-FF2.5$12.99
Carnelian Polished Free Form Stone, 3 inchRACCARNE-FF3$24.99
Carnelian Raw NuggetsRACCAR-NUG$1.99
Carnelian Tumbled Stone, LGRACCARNE-LG$1.50
Carnelian Tumbled Stone, MediumRACCARNE-MED$0.75
Carnelian Tumbled Stone, SmallRACCARNE-SMALL$0.50
Carnelian Tumbled Stone, XLGRACCARNE-XLG$2.69
Cats Eye Tumbled StoneRACCATEYE$1.10
CD: Beneath the Below is a River by Wendy RuleUBENBEL$19.98
CD: Crossing at Rainbow Bridge by Jerry MarchandUCRORAI$14.98
CD: Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation by Margaret Ann LemboUCRYSIN$11.98
CD: Drum Cargo Rythms of Water by Gordon and GordonUDRUCAR$15.98
CD: Drum Cargo Rythms of Wind by Gordon and GordonUDRUCARR$15.98
CD: Gratitude by David and Steve GordonUGRATIT$15.98
CD: Liquid Silk by Marina RayeULIQSIL$15.98
CD: Lotus Eaters by Rule, WendyULOTEAT$19.98
CD: Music for Meditation by Gordon GordonUMUSMED$15.98
CD: Radiance by Marina RayeURADIAN$15.98
CD: Wolf Sky by Rule, WendyUWOLSKY$19.98
Celestial Spirit BoardRSB446$34.95
Celestite Crystal Cluster, 2.5 inchRACCEL-CRYS2$9.99
Celestite Crystal Cluster, 2.75 inchRACCEL-CRYS2.25$11.25
Celestite Natural CrystalRACCELCRY-.75$2.99
Celestite Tumbled StoneRACCELE$5.99
Celtic Cross leather blank book with cord, 5 x 7 inchBBBCCELC$25.95
Celtic Cross leather Journal with latch 4.5 inchBBBLCEL45$20.95
Celtic Heart Leather blank book, 6 x 8 inchBBBCT289$35.95
Celtic Knot leather blank bookBBBCCELN$25.95
Celtic Pentagram PendantRACJPCELPENT$34.99
CH117: Glass Star Ritual Candle HolderCH117$3.95
CH117B: Blue Glass Star Chime Candle HolderCH117B$3.95
CH2240: Brass Taper Candle HolderCH2240$6.95
CH40BS: Blue Ceramic Starry Chime candle holderCH40BS$5.95
CH40W: White Ceramic Chime candle holderCH40W$2.95
CH5CR: Crescent Moon Chime Candle HolderCH5CR$7.50
CH5ST: Shooting Star Chime Candle HolderCH5ST$7.50
CH5Z: Zodiac Chime candle holderCH5Z$7.50
CH902: Celtic Knot Work taper candle holderCH902$32.95
Chakra AmuletC7$43.25
Chakra Baby Wand PendantC8$49.95
Chakra Balancer Wand, LargeC5$274.99
Chakra Bible by Patricia MercierBCHABIB$14.95
Chakra Cleansing and Meditation Stone Set, LGRACCHAKLG$14.95
Chakra Cleansing and Meditation Stone Set, SMRACCHAKSM$9.50
Chakra Wand, MediumC3$74.75
Chakras for Beginners by David Pondbchabeg$13.99
Chalcedony Pink, Tumbled StoneRACCHALPK$3.25
Chalcedony Tumbled StoneRACCHAL$1.25
Chalcedony, Blue Tumbled StoneRACCHALBL$4.50
Chalcopyrite and Calcite Mineral SpecimenRACCHALCAL-SPEC$14.99
Chalcopyrite, RoughRACCHALRGH$5.99
Channeling Beam of Light PendantFD02-DS$43.95
CHAO12: Black Pillar Candle HolderCHAO12$8.25
Charms, Spells and Formulas by Ray MalbroughBCHASPE$10.95
Charoite Tumbled Stone, MediumRACCHAR-MED$2.49
Charoite Tumbled Stone, XLGRACCHAR-XLG$10.75
CHBRAT: Brass Chamberstick Tapered Candle HolderCHBRAT$8.95
CHCS24: Brass Taper and Pillar candle holderCHCS24$14.95
CHCS27: Soapstone Candle HolderCHCS27$16.95
CHG660: Greenman Candle HolderCHG660$19.95
Chiastolite Andalusite, LGRACCHIAS-LG$3.50
Chiastolite Andalusite, MEDRACCHIAS-MED$2.99
Chrysanthemum Boulder Tumbled Stone, LGRACCHRYSTH-LG$4.50
Chrysanthemum Boulder Tumbled Stone, XXLGRACCHRYSTH-XXLG$9.99
Chrysocolla Ajoite Tumbled StoneRACCHAJ$1.25
Chrysocolla Crystal Point Pendant, Sterling Silver, .75 inchRACJPCR-75$15.99
Chrysocolla Crystal Point Pendant, Sterling Silver, 1.5 inchRACJPCR-1.5$19.99
Chrysocolla Natural Raw CrystalRACCHRYCOL-RGH$3.55
Chrysocolla Tenorite Mineral SpecimenRACCHRYCOLTEN-SPEC$13.25
Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone, LGRACCHRYCOL-LG$4.50
Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone, mediumRACCHRYCOL-MED$3.25
Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone, SmallRACCHRYCOL-SMALL$2.50
Chrysocolla Tumbled Stone, XLGRACCHRYCOL-XLG$8.99
Chrysoprase Lemon Tumbled StoneRACCHRYPALM$4.25
Chrysoprase Tumbled Stone, LargeRACCHRYPA-LG$3.99
Chrysoprase Tumbled Stone, SmallRACCHRYPA-SM$1.00
CHTCP: Pentagram Screw-Top Tea light holderCHTCP$15.95
CHV307VT: Soapstone Pentagram Votive Candle HolderCHV307VT$11.95
CHV552: Pentagram Candle Holder Altar PlateCHV552$37.95
Citrine Crystal Cluster, 1.5 inchRACCIT-CRYSCL-1.5$5.99
Citrine Crystal Quartz Cluster, 2 inchRACCIT-CRYSCL2$11.25
Citrine Double Terminated Faceted CrystalRACCITPT-1.5$14.95
Citrine Natural CrystalRACCITCRYS$1.80
Citrine Natural Crystal Standing PointRACGCITNATSTPT$9.99
Citrine Natural Tumbled Stone, SMALLRACCITRINAT-SMALL$0.50
Citrine Pendant Natural UntumbledJUCIT$5.95
Citrine Tumbled Stone XLGRACCITRI-XLG$2.25
Citrine Tumbled Stone, LGRACCITRI-LG$1.85
Citrine Tumbled Stone, MediumRACCITRI-MED$1.00
Citrine Tumbled Stone, SmallRACCITRI-SMALL$0.50
Citrine, Smoky Tumbled StoneRACCITSM$1.00
CJ7BK: Black 7 day Jar CandleCJ7BK$8.95
CJ7BL: Blue 7 day Jar CandleCJ7BL$8.95
CJ7G: Green Jar CandleCJ7G$8.95
CJ7OR: Orange 7 day Jar CandleCJ7OR$8.95
CJ7PI: Pink 7 day Jar CandleCJ7PI$8.95
CJ7PU: Purple 7 day Jar CandleCJ7PU$8.95
CJ7RD: Red 7 day Jar CandleCJ7RD$8.95
CJ7W: White 7 day Jar CandleCJ7W$8.95
CJ7YE: Yellow 7 day Jar CandleCJ7YE$8.95
CJBET: Better Business 7 Day Jar CandleCJBET$9.95
CJPBK: Black Pull Out CandleCJPBK$10.95
CJPBL: Blue Pull Out CandleCJPBL$10.95
CJPGR: Green Pull Out CandleCJPGR$10.95
CJPRD: Red Pull Out CandleCJPRD$10.95
CJPWH: White Pull Out CandleCJPWH$10.95
CJPYE: Yellow Pull Out CandleCJPYE$10.95
CJREV: Reversing 7 day Jar CandleCJREV$9.95
CJRUE: Rue 7 day Jar CandleCJRUE$11.95
CJUNC: Uncrossing 7 day Jar CandleCJUNC$9.95
Clarity Baby Wand PendantB14$49.95
Clarity Magic Wand, MediumW08$71.99
Clarity Wand, LargeLW14$299.99
Clear Quartz 6 faceted PendulumRACPDQZ$8.99
Clear Quartz AAA Medium Tumbled StoneRACQTZCLAAA-MED$2.25
Clear Quartz AAA XLG Tumbled StoneRACQTZCLAAA-XLG$3.50
Clear Quartz AAA, LG Tumbled StoneRACQTZCLAAA-LG$2.75
Clear Quartz AAA, Small Tumbled StoneRACQTZCLAAA-SM$1.15
Clear Quartz Crystal ClusterRACQTZCL-1.75-8.99$8.99
Clear Quartz Crystal ClusterRACQTZCL-$8.99
Clear Quartz Crystal Standing Point 2 inchRACGQTZSTPT-2$14.99
Clear Quartz Crystal Standing Point, 1.5 inchRACGQTZSTPT$9.99
Clear Quartz Double Terminated Faceted CrystalRACQTZDT$3.99
Clear Quartz Point Pendant, .75 inchRACJPQTZPT-.75$15.99
Clear Quartz Point Pendant, 1.5 inchRACJPQTZPT-1.5$19.99
Clear Quartz Sphere, 1.5 inchRACGSPHCLQTZ$29.99
Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone, XLGRACQTZCL-XLG$2.25
Clear Quartz, Large Tumbled StoneRACQTZCL-LG$1.50
Clear Quartz, Medium Tumbled StoneRACQTZCL-MED$1.00
Clear Quartz, Small Tumbled StoneRACQTZCL-SM$0.50
Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott CunninghamBCOMINC$16.95
Complete Crystal Handbook by Cassandra EasonBCOMCRYH$17.95
Confidence Large WandLW41$299.99
Connecting to Nature Magic Wand, MediumW84$71.99
Copal Amber ResinRACCOPAL$2.00
Copper Magnetic Cuff BraceletRACJBR5$5.00
Copper Magnetic Cuff BraceletRACJBR6$5.00
Copper NuggetRACCOP$3.49
Coral Red BranchesRACCORBRR$2.85
Courage AmuletAM27$43.25
Covellite Tumbled StoneRACCOVE$14.99
CP16FE: Fertility Pillar Candle with Goddess NecklaceCP16FE$19.95
CP16LV: Love Pillar Candle with Goddess NecklaceCP16LV$19.95
CP16PR: Prosperity Pillar Candle with Goddess NecklaceCP16PR$19.95
CP17HE: Healing Pillar Candle with Fairy Dust NecklaceCP17HE$19.95
CP17LV: Love Pillar Candle with Fairy Dust NecklaceCP17LV$19.95
CP17MA: Magic Pillar Candle with Fairy Dust NecklaceCP17MA$19.95
CP17NB: New Beginnings Pillar Candle with Fairy Dust NecklaceCP17NB$19.95
CP24RA: Raven Pillar Candle with Ritual NecklaceCP24RA$19.95
CP27HM: Howling Moon Pillar Candle with Ritual NecklaceCP27HM$19.95
CPCABU: Abundance Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCABU$11.95
CPCANG: Angels Influence Reiki Charged Pillar candleCPCANG$11.95
CPCCOM: Compassion Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCCOM$11.95
CPCCOU: Courage Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCCOU$11.95
CPCCRE: Creativity Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCCRE$11.95
CPCDRE: Dreams Reiki Charged Pillar candleCPCDRE$11.95
CPCGOO: Good Health Reiki Charged Pillar candleCPCGOO$11.95
CPCLAU: Laughter Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCLAU$11.95
CPCLOV: Love Reiki Charged Pillar candleCPCLOV$11.95
CPCMON: Money Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCMON$11.95
CPCMOT: Mother Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCMOT$11.95
CPCPOS: Positive Energy Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCPOS$11.95
CPCPOW: Power Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCPOW$11.95
CPCPRS: Problem Solving Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCPRS$11.95
CPCPRT: Protection Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCPRT$11.95
CPCSED: Seduction Reiki Charged Pillar CandleCPCSED$11.95
CRATP: Attract Perfect Mate Ritual CandleCRATP$5.95
CRATTN: Attract Nature Spirit RitualCRATTN$5.95
CRATTS: Attract Soul Mates Ritual CandleCRATTS$5.95
CRBEG: New Beginnings Ritual CandleCRBEG$5.95
CRCEN: Centering Ritual CandleCRCEN$5.95
CRDYN: Dynamic Sun Energy Ritual CandleCRDYN$5.95
Creature Teacher deck by Scott Alexander KingDCRETEA$21.95
Creedite Crystal Cluster, 1 inchRACCREED-1$9.25
CREMP: Empowerment Ritual CandleCREMP$5.95
CRFGLO: Glory Runic Ritual CandleCRFGLO$5.95
CRFGUA: Guardian Runic Ritual CandleCRFGUA$5.95
CRFIN: Find Your Place Ritual CandleCRFIN$5.95
CRFJOU: Journey Runic Ritual CandleCRFJOU$5.95
CRGET: Get What You Want Ritual CandleCRGET$5.95
CRGOP: Go In Peace Ritual CandleCRGOP$5.95
CRHEA: Healing Ritual CandleCRHEA$5.95
CRJUS: Justice Ritual CandleCRJUS$5.95
CRLOV: Love Ritual CandleCRLOV$5.95
CRLUS: Lust Ritual CandleCRLUS$5.95
CRMON: Money Prosperity Ritual CandleCRMON$5.95
CROVA: Overcome Addictions Ritual CandleCROVA$5.95
CROVE: Overcome Depression Ritual CandleCROVE$5.95
Crows Magick Tarot by Marks, LondaDCROTAR$20.00
CRPRO: Protection Ritual CandleCRPRO$5.95
CRREL: Releasing Ritual CandleCRREL$5.95
CRRET: Return To Sender Ritual CandleCRRET$5.95
CRSECD: Secret Desire Fufilled Ritual CandleCRSECD$5.95
CRVIS: Vision Ritual CandleCRVIS$5.95
Crystal AmuletFS12-DS$43.25
Crystal Ball Sphere Stand BrassRACGBSBR$3.99
Crystal Ball Sphere Stand NickelRACGBSNK$3.99
Crystal Ball Sphere Stand, Clear GlassRACGBGLSTD$3.99
Crystal Oracle, deck and bookDCRYORA$21.95
Crystal Stone Cage Holder, OvalRACCAGEFIL-O$3.99
Crystals for Beginners by Corrine KennerBCRYBEG$13.95
CS280: Long Belled Mini Brass Candle SnufferCS280$4.95
CS740: Antique Branch Candle SnufferCS740$9.95
CS8069W: Brass Snuffer with Wood HandleCS8069W$6.95
CSBRAR: Spiral Handle Brass Candle SnufferCSBRAR$4.95
Curb Chain Sterling Silver 20 inchRAC20C$13.99
Curb Chain Sterling Silver 24 inchRAC24C$15.99
Cushion Crystal Ball Stand, BlackFCSBR-BLK$5.95
Cushion Crystal Ball Stand, TurquoiseFCSBR-TURQ$5.95
CVABK: Black Votive CandleCVABK$1.50
CVABR: Brown Votive CandleCVABR$1.50
CVAG: Green Votive CandleCVAG$1.50
CVAO: Orange Votive CandleCVAO$1.50
CVAPI: Pink Votive CandleCVAPI$1.50
CVAPU: Purple Votive CandleCVAPU$1.50
CVAR: Red Votive CandleCVAR$1.50
CVAW: White Votive CandleCVAW$1.50
CVAY: Yellow Votive CandleCVAY$1.50
CVCBLAC: Black Cat Votive candleCVCBLAC$2.25
CVCGRF: Green Forest Scented Votive CandleCVCGRF$2.25
CVCH7PA: 7 Pack Chakra votive candle SetCVCH7PA$19.95
CVCHCRO: Crown Chakra votive candleCVCHCRO$2.50
CVCHHEA: Heart Chakra votive candleCVCHHEA$2.50
CVCHROO: Root Chakra votive candleCVCHROO$2.50
CVCHSAC: Sacral Chakra votive candleCVCHSAC$2.50
CVCHSOL: Solar Plexus Chakra votive candleCVCHSOL$2.50
CVCHTHI: Third Eye Chakra votive candleCVCHTHI$2.50
CVCHTHR: Throat Chakra votive candleCVCHTHR$2.50
CVCONE: One Love Scented Votive candleCVCONE$2.25
CVCSABU: Abundance soy votive candleCVCSABU$6.95
CVCSAG: Sage Scented Votive CandleCVCSAG$2.25
CVCSANG: Angels Influence Soy Votive CandleCVCSANG$6.95
CVCSBLA: Black Cat soy votive candleCVCSBLA$6.95
CVCSCON: Confidence Soy Votive CandleCVCSCON$6.95
CVCSDRE: Dreams Soy Votive CandleCVCSDRE$6.95
CVCSGOO: Good Health soy votive candleCVCSGOO$6.95
CVCSHAR: Harmony Soy Votive CandleCVCSHAR$6.95
CVCSHEA: Healing Soy Votive CandleCVCSHEA$6.95
CVCSHOU: House Warming Soy Votive CandleCVCSHOU$6.95
CVCSLAU: Laughter Soy Votive CandleCVCSLAU$6.95
CVCSLOV: Love Soy Votive candleCVCSLOV$6.95
CVCSMAN: Manifest A Miracle soy votive candleCVCSMAN$6.95
CVCSMON: Money Soy Votive candleCVCSMON$6.95
CVCSPOS: Positive Energy soy votive candleCVCSPOS$6.95
CVCSPROS: Problem Solving soy votive candleCVCSPROS$6.95
CVCSPROT: Protection Soy Votive CandleCVCSPROT$6.95
CVCSSED: Seduction Soy Votive candleCVCSSED$6.95
CVGFOU: Four Elements Square Votive candle, set of 4CVGFOU$14.95
CVGMED: Meditation Square votive candle set of 4CVGMED$14.95
CVGPOSE: Positive Energy Square votive candle set of 4CVGPOSE$14.95
CVGPROS: Prosperity Square votive candle set of 4CVGPROS$14.95
CVHCON: Confidence Herbal Votive CandleCVHCON$2.25
CVHDRE: Dreams Herbal Votive CandleCVHDRE$2.25
CVHFRI: Friendship Herbal Votive CandleCVHFRI$2.25
CVHGOO: Good Health Herbal Votive CandleCVHGOO$2.25
CVHHEA: Healing Herbal Votive CandleCVHHEA$2.25
CVHLOV: Love Herbal Votive CandleCVHLOV$2.25
CVHMON: Money Herbal Votive CandleCVHMON$2.25
CVHPOS: Positive Energy Herbal Votive CandleCVHPOS$2.25
CVHPOW: Power Herbal Votive CandleCVHPOW$2.25
CVHPRS: Problem Solving Herbal Votive CandleCVHPRS$2.25
CVHSPI: Spirit Herbal Votive CandleCVHSPI$2.25
CVHSQU: Square Votive Glass Candle HolderCVHSQU$5.50
CVSSTR: Stress Relief Square Votive CandleCVSSTR$2.95
CVTEA: Tea Lights Candles 10 per boxCVTEA$5.95
Danburite CrystalsRACDANB$5.99
Danburite Pink Crystal Specimen with ChloriteRACDANBCHLOR-SPEC$24.99
Danburite Pink Crystal Specimen, 2 inchRACDANB1.78-SPEC$39.99
Danburite Pink Crystal Specimen, 2.25 inchRACDANB2.14-SPEC$49.99
Dendritic Opal Tumbled StoneRACOPDE$1.00
Desert Rose, Selenite Rose Cluster SpecimenRACDESRS-SPEC$17.99
DGLODOW: Glow in the Dark Dowsing BoardDGLODOW$22.95
Diamantina Quartz Crystal Points, 1 inchRACQTZDIAM-1$2.99
Diamantina Quartz Crystal Points, 2 inchRACQTZDIAM-2$3.99
Divination for Beginners by Scott CunninghamBDIVBEG$13.95
Divine Heart AmuletDH1$43.25
Dolomite Tumbled StoneRACDOLO$1.65
Double Dragon Leather Blank BookBBBCD57$25.95
Double Dragon leather blank book, 5 x 7BBBLDRAD$27.95
Double John Spell Oil, 5mlODOIDBJ$6.00
Dragon JournalBBBL812$17.95
Dragon Stone Tumbled, LGRACDRAG-LG$1.20
Dragon Stone Tumbled, MEDRACDRAG-MED$0.75
Dragon Stone, Tumbled Stone, SmallRACDRAG-SMALL$0.50
Dragon with Wizard Wand, LargeLW28$349.99
Dragons Blood Incense StickRACDEDB$3.99
Dragons Head JournalBBBU105$17.95
Dumortierite Tumbled Stone, A Quality, MEDIUMRACDUMOR-MED$1.30
Dumortierite Tumbled Stone, LGRACDUMOR-LG$1.25
DVD: Herb Magic by Scott CunninghamMHERMAG$19.95
DVD: Witchcraft Rebirth of the Old Religion by Buckland, RayMWITREB$24.95
Earth AmuletELA4$43.25
Earth Baby Wand PendantELB4$49.95
Earth, Air, Fire and Water by Cunningham, ScottBEARAIR$12.95
Elestial Amethyst, Tibet, 1 inchRACQTZELA-1$5.99
Elestial Amethyst, Tibet, 2 inchRACQTZELA-2$11.99
Elestial Orange Tumbled Stone, LGRACELOR-LG$7.99
Elestial Orange Tumbled Stone, MEDRACELOR-MED$5.50
Emerald Fuchsite in Quartz Tumbled Stone, XLGRACEMFUQT$2.99
Emerald Natural Raw Crystal, .75 inchRACEMER-RGH-1$0.99
Emerald Tumbled Stone, LGRACEMER-LG$4.25
Emerald Tumbled Stone, MEDRACEMER-MED$3.50
Enchanted Spellboard by Zerner FarberDENCSPE$27.95
Ency. of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott CunninghamBENCCRY$16.95
Ency. of Magickal Ingredients by Rosean, LexaBENCMAGI$15.99
Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy HallBENCCRYH$24.99
Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs by Scott CunninghamBENCMAG$16.95
Epidote Tumbled StoneRACEPI$0.50
Eudialyte Tumbled Stone, MediumRACEUD-MED$3.60
Expression Magic Wand, MediumW19$71.99
Expression Wand, LargeLW08$299.99
Faden Quartz Crystal, 1 1/8 inchRACQTZFAD-118$23.99
Faden Quartz Crystal, 1.25 inchRACQTZFAD-125$23.99
Faerie Maiden of the Meadow Wand, LargeLW30$349.99
Faith Magic Wand, MediumW68$71.99
FANKL: Ankh Brass Large 4 x 7.25 inchFANKL$10.95
FANKS: Small Brass Ankh, 2.5 x 4.5 inchFANKS$5.95
FB020: Green Man BoxFB020$23.95
FB104P: Pentagram Hand BellFB104P$9.95
FB105A: Altar Bell with Pentagram DesignFB105A$7.95
FB105B: Altar Bell Triquetra DesignFB105B$7.95
FB105C: Altar Bell Triple MoonFB105C$7.95
FB106C: Moon Altar BellFB106C$16.95
FB264: Celtic Dragon boxFB264$34.95
FB41A: Tibetan Altar BellFB41A$30.95
FB424: Salem Pentagram ChestFB424$28.95
FB46: Floral Design Wood Box, 4 x 6 inchFB46$8.95
FB46T: Hinged Box with TriquetraFB46T$22.95
FB47P: Mini Pentagram Bone ChestFB47P$9.95
FB945: Magical Cat BoxFB945$25.95
FB948: Snow Owl Magical BoxFB948$15.95
FBAMB: Scent Releasing Box with Amber ResinFBAMB$11.95
FBB90: Tree of Life Herb BoxFBB90$24.95
FBMW31: Pentagram Altar BoxFBMW31$29.95
FBMW42: Six Drawer Pentagram Herb CupboardFBMW42$59.95
FBMW45: Pentagram chest 5.75 x 4.5 x 4 inchFBMW45$17.95
FBMW55: Pentagram Cube boxFBMW55$33.95
FBWB405: Tree of Life Herb CupboardFBWB405$41.95
FBWB434: Pentagram Herb Cupboard, 8.5 inchFBWB434$42.95
FBWB435: Triple Moon Herb CupboardFBWB435$41.95
FBWBX17: Dome Chest 3.5 X 5 inchFBWBX17$11.95
FC105: Clear Crystal Ball 110 mmFC105$48.95
FC401: Wolf Wall ClockFC401$21.95
FC402: Day of the Dead clockFC402$21.95
FC50AL: Alexandrite Crystal Ball 50mmFC50AL$13.95
FCH270: Dragon crystal ball standFCH270$18.95
FCS1:Cord Black Satin 2mm, 1 ydFCS3$1.25
FCWC7: Wood Cobra Crystal Ball StandFCWC7$20.95
FDC953: Cat Gargoyle door knocker 7 inchFDC953$31.95
FDG759: Greenman Door KnockerFDG759$26.95
FHBH18: Large Tree of Life Wooden Book Holder 15 inchFHBH18$34.95
Fighting Griffin leather blank book, 5 x 7 inchBBBCGRI$32.00
Fire Baby Wand PendantELB2$49.95
Fluorite Crystal Gemstone Sphere, 1.5 inchRACGSPHFLU-1.5x$23.99
Fluorite Double Terminated Point Pendant, .75 inchRACJPFL-.75$15.99
Fluorite Double Terminated Point Pendant, 1.5 inchRACJPFL-1.5$19.99
Fluorite Massager, 2 inchRACGMFLUO$11.25
Fluorite Point faceted CrystalRACFLUOPT-1.5$4.99
Fluorite Standing Point Crystal 1.75 to 2 inchRACFLUOSTDPT$14.99
Fluorite Tumbled Stone, LargeRACFLUO-LG$4.50
Fluorite Tumbled Stone, MediumRACFLUO-MED$2.50
Fluorite, Green Tumbled StoneRACFLUOGR$2.00
Fluorite, Lavender Tumbled StoneRACFLUOLAV$2.25
Fluorite, Yellow, Tumbled Stone, MEDRACFLUOYE-MED$1.89
FMIVYP: Ivy Pentagram mugFMIVYP$17.95
FMMOOC: Moon Calendar mugFMMOOC$17.95
FMRAV: Ravens coffee mugFMRAV$17.95
FMTWM: Three Wolf Moon mugFMTWM$17.95
Forgiveness AmuletAM26$43.25
FTEL: Telekinetic EnhancerFTEL$14.95
Fuchsite Crystal, GreenRACFUSCH$2.99
Fulgurite Fossilized LightningRACFULG$13.99
FW021: Sun, Moon, and Star Wind ChimeFW021$9.95
FW023: Pentagram Wind Chime 5 inchFW023$6.95
FW024: Triquetra Wind Chime 5 inchFW024$6.95
FW439: 4 Pentagram Wind Chime 24 inch longFW439$10.95
FW498: Brass Pentagram Wind ChimeFW498$8.95
FW505: Long Pentagram Wind Chime 32 inchFW505$15.95
FW514: Three Bell Pentagram Wind ChimeFW514$6.95
Gargoyle Jewelry Trinket BoxRACGARG-BOX$16.99
Garnet Sphere, 2 inch, 50 MMRACGSPHGARN-1.75$59.99
Garnet Tumbled Stone, LargeRACGARN-LG$4.99
Garnet Tumbled Stone, MediumRACGARN-MED$3.75
Gemstone Heart, Amethyst 1.25 inchRACGHTAMET-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Black Obsidian 1.25 inchRACGHTOBBL-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Black Obsidian 1.5 inchRACGHTOBBL-1.5$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Brecciated Jasper 1.25 inchRACGHTJASBR-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Brecciated Jasper 1.5 inchRACGHTJASBR-1.5$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Carnelian 1 inchRACGHTCARN-1$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Citrine 1 inchRACGHTCIT-1$14.99
Gemstone Heart, Dumortierite Blue Quartz 1.5 inchRACGHTDUMOR-1.5$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Green Aventurine, 1.25 inchRACGHTGA-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Green Aventurine, 1.75 inchRACGHTGA-1.75$10.50
Gemstone Heart, Green Fluorite 1.25 inchRACGHTGFL$7.99
Gemstone Heart, Hematite 1.25 inchRACGHTHE-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Hematite 1.75 inchRACGHTHE-1.5$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Jade 1.25 inchRACGHTJD$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Kambaba Jasper 1.5 inchRACGHTJASKAM-1.5$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Leopard Skin Jasper 1.5 to 1.75 inchRACGHTLSJ$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Lepidolite 1.25 inchRACGHTLEP-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Mookaite 1.25 inchRACGHTMOOK$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Mookaite 1.5 inchRACGHTMOOK-1.5$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Moss Agate 1.25 inchRACGHTMA-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Orange Calcite 1.25 inchRACGHTOCA$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Picture Jasper 1.5 to 1.75 inchRACGHTPJ-1.75$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Picture Jasper 1.25 inchRACGHTPJ-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Red Jasper 1.25 inchRACGHTRJ-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Red Jasper 1.5 inchRACGHTRJ-1.5$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Rhodonite 1.5 inchRACGHTRHO-1.75$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Rhodonite, 1.25 inchRACGHTRHO-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Rose Quartz 1.25 inchRACGHTRQT$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Rose Quartz 1.5 inchRACGHTRQT-1.75$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Ruby in Zoisite, 1.5 inchRACGHTRUBZO-1.5$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Snowflake Obsidian 1.25 inchRACGHTSNO-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Snowflake Obsidian 1.75 inchRACGHTSNO-1.75$10.50
Gemstone Heart, Sodalite 1.5 inchRACGHTSOD-1.5$8.99
Gemstone Heart, Sodalite 1.25 inchRACGHTSO-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Tiger Eye, 1.25 inchRACGHTTIG$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Tiger Eye, 1.75 inchRACGHTTIG-1.75$10.50
Gemstone Heart, Tiger Eye, Multi Colored 1.25 inchRACGHTTIGMU$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Tiger Iron Mugglestone 1.25 inchRACGHTMG-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Tiger Iron Mugglestone 1.5 to 1.75 inchRACGHTMG-1.75$10.50
Gemstone Heart, White Selenite 1.5 - 2 inchGHSELW$7.99
Gemstone Heart, Zebra Marble 1.25 inchRACGHTZM-1.25$5.99
Gemstone Heart, Zebra Marble 1.75 inchRACGHTZM$8.99
GGSELW: White Selenite GeneratorGGSELW$9.95
Girasol Quartz - Moon QuartzRACGIRA$0.50
Glass Runes, BlueRACRNBL$10.95
GLSEL10: Selenite Lamp 10 inchGLSEL10$59.95
GLSEL6: Selenite Lamp 6 inchGLSEL6$35.95
GM6SQ: Faceted Smokey Quartz Massager 2 inchGM6SQ$8.95
GMAME: Amethyst Point MassagerGMAME$8.95
GMAMED: Amethyst Point Double Terminated 2 inch longGMAMED-RAC$9.95
GMBO3: Black Onyx Massager 3 to 4 inch longGMBO3$15.95
GMJAS: Jasper Massager 2 inchGMJAS$6.95
GMQUA: Clear Quartz Point MassagerGMQUA$10.95
GMRQZD: Double Terminated Rose Quartz PointGMRQZD$9.95
Goddess Baby Wand PendantB20$49.95
Goddess Gem Drop AmuletAG20$30.95
Goddess Magic Wand, MediumW36$71.99
Goddess tarot deck by Waldherr, KrisDGODTAR1$20.00
Gods Eye leather blank book with elastic, 6 x 9 inchBBBEGE$41.99
Golden Calcite Sphere, 1.75 inch, 45 mmRACGSPHCALG-1.75$29.99
Golden Quartz Tumbled, MediumRACQTZGD-MED$0.75
Golden Yellow Labradorite natural crystalRACLABG-NAT$4.75
Good Fortune Incense StickRACDEGF$3.99
GP100SK: Silver Toned Pendulum with TriquetraGP100SK$19.95
GP11C: Clear Quartz 6 faceted PendulumGP11C$8.99
GP6MA: Moss Agate pendulum, 6-sidedGP6MA-RAC$9.99
GP7AME: Amethyst 7 Chakra PendulumGP7AME$9.95
GP7RQ: Rose Quartz 7 Chakra PendulumGP7RQ$8.95
GPCLAP: Lapis Chambered PendulumGPCLAP$12.95
GPCTM: Triple Moon Cage PendulumGPCTM$28.95
GPCTRI: Triquetra Cage PendulumGPCTRI$28.95
GPENB: Bloodstone PendulumGPENB$7.95
GPENS: Smokey Quartz PendulumGPENS$8.95
GPGA: Green Aventurene PendulumGPGA$5.95
GPGOLP: Golden Topaz PendulumGPGOLP$6.95
GPPENG: Brass Garnet Pentagram PendulumGPPENG$11.95
GPRAI: Rainbow Moonstone PendulumGPRAI$8.95
GPWO: Wooden PendulumGPWO$5.95
GPYAM: Amethyst Pyramid Medium 1.25 to 1.5 inchGPYAM$12.95
GPYCQH: Quartz Crystal pyramid, 25- 30mmGPYCQH$12.95
GPYRQ: Rose Quartz Pyramid, Medium 1.25 to 1.5 inchGPYRQ$12.95
GPYSQM: Smoky Quartz Pyramid , 1.25 inchGPYSQM$12.95
Green Fluorite Crystal SpecimenRACFLUOGR-CRYS$15.99
Green Opal Natural Rough StoneRACOPALGR$0.65
Green Taper Candles, 6 inch, 2 packC6G$3.00
Green Tourmaline Lepidolite CrystalRACGRTOLE$7.50
Greenman Leather Blank BookBBBCGM$32.95
Greenman leather blank book with latch, 7 inchBBBLG455$28.95
Griffin Wand, LargeLW37$349.99
Griffins leather Journal with latch 4.5 inchBBBLGRI45$20.95
Grimoire of the Green Witch by Moura, AnnBGRIGRE$21.99
Grossularite Garnet Tumbled StoneRACGROS$1.35
GRUB: Ruby Star Polished StoneGRUB$11.95
GSHI12: Shiva Lingam Stone from India, 12 inchGSHI12$66.95
GSHI2: Shiva Lingam Stone, India 2 inchGSHI2$6.95
GSHI6: Shiva Lingam Stone from India 5 inch longGSHI6$36.00
GSHI8: Shiva Lingam Stone from India, 8 inchGSHI8$50.95
GSKUCQ: Clear Quartz Crystal SkullGSKUCQ$14.95
GSLL: Salt Lamp 9 to 11 inchGSLL$33.95
GSLS: Salt Lamp small, 6.5 inchGSLS$22.95
GWAME: Worry Stone AmethystGWAME$5.99
GWAVE: Worry Stone, Green AventurineGWAVE$2.99
GWBO: Black Onyx worry stoneGWBO$3.99
GWBON: Worry Stone BoneGWBON$1.50
GWMA: Worry Stone Moss AgateGWMA$3.99
GWMOO: Worry Stone MoonstoneGWMOO$2.95
GWOR: Worry Stone JasperGWOR$3.99
GWQTZ: Worry Stone Clear QuartzGWQTZ$4.95
GWROQ: Worry Stone, Rose QuartzGWROQ$4.99
GWSELW: White Selenite WandGWSELW$4.95
HAGRC: Agrimony Cut 2ozHAGRC$4.95
Haindl Tarot Deck by Hermann HaindlDHAITAR$20.00
HANGC: Angelica cut 2ozHANGC$4.95
HANIS: Anise Star Whole 2ozHANIS$4.95
Happiness AmuletAM44$43.25
Happiness Magic Wand, MediumW90$71.99
HARAP: Arabic Gum Powder 2ozHARAP$5.95
Harmony AmuletAM12$43.25
Harmony Magic Wand, MediumW18$71.99
HBAYBC: Bayberry Tree Bark cut 2ozHBAYBC$7.95
HBEAW: Bearberry - Uva Ursi whole 2ozHBEAW$4.95
HBETR: Beth Root cut 1ozHBETR$4.95
HBLEC: Blessed Thistle 2 ozHBLEC$4.95
HBUCEW: Buckeyes Whole 2ozHBUCEW$4.95
HBURC: Burdock cut 2ozHBURC$4.95
HCALW: Calendula Petals 2 oz.HCALW$4.95
HCATC: Catnip Cut 2ozHCATC$4.95
HCATCB: Catnip Cut, 1 LBHCATCB$23.95
HCHAC: Chaparral cut 2ozHCHAC$3.95
HCHAFW: Chamomille Flower Whole 2ozHCHAFW$4.95
HCINP: Cinnamon Powder 2 ozHCINP$1.95
HCLOW: Cloves Whole 2ozHCLOW$6.95
HCLRC: Clover, Red 2ozHCLRC$6.95
HCOLLC: Coltsfoot Leaf Cut 2ozHCOLLC$4.95
HCOMLC: Comfrey Leaf Cut 2ozHCOMLC$4.95
HDAMLC: Damiana Leaf Cut 2ozHDAMLC$5.95
HDANLC: Dandelion Leaf Cut 2ozHDANLC$4.95
Healer AmuletAM03$43.25
Healer Baby Wand PendantB03$49.95
Healer Gem Drop AmuletRAC1AG03$30.95
Healer Magic Wand, MediumW05$71.99
Healer Wand, LargeLW03$299.99
HECHPC: Echinacea Purpurea, 2 ozHECHPC$4.95
HELDB: Elder Berries 2 oz.HELDB$4.95
Hematite Gemstone Egg, 2 inchRACHEMA-EGG$22.50
Hematite Magnetic Synthetic Tumbled StoneRACHEMA-MAG$0.90
Hematite Natural StoneRACHEMA-NAT$2.50
Hematite Pendulum, 6 sidedRACPDHEMA$9.99
Hematite Sphere, 1 inch, 30mmRACGSPHHEMA$6.99
Hematite Tumbled Stone, MediumRACHEMA-MED$1.30
Hematite Tumbled Stone, SMALLRACHEMA-SMALL$0.65
Hematite Tumbled Stone, Very Small, 4 CTRACHEMA-VSM$0.50
Hematite Tumbled Stones LGRACHEMA-LG$1.99
Hematite Tumbled Stones XLGRACHEMA-XLG$2.25
Hemimorphite Blue Tumbled StoneRACHEMIBL$6.50
Hemimorphite Crystal Specimen, 3 inchRACHEMI-CRY3.25$19.99
Hemimorphite Crystal Specimen, 3.25 inchRACHEMI-CRY3.5$44.99
Hemimorphite Pink Tumbled StoneRACHEMIPI$6.50
HEPSB: Epsom Salts, 1 lbHEPSB$4.95
Herb Magic for Beginners by Ellen DuganBHERMAGB$13.95
Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal MediumRACHERK-MED$15.99
Herkimer Diamond Quartz, 1 inchRACHERK1$19.99
Herkimer Diamond Quartz, 1.5 inchRACHERK1.5$38.99
Herkimer Diamond Quartz, Very SmallRACHERK-VSM$4.99
HEUCC: Eucalyptus Cut 2ozHEUCC$4.95
Heulandite Crystal Nodules, GreenRACHEUL-GRDK$2.85
HEYEP: Eyebright Powder 2 ozHEYEP$4.95
HFEVC: Feverfew cut 2ozHFEVC$5.95
HFIVFC: Five Finger Grass 2ozHFIVFC$7.95
HGALRC: Galangal Root Cut, Chewing John 1ozHGALRC$4.95
HGINSP: Ginseng Powder, Siberian 2ozHGINSP$4.95
HHAWW: Hawthorn Berries whole 2 ozHHAWW$4.95
HHIBW: Hibiscus Flower Whole 2ozHHIBW$4.95
HHIGC: High John 1ozHHIGC$8.95
HHORC: Horehound Cut 2ozHHORC$4.95
HHYSC: Hyssop Cut 2ozHHYSC$4.95
HJASW: Jasmine Flowers Whole 1ozHJASW$6.95
HJERW: Jericho Flowers-1 flowerHJERW$4.95
HJERWB: Jericho Flowers-6 flowers BulkHJERWB$19.95
HJUNW: Juniper Berries Whole 2ozHJUNW$4.95
HKAVP: Kava Kava Root Cut 1ozHKAVP$4.95
HLAVW: Lavender Flowers Whole 2ozHLAVW$5.95
HLEMB: Lemon Balm Cut 1ozHLEMB$4.95
HLEMGC: Lemongrass, 2 ozHLEMGC$4.95
HLEMVC: Lemon Verbena Leaf Cut 1ozHLEMVC$4.95
HLOBC: Lobelia Cut 1ozHLOBC$4.95
HLOWR: Low John Root 1ozHLOWR$4.95
HMACRP: Maca Root powder 2ozHMACRP$5.95
HMANW: Mandrake Cut 1ozHMANW$4.95
HMEAC: Meadowsweet cut 2ozHMEAC$4.95
HMISC: Mistletoe Cut 2ozHMISC$4.95
HMUGC: Mugwort Cut 2ozHMUGC$4.95
HMULC: Mullein Leaf Cut 2ozHMULC$4.95
HNETC: Nettles Leaf Cut 2ozHNETC$4.95
Hope AmuletAM28$43.25
HORRRP: Orris Root powder 1ozHORRRP$4.95
How to Become a Witch by Amber K and Azrael Arynn KBHOWBEC$18.95
How to Use a Ouija Board by Michael St. ChristopherBHOWOUIIOC$6.95
Howlite White, Tumbled Stone, SmallRACHOW-SM$0.60
Howlite White, Tumbled Stone, XLGRACHOW-XLG$1.75
HPASC: Passion Flower Cut 2ozHPASC$4.95
HPATC: Patchouli Leaf Cut 1ozHPATC$4.95
HPATR: Patchouli Root 1 root bundleHPATR$7.95
HPAUC: Pau d'Arco Cut 2ozHPAUC$4.95
HPENC: Pennyroyal Leaf Cut 2ozHPENC$4.95
HPEPC: Peppermint Leaf Cut 2ozHPEPC$4.95
HPLAC: Plantain Leaf cut 2ozHPLAC$4.95
HRASC: Raspberry Leaf Cut 2ozHRASC$4.95
HROSMW: Rosemary Leaf Whole 4ozHROSMW$4.95
HROSRW: Rose Red Buds and Petals 2ozHROSRW$4.95
HROSSC: Rose Hips Whole 2ozHROSSC$4.95
HSAGW: Sage Leaf Cut 2ozHSAGW$5.95
HSANRC: Red Sandalwood Cut 1ozHSANRC$4.95
HSANRP: Red Sandalwood powder 1ozHSANRP$4.95
HSANRPB: Red Sandalwood powder 1 LBHSANRPB$36.95
HSCUC: Scullcap Cut 1ozHSCUC$4.95
HSEACB: Sea Salt Coarse, 1 lbHSEACB$2.95
HSPEC: Spearmint cut 2ozHSPEC$4.95
HSTJC: St John's Wort Cut 2ozHSTJC$4.95
HSULP: Sulfur Powder, Brimstone 4ozHSULP$4.95
HVALC: Valerian Root Cut 2ozHVALC$4.95
HVANBW: Vanilla Bean, wholeHVANBW$2.95
HVERC: Vervain Cut 2ozHVERC$4.95
HWHIWC: White Willow Bark Cut 2 ozHWHIWC$4.95
HWINC: Wintergreen cut 2ozHWINC$4.95
HWITGC: Witches Grass 2ozHWITGC$5.95
HWORC: Wormwood Cut 2ozHWORC$4.95
HWSAG: White Sage 2ozHWSAG$4.95
HWSAGB: White Sage, Bulk 1 lbHWSAGB$31.95
HYARF: Yarrow flower 2ozHYARF$4.95
HYELC: Yellowdock Root cut 2ozHYELC$4.95
Hypersthene Tumbled StoneRACHYPER$3.60
IB117: Hanging Brass Censer, mediumIB117$18.95
IB121: Greenman Ash Catcher with LED EyesIB121$16.95
IB140: Dragon Head incense holderIB140$42.95
IB404: Dragon Ash CatcherIB404$19.95
IB459: Scentree Incense HolderIB459$27.95
IB518: Poet Tree Incense HolderIB518$28.95
IB677: Pentagram ash catcherIB677$7.95
IB706: Fairy Cone Incense BurnerIB706$7.95
IB708: Dragon Cone incense burnerIB708$7.95
IB753: Dragons Wing Incense HolderIB753$28.95
IB806A: Pentagram stick and cone incense Burner with StorageIB806A$8.95
IBABA: Abalone Shell Incense BurnerIBABA$9.95
IBABS: Small Abalone Shell Incense BurnerIBABS$3.95
IBASH: Ash Catcher Curved Wood 10 inchIBASH$1.95
IBBCC: Wood Handled Brass Incense BurnerIBBCC$20.95
IBCCB4: Brass Pyramid cone incense BurnerIBCCB4$30.95
IBCP3: Pentagram Screen Burner brass with coasterIBCP3$13.95
IBER4E: Celestial Wooden incense burnerIBER4E$3.95
IBF98: Purple Fairy Incense HolderIBF98$19.95
IBHANP: Pentagram Crowned Hanging Brass CenserIBHANP$16.95
IBIB9: Pentagram ash catcher 4.5 inchIBIB9$8.95
IBPT: Pentagram and Triple Goddess Ash CatcherIBPT$13.95
IBR73: Cast Iron Incense Burner with Wooden HandleIBR73$14.95
IBSBK: Black Incense Burner Sand, 1 lbIBSBK$8.95
IBSCR: Screen Burner Brass 3 inchIBSCR$8.95
IBSPC: Smudge Pot with Coaster 3 inchIBSPC$4.50
IBSRD: Red Incense Burner Sand, 1 lbIBSRD$8.95
IBSWH: White Incense Burner Sand, 1 lbIBSWH$8.95
IBT117: Bast cone incense BurnerIBT117$21.95
IBTON: Tongs for Charcoal and IncenseIBTON$3.95
IBTONP: Pentagram Tongs for CharcoalIBTONP$4.95
IC33S10: Charcoal 33mm Roll of 10 DisksIC33S10$3.95
IC40: Charcoal Roll of 10 Disks 40 mmIC40$4.95
ICAIR: Air Incense Cone 20 packICAIR$5.50
ICAMB: Amber Incense Cone 20 packICAMB$5.50
ICBR33: Small Brass CauldronICBR33$20.95
ICBR74: Mini Cast Iron Cauldron 3 inchICBR74$12.95
ICBR75: Cast Iron Cauldron 3 inch, SmallICBR75$13.95
ICBR75P: Mini Pentagram Cast Iron CauldronICBR75P$16.95
ICBR76: Cast Iron Cauldron 6 inchICBR76$20.95
ICBR77: Cast Iron Cauldron, 3 inchICBR77$24.95
ICBR79: Celtic Brass CauldronICBR79$27.95
ICBR80: Small Celtic Brass CauldronICBR80$13.95
ICBR81: Plain cast iron cauldron 3 inch with LidICBR81$19.95
ICCIN: Cinnamon Incense Cone 20 packICCIN$5.50
ICCOP: Copal Incense Cone 20 packICCOP$5.50
ICDRA: Dragons Blood Incense Cone 20 packICDRA$5.50
Ice Quartz, ArkansasRACQTZICE$0.50
ICEASB: Easy Lite 96 Tablets CharcoalICEASB$10.95
ICEGYC: Egyptian Musk Incense Cone 20 packICEGYC$5.50
ICFIR: Fire Incense Cone 20 packICFIR$5.50
ICFRA: Frankincense Incense Cone 20 packICFRA$5.50
ICFRAM: Frankincense and Myrrh Incense Cone 20 packICFRAM$5.50
ICHEA: Healing Incense Cone 20 packICHEA$5.50
ICHIJ: Hi John Incense Cone 20 packICHIJ$5.50
ICJAS: Jasmine Incense Cone 20 packICJAS$5.50
ICLAV: Lavender Incense Cone 20 packICLAV$5.50
ICLOV: Love Incense Cone 20 packICLOV$5.50
ICM72: Triple Moon Cast Iron Cauldron, SmallICM72$22.95
ICMYRR: Myrrh Incense Cone 20 packICMYRR$5.50
ICNAG: Nag Champa Incense Cone 20 packICNAG$5.50
ICNAGC: Incense Cone, Nag Champa, 12 conesICNAGC$2.95
ICPAT: Patchouli Incense Cone 20 packICPAT$5.50
ICPROS: Prosperity Incense Cone 20 packICPROS$5.50
ICPROT: Protection Incense Cone 20 packICPROT$5.50
ICPSY: Psychic Incense Cone 20 packICPSY$5.50
ICSAC: Sage and Cedar Incense Cone 20 packICSAC$5.50
ICSAG: Sage Incense Cone 20 packICSAG$5.50
ICSAN: Sandalwood Incense Cone 20 packICSAN$5.50
ICSOB33: Pentagram Smudge Pot or Scrying BowlICSOB33$20.95
ICU2: Brass Cauldron Screen Burner 2 inchICU2$10.95
ICU3: Brass Cauldron and Screen Burner 3 inchICU3$14.95
ICVAN: Vanilla Incense Cone 20 packICVAN$5.50
Idocrase Vesuvanite Tumbled Stone, LGRACIDOCR-LG$5.99
Idocrase Vesuvanite Tumbled Stone, XLGRACIDOCR-XLG$7.50
IG16DRA: Dragons Blood Granular Incense 1 oz 1618 goldIG16DRA$7.95
IG3KI: Granular Incense 3 Kings, 2 ozIG3KI$4.95
IGASR4: Resin Incense Gift PackIGASR4$7.95
IGBENB: Benzoin Granular IncenseIGBENB$3.95
IGCOP: Copal Granular IncenseIGCOP$3.95
IGDRA: Dragons Blood Granular IncenseIGDRA$4.95
IGFM: Frankincense and Myrrh Granular Incense MixIGFM$3.95
IGFRAT: Frankincense Tears Granular IncenseIGFRAT$3.95
IGJER: Jerusalem Granular IncenseIGJER$4.95
IGMYR: Myrrh Granular IncenseIGMYR$3.95
Indian Style Pouch, BrownRACBAG-BR$4.99
Infinite Flat Polished StoneRACINF$1.15
Infinite Tumbled Stone, SmallRACINFI-SM$1.00
Inner Peace AmuletAM37$43.25
Inner Peace Gem Drop AmuletAG37$30.95
Inner Peace Magic Wand, MediumW83$71.99
Inner Sanctum Incense StickRACDEIS$3.99
Inspiration AmuletCA7$43.25
Iolite Natural Crystal, .75 inchRACIOL-NAT$1.00
Iolite, Tumbled - Polished Stone, MediumRACIOL-MED$1.25
IPGHIJ: High John Powder incense 1618 GoldIPGHIJ$3.95
ISAMBC: Amber Incense Sticks, 20 packISAMBC$5.50
ISANGM: Angelic Visions Escential Essences Incense SticksISANGM$4.25
ISATTA: Anna Rivas Attraction Incense SticksISATTA$1.95
ISBALFC: Balsam Fir Incense Sticks, 20 packISBALFC$5.50
ISBANC: Banishing Incense Sticks, 20 packISBANC$5.50
ISBLAC: Black Opium Incense Sticks, 20 packISBLAC$5.50
ISCEDC: Cedarwood Incense Sticks, 20 packISCEDC$5.50
ISCINC: Cinnamon Incense Sticks, 20 packISCINC$5.50
ISCLOC: Clove Incense Sticks, 20 packISCLOC$5.50
ISCONA: Anna Rivas Controlling Incense SticksISCONA$1.95
ISCOPC: Copal Incense Sticks, 20 packISCOPC$5.50
ISDIVC: Divination Incense Sticks, 20 packISDIVC$5.50
ISDRAC: Dragons Blood Incense Sticks, 20 packISDRAC$5.50
ISEARC: Earth Incense Sticks, 20 packISEARC$5.50
ISEGYC: Egyptian Musk Incense Sticks, 20 packISEGYC$5.50
ISENEM: Energy Essential Escences Incense SticksISENEM$4.25
ISEUCC: Eucalyptus Incense Sticks, 20 packISEUCC$5.50
ISFASA: Incense Sticks Anna Riva, Fast LuckISFASA$1.95
ISFIRC: Fire Incense Sticks, 20 packISFIRC$5.50
ISFOUM: Four Elements Escential Essences Incense SticksISFOUM$4.25
ISFRAC: Frankincense Incense Sticks, 20 packISFRAC$5.50
ISFRAMA: Incense Sticks Anna Riva, Frankincense and MyrrhISFRAMA$1.95
ISFRAMC: Frankincense and Myrrh Incense Sticks, 20 packISFRAMC$5.50
ISHEAC: Healing Incense Sticks, 20 packISHEAC$5.50
ISHIJC: Hi John Incense Sticks, 20 packISHIJC$5.50
ISHONC: Honeysuckle Incense Sticks 20 packISHONC$5.50
ISJASC: Jasmine Incense Sticks, 20 packISJASC$5.50
ISKYPC: Kyphi Incense Sticks, 20 packISKYPC$5.50
ISLAVC: Lavender Incense Sticks, 20 packISLAVC$5.50
ISLOVC: Love Incense Sticks, 20 packISLOVC$5.50
ISMONDC: Money Drawing incense stick 20 packISMONDC$5.50
ISMOOC: Moon Incense Sticks, 20 packISMOOC$5.50
ISMOSC: Mosquito Repellent incense sticks 20 packISMOSC$5.50
ISMUSC: Musk Incense Sticks, 20 packISMUSC$5.50
ISMYRRC: Myrrh Incense Sticks, 20 packISMYRRC$5.50
ISNAGC: Nag Champa Incense Sticks, 20 packISNAGC$5.50
ISNAGL: Nag Champa Incense Sticks 100 gramsISNAGL$14.95
ISNAGS: Nag Champa Incense Sticks 15 gramsISNAGS$2.95
ISNERC: Neroli Incense Sticks, 20 packISNERC$5.50
ISNIGC: Night Queen Incense Sticks, 20 packISNIGC$5.50
ISPATC: Patchouli Incense Sticks, 20 packISPATC$5.50
ISPINC: Pine Incense Sticks, 20 packISPINC$5.50
ISPROSC: Prosperity Incense Sticks, 20 packISPROSC$5.50
ISPROTC: Protection Incense Sticks, 20 packISPROTC$5.50
ISPURC: Purification Incense Sticks 20 packISPURC$5.50
ISRUEC: Rue Incense Sticks, 20 packISRUEC$5.50
ISS181: Sandalwood Joss Incense Sticks 50 packISS181$4.95
ISSACC: Sage and Cedar Incense Sticks, 20 packISSACC$5.50
ISSAGC: Sage Incense Sticks, 20 packISSAGC$5.50
ISSAMC: Samhain Incense Sticks, 20 packISSAMC$5.50
ISSANC: Sandalwood Incense Sticks, 20 packISSANC$5.50
ISSUPM: Superhit Stick Incense 40 gramsISSUPM$5.95
ISVANC: Vanilla Incense Sticks, 20 packISVANC$5.50
ISYULC: Yule Incense Sticks, 20 packISYULC$5.50
JABC: Anklet With Bells, SilvertoneJABC$6.95
Jade Nephrite Tumbled StoneRACJADNEP$2.25
Jade Tumbled Stone, LGRACJADE-LG$2.85
Jade Tumbled Stone, MediumRACJADE-MED$1.00
Jade Tumbled Stone, XLGRACJADE-XLG$3.75
Jade, Inca Tumbled Stone, PeruRACJADINC$3.99
JAHM: Magnetic Hematite AnkletJAHM$8.95
JAMB: Amber Resin Necklace, 5gm resinJAMB$29.95
JAP188: Steampunk Anguistalobe pendantJAP188$50.95
Jasmine Incense StickRACDEJAS$3.99
Jasmine Incense StickRACSWJAS$1.99
Jasper Brecciated Tumbled StoneRACJASBRE$0.95
Jasper Cobra Tumbled Stone, MediumRACJASCOBR$1.15
Jasper Dalmation, Tumbled StoneRACJASDAL$1.10
Jasper Fancy Natural Raw CrystalRACJASFCY-RGH-1$1.99
Jasper Fancy PendulumRACPDJASFCY$9.99
Jasper Fancy, Tumbled Stone, SMALLRACJASFCY-SM$0.50
Jasper Green Fabric, Tumbled StoneRACJASGRFA$0.99
Jasper Green Zebra Tumbled StoneRACJASGRZ$1.75
Jasper Guinea Fowl Tumbled StoneRACJASGF$1.25
Jasper Jungle Tumbled Stone, MEDRACJASJUN-MED$0.50
Jasper Kambaba Tumbled Stone, LGRACJASKAM$3.75
Jasper Leopard Skin Tumbled Stone, LGRACJASLP-LG$1.10
Jasper Mosaic Tumbled Stone, MEDIUMRACJASMOSI-MED$0.85
Jasper Nguni Tumbled StoneRACJASNGUN$0.70
Jasper PicassoRACJASPCSO$0.50
Jasper Poppy Tumbled Stone, LGRACJASPOP$1.45
Jasper Purple Flower Tumbled StoneRACJASPURFL$1.75
Jasper Rainbow Tumbled Stone, LGRACJASRAIN$1.75
Jasper Red Tumbled Stone, LGRACJASR-LG$0.95
Jasper Red Tumbled Stone, MediumRACJASR-MED$0.70
Jasper Red Tumbled Stone, XLGRACJASR-XLG$1.55
Jasper Yellow, Tumbled Stone, LargeRACJASY-LG$1.00
Jasper Yellow, Tumbled Stone, MediumRACJASY-MED$0.75
Jasper Yellow, Tumbled Stone, SmallRACJASY-SM$0.50
Jasper Yellow, Tumbled Stone, XLGRACJASY-XLG$1.25
Jasper Zebra Tumbled Stone, LGRACJASZE-LG$1.30
JB111TM: Triple Moon Engraved Copper and Brass BraceletJB111TM$5.95
JBD236: Dragon BraceletJBD236$17.95
JCBL24: Light Box Chain, Sterling Silver, 24 inchJCBL24$27.95
JCJ079: Celtic Heart and Pentagram NecklaceJCJ079$11.95
JD220: Dragon Trinity NecklaceJD220$15.95
JDQ: Dragon with Quartz crystal, pewterJDQ$16.95
JEP566: Sterling Silver Pentagram EarringsJEP566$40.95
JER21: Celtic Knot Goddess Earrings with CrystalJER21$12.95
Jet Natural Stone, LGRACJET-RGH$1.45
Jet Polished Tumbled Stone, LGRACJET-LG$2.65
Jet Polished Tumbled Stone, MEDRACJET-MED$1.95
Jet Polished Tumbled Stone, XLGRACJET-XLG$5.25
JFEHE: Healing Fairy Essence PendantJFEHE$9.95
JFEMA: Magic Fairy Essence PendantJFEMA$9.95
JMP124: Medieval Pentagram PendantJMP124$58.95
JNFMF: Fairy Mix Flask NecklaceJNFMF$9.95
JNFMM: Fairy Mix Mason Jar NecklaceJNFMM$9.95
JO531: Celtic Oil Bottle, PewterJO531$14.95
JO533: Celtic Knot Oil Bottle, pewterJO533$14.95
JO82: Silver Om PendantJO82$24.95
JOAMP: Amphora Spell Oil BottleJOAMP$2.95
JOCB: Celtic Oil Bottle PewterJOCB$14.95
JODRA: Dragon Oil BottleJODRA$14.95
JOFAI: Fairy Oil Bottle, pewterJOFAI$14.95
JOFAW: Fairy Winged Oil Bottle, pewterJOFAW$14.95
JOFLA: Bulb Spell Oil BottleJOFLA$2.95
JOHEA: Heart Spell Oil BottleJOHEA$3.95
JOJAR: Spell Oil Bottle, Glass JarJOJAR$2.50
JOMAS: Small Jar Spell Oil BottleJOMAS$2.95
JOMHEM: Om Hematite Necklace 18 inchJOMHEM$7.95
JOMOO: Moon and Stars Oil Bottle PewterJOMOO$14.95
JOOCT: Octagon Oil BottleJOOCT$3.95
JORFAI: Tree Fairy Raku Oil BottleJORFAI$15.95
JORPEN: Pentagram Raku Oil BottleJORPEN$15.95
JORTRE: Tree of Life Oil BottleJORTRE$15.95
JORWOL: Wolf Raku Oil Bottle PendantJORWOL$15.95
JP4822: Fairy Star Silver PendantJP4822$42.95
JP5620Q: Clear Quartz Pentagram PendantJP5620Q$105.95
JPINTL: Large Pentagram PendantJPINTL$29.95
JPINTS: Pentacle Pendant smallJPINTS$14.95
JPL1: Pentacle PendantJPL1$7.95
JPTHE: Theban Pentagram with Scrying Disk PendantJPTHE$43.95
JRPA10: Amethyst Triple Goddess Pentagram ring, size 10JRPA10$48.95
JRPA11: Amethyst Triple Goddess Pentagram ring, size 11JRPA11$48.95
JRPM10: Rainbow Moonstone Triple Goddess Pentagram ring, size 10JRPM10$48.95
JRPM11: Rainbow Moonstone Triple Goddess Pentagram ring, size 11JRPM11$48.95
JRPT4: Tiny Pentagram Ring size 4JRPT4$16.95
JRPT5: Tiny Pentagram Ring size 5JRPT5$16.95
JRPT6: Tiny Pentagram Ring size 6JRPT6$16.95
JRPT8: Tiny Pentagram Ring size 8JRPT8$16.95
JRPT9: Tiny Pentagram Ring size 9JRPT9$16.95
JS831: Sterling Silver Pentagram PendantJS831$26.95
JSGOD: Scrying Goddess PendantJSGOD$43.95
JTRIS:Triskle Pendant , PewterJTRIS$7.95
JTSOD: Tumbled Sodalite PendantJTSOD$5.95
Kansas Pop Rocks Energy Stones, 1 inchRACBOJ-1$20.00
Kansas Pop Rocks Energy Stones, 1.25 inchRACBOJ-1.25$24.00
Keep Me Safe AmuletAM48$43.25
Keeper of Secrets Faerie Wand, LargeLW38$349.99
Kunzite Crystal, PolishedRACKUNZ$4.99
Kyanite Black Crystal FansRACKYBL-CRYS$5.50
Kyanite Blue Blade Crystal, 1 inchRACKYRGH-1$0.75
Kyanite Blue Blades Crystal, 2.5 inchRACKYRGH-2.5$4.00
Kyanite Blue Blades Crystal, 3 to 4.5 inchRACKYRGH-4.5$8.99
Kyanite Blue Crystal with Quartz, 2 inchRACKYQTZ-2$3.99
Kyanite Blue Crystal, 2.75 to 3 inchRACKYRGH-2.75$7.75
Kyanite Dark Blue Blades Crystal, 2 inchRACKYRGH-2DK$3.99
Kyanite Green CrystalsRACKYAGR-RGH$0.75
Kyanite Polished Tumbled Stone, LGRACKYAN-LG$8.99
Kyanite Polished Tumbled Stone, MediumRACKYAN-MED$4.50
Kyanite, Green Blue Tumbled StoneRACKYAGR$6.99
Kyanite, Orange, 2 piecesRACKYAOR-1$2.75
L12C: Clear Glass Jar 12 ozL12C$3.50
L1AC: 1 Oz Amber bottle with CapL1AC$1.95
L1AD: 1 Oz Amber Glass bottle with DropperL1AD$2.95
L1BD: Glass Bottles Blue Dropper, 1 dramL1BD$6.95
L1C: 1 oz Clear Glass JarL1C$2.50
L1DB: Blue Bottle, Round 5/8 DramL1DB$4.95
L1DR: 1 Dram Bottles Clear Round, 3 bottlesL1DR$3.75
L1DRA: 1 Dram Bottles Amber Round, 2 bottle setL1DRA$3.90
L1DRB: 1 Dram Bottles Blue RoundL1DRB$4.95
L2C: Clear Glass Jar 2 ozL2C$2.95
L2DA: 2 Dram Amber Square bottle, 2 bottle setL2DA$3.90
L2DR: 2 Dram Bottles Clear Round, 3 bottle setL2DR$3.75
L2DRA: 2 Dram Bottles Amber Round 2 bottle setL2DRA$3.00
L2SC: 2 Dram Square Bottle Clear, 2 bottle setL2SC$2.50
L4AC: Amber Bottle with Cap 4ozL4AC$2.50
L4C: Clear Glass Jar 4 ozL4C$3.25
L58DC: 5/8 dram Clear Round Bottle, 4 bottle setL58DC$3.60
L5A: .5 oz. Amber Glass BottleL5A$2.95
L5C: Clear Glass Bottle .5 ozL5C$2.25
L5DRA: Bottles Amber Round Bottle .5 dram, 4 bottle setL5DRA$5.00
L8SGC: Square Glass Bottle with CorkL8SGC$5.95
Labradorite Golden Tumbled StoneRACLABG$1.30
Labradorite Golden Tumbled Stone, 4 Pieces, VERY SMALLRACLABG-VS$1.00
Labradorite Natural CrystalRACLAB-NAT$2.50
Labradorite Sphere, 1.5 inchRACGSPHLAB-1.5$19.99
Labradorite Tumbled Stone, LGRACLAB-LG$2.50
Labradorite Tumbled Stone, SmallRACLAB-SMALL$0.75
Labradorite Tumbled Stone, XLGRACLAB-XLG$3.50
Lapis Crystal Point Pendant, Sterling Silver, .75 inchRACJPLAP-.75$15.99
Lapis Crystal Point Pendant, Sterling Silver, 1.5 inchRACJPLAP-1.5$19.99
Lapis Lazuli Natural StoneRACLAPLUZ-NAT$2.99
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone, mediumRACLAPLUZ-MED$3.99
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone, smallRACLAPLUZ-SM$1.95
Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone, Very SmallRACLAPLUZ-VSM$1.25
Larimar Tumbled Stone, LGRACLAR-LG$9.99
Leather Blank BookBBBCPOE$40.99
Lemurian Jade Tumbled Stone, Peru, SMALLRACLEMJAD-SM$1.35
Lemurian Seed Crystal SMOKY, 2 inchRACQTZLEMSMK-2$11.99
Lemurian Seed Crystal, 1 inchRACQTZLEM-1$5.99
Lemurian Seed Crystal, 2 inchRACQTZLEM-2$11.99
Lemurian Seed Crystal, 4.5 inchRACLEM4.5-1.5$35.99
Lemurian Seed Crystal, Pink 3.5 inchRACLEM3.5-1.25$32.99
Leopardite Tumbled StoneRACJASLPTE$3.25
Lepidolite Mica Specimen, 4 inchRACLEPMICA$14.99
Lepidolite Tumbled Stone, MEDIUMRACLEPID-MED$1.00
Lepidolite Tumbled Stone, XLGRACLEPID-XLG$6.99
Letting Go AmuletAM25$43.25
Letting Go Wand, MediumW57$71.99
Limestone Tumbled StoneRACLIME$1.40
Lionskin Tumbled StoneRACLSK$0.65
Lithium Quartz Tumbled Stone, MediumRACLITH-MED$2.70
Lithium Quartz Tumbled Stone, LGRACLITH-LG$3.99
Living Wicca by Cunningham, ScottBLIVWIC$13.95
LM115WA: White Marble Boat mortar and pestle, 8 inchLM115WA$19.95
LM33: Mortar and Pestle Set Soapstone 3 inchLM33$11.95
LM485RB: Green Hard Marble Mortar and Pestle, 2.5 inchLM485RB$23.95
LM571C: Cobalt Ceramic Mortar and Pestle SetLM571C$13.95
LM601VA: Floral mortar and pestle set, 4 inchLM601VA$20.95
LM621TA: Black Pentagram mortar and pestle set, 4 inchLM621TA$22.95
LMBL: Mortar and Pestle Set Brass, Large 3.5 inchLMBL$16.95
LMBS: Mortar and Pestle Set Brass small 2.75 inchLMBS$9.95
LMG3: Grey Soapstone Mortar and Pestle Set, 3.5 inchLMG3$13.95
LMG4: Wide Mouthed Soapstone Mortar and PestleLMG4$19.95
LMOR3: Mortar and Pestle Set of 3 WhiteLMOR3$31.95
LMORG4: Mortar and Pestle Set, Green OnyxLMORG4$37.95
LMORL: Mortar and Pestle Set, White 4 inch diaLMORL$18.95
LMORM: Mortar-Pestle White, 3.5 inch diaLMORM$15.95
LMORS: Mortar and Pestle Set, White 2 inchLMORS$10.95
LMS17: Mortar and Pestle Set Celtic StoneLMS17$18.95
LMS22: Triple Moon Soapstone Mortar and Pestle SetLMS22$16.95
LMS26: Mortar and Pestle Set, StoneLMS26$15.95
LMS36: Black Pentagram Mortar and Pestle SetLMS36$25.95
LMWP: Mortar and Pestle Set Wood PentagramLMWP$16.95
Lodalite Shamanic Dream Crystal, Standing Point, 1.25 inchRACLOLTSTPT-1.25$14.99
Lodalite Shamanic Dream Crystal, Standing Polished Point, 1 inchRACLOLTSTPT-.75$9.99
Lodestone, PolishedRACLODPOL$0.99
Love AmuletAM10$43.25
Love Baby Wand PendantB10$49.95
Love Gem Drop AmuletRACAG10$30.95
Love Magic Wand, MediumW10$71.99
Love Wand, LargeLW10$299.99
LTEA: Cotton Tea Bag 3 x 5 inch, 1 pieceLTEA$1.00
LTEAB: Cotton Tea Bags 3 x 5 inch, 12 packLTEAB$5.95
LWG3P: Pentagram Herb Grinder 3 inchLWG3P$11.95
Magic AmuletAM46$43.25
Magic Baby Wand PendantRACB46$49.95
Magic Faerie Wand, LargeLW26$349.99
Magic Gem Drop AmuletRACJAG46$30.95
Magic Wand, MediumW92$71.99
Magical Herbalism by Scott CunninghamBMAGHER$12.95
Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody BergsmaDMAGTIM$16.00
Mahogany Obsidian Tumbled StoneRACOBMAH$1.00
Malachite Gemstone Egg, 1.5 inchRACMALA-EGG$22.99
Malachite Natural CrystalRACMALA-SPEC$7.50
Malachite Sphere, 1.25 inch, 35 mmRACGSPHMALA-1.25$29.99
Malachite Tumbled Stone, LGRACMALA-LG$4.25
Malachite Tumbled Stone, MEDRACMALA-MED$3.99
Malachite Tumbled Stone, XLGRACMALA-XLG$4.99
Malachite Tumbled Stone, XXLGRACMALA-XXLG$6.45
Manifestation Beam of Light PendantFD05$43.25
Master Book Of Herbalism by Paul BeyerlBMASBOO0HB$19.95
Mini Pocket leather blank book 2.75 x 3 inchBBBCULT$4.50
Mookaite Tumbled Stone, LGRACMOOK-LG$3.00
Mookaite Tumbled Stone, MEDIUMRACMOOK-MED$1.10
Moonstone Natural StoneRACMOON-CRY$2.75
Moonstone Point MassagerGMMOO-RAC$7.95
Moonstone Tumbled Stone, LGRACMOON-LG$1.65
Moonstone Tumbled Stone, MediumRACMOON-MED$1.15
Moonstone Tumbled Stone, XLGRACMOON-XLG$1.99
Moonstone, Black Tumbled StoneRACMOONBL$1.65
Moonstone, Coffee ChocolateRACMOONCOF$2.15
Moqui Balls Shaman Stone, Pair, Saucer Shaped 1.75 inchRACMOQ-1.75S$27.99
Moqui Balls Shaman Stones, Pair, Round Shaped, 1.75 inchRACMOQ-1.75R$27.99
Moqui Shaman Stone, Pair, Round Shaped 1.5 inchRACMOQ-1.5R$24.99
Morganite Tumbled StoneRACMORG$1.99
Morganite, Pink Natural Crystal Specimen, 4 inchRACMORG-CRYS4$89.99
Morganite, Pink Natural Crystal, LARGERACMORG-CRYS2$9.99
Morganite, Pink Natural Crystal, MEDRACMORG-CRYS.75$6.99
Morganite, Pink Natural Crystal, SMALLRACMORG-CRYS.5$4.99
Mortar and Pestle Set, 2 inch green onyxRACMPOYX2$12.95
Motivation AmuletAM45$43.25
Mugglestone, Tiger Iron Tumbled Stone, LGRACMUGG-LG$0.99
Mugglestone, Tiger Iron Tumbled Stone, SmallRACMUGG-SM$0.50
Mugglestone, Tiger Iron Tumbled Stone, XXLGRACMUGG-XXLG$2.50
Mystic Faerie book and deck by Ravenscroft-MooreDMYSFAE$26.95
Mystical Kipper Fortune Telling cardsDMYSKIP$14.00
Natural Crystal Quartz and Silver PendantRACJGPSQ$5.95
Nebula Tumbled Stone, SMALLRACNEB$2.00
New Orleans Voodoo Handbook by Kenaz FilanBNEWORL$19.95
New Orleans Voodoo tarot deck by Martinie and GlassmanDNEWORL$35.00
Nirvana Tibetian Pink Ice QuartzRACQTZNIR-CRYS$23.99
Nirvana Tibetian Pink Ice Quartz, .75 inchRACQTZNIR1-CRYS$6.50
Nuummite Tumbled StoneRACNUUM$3.50
OALTC: Altar Oil 2 dramOALTC$5.50
OAMBC: Amber Oil 2 dramOAMBC$5.50
OAMBGC: Ambergris Oil 2 dramOAMBGC$5.50
OATTLF: Attract Love Oil 2 dramOATTLF$6.95
OBALFC: Balsam Fir Oil 2dramOBALFC$5.50
OBANC: Banishing Oil 2 dramOBANC$5.50
OBASE: Basil Essential Oil 2 dramobase$5.95
OBAYC: Bayberry Oil 2 dramOBAYC$5.50
OBAYE: BayberryOBAYE$8.95
OBENE: Benzoin Essential Oil 2 dramobene$5.95
OBERC: Bergamot Oil 2 dramOBERC$5.50
OBLAC: Black Opium Oil 2 dramOBLAC$5.50
Obsidian, Black LARGERACOBBL-LG$0.99
Obsidian, Black Natural CrystalRACOBBL-RGH$0.50
Obsidian, Black SMALLRACOBBL-SM$0.50
OCAEA: Cast Off Evil Anna Riva Oil 2 dramOCAEA$3.95
OCARNC: Carnation Oil 2 dramOCARNC$5.50
OCARNE: CarnationOCARNE$8.95
Ocean Jasper - Orbicular Jasper, LargeRACJASOC-LG$3.95
Ocean Jasper - Orbicular Jasper, MEDIUMRACJASOC-MED$1.99
OCEDC: Cedarwood Oil 2 dramOCEDC$5.50
OCEDE: Cedarwood Essential Oil 2 dramocede$5.95
OCINC: Cinnamon Oil 2 dramOCINC$5.50
OCINE: Cinnamon Essential Oil 2 dramOCINE$5.95
OCITE: Citronella Essential Oil 2 dramOCITE$5.95
OCOPC: Copal Oil 2 dramOCOPC$5.50
OCYPC: Cypress Oil 2 dramOCYPC$5.50
OD074: Soapstone Pentagram Cubic Oil DiffuserOD074$8.95
OD127: Magic Circle Oil DiffuserOD127$30.95
ODOBC: Hourglass Shaped Oil DiffuserODOBC$13.95
ODOVA: Doves Blood Anna Riva Oil 2 dramODOVA$3.95
ODRAC: Dragons Blood Oil 2 dramODRAC$5.50
ODRAWA: Drawing Anna Riva oil 2 dramODRAWA$3.95
ODREA: Dream Anna Riva Oil 2 dramODREA$3.95
OEARC: Earth Oil 2 dramOEARC$5.50
OEGYC: Egyptian Musk Oil 2 dramOEGYC$5.50
OEUCC: Eucalyptus Oil 2 dramOEUCC$5.50
OEUCE: Eucalyptus Essential Oil 2 dramoeuce$5.95
OFASMA: Fast Money Anna Riva Oil 2 dramOFASMA$3.95
OFIRC: Fire Oil 2 dramOFIRC$5.50
OFRAAF: Frankincense Absolute Oil 2 dramOFRAAF$6.95
OFRAC: Frankincense Oil 2 dramOFRAC$5.50
OFRAE: Frankincense Essential Oil 2 dramofrae$9.95
OFRAMC: Frankincense and Myrrh Oil 2 dramOFRAMC$5.50
OFRAME: Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oil 2 dramoframe$9.95
OGARC: Gardenia Oil 2 dramOGARC$5.50
OGERC: Geranium Oil 2 dramOGERC$5.50
OGINC: Ginger Oil 2 dramOGINC$5.50
OGINE: Ginger Essential Oil, 2 dramOGINE$8.95
OGOOA: Good Luck Anna Riva Oil 2 dramOGOOA$3.95
OHEAC: Healing Oil 2dramOHEAC$5.50
OHELC: Heliotrope Oil 2dramOHELC$5.50
OHIGF: High John the Conqueror Oil 2 dramOHIGF$6.95
OHIRA: High John Anna Riva Oil 2 dramOHIRA$7.95
OHONC: Honeysuckle Oil 2 dramOHONC$5.50
OHONE: HoneysuckleOHONE$8.95
OISIC: Isis Oil 2dramOISIC$5.50
OJASC: Jasmine Oil 2 dramOJASC$5.50
OJASE: JasmineOJASE$8.95
OJUD: Judge Be For Me Anna Riva Oil 2dramOJUD$3.95
OKYPC: Kyphi Oil 2 dramOKYPC$5.50
OLAVC: Lavender Oil 2 dramOLAVC$5.50
OLAVE: Lavender Essential Oil 2 dramolave$8.95
OLEME: Lemon Essential Oil 2 dramoleme$5.95
OLEMGC: Lemongrass Oil 2 dramOLEMGC$5.50
OLEMGE: Lemongrass Essential Oil 2 dramolemge$5.95
OLILC: Lilac Oil 2 dramOLILC$5.50
OLILE: Lilac$8.95
OLILVC: Lily of the Valley Oil 2 dramsOLILVC$5.50
OLOTC: Lotus Oil 2 dramOLOTC$5.50
OLOTE: LotusOLOTE$8.95
OLOVA: Love Drawing Anna Riva Oil 2 dramOLOVA$3.95
OLOVC: Love Oil 2 dramOLOVC$5.50
Om Earrings, Sterling SilverJEO82$45.95
OMAGA: Magnet Anna Riva oil 2 dramOMAGA$3.95
OMOOC: Moon Oil 2 dramOMOOC$5.50
OMUSAF: Musk Arabian White Oil 2 dramOMUSAF$6.95
OMUSC: Musk Oil 2 dramOMUSC$5.50
OMYRRC: Myrrh Oil 2 dramOMYRRC$5.50
OMYRRE: Myrrh Essential Oil 2 dramomyrre$9.95
ONAGC: Nag Champa Oil 2 dramONAGC$5.50
ONERC: Neroli Oil 2 dramONERC$5.50
ONERE: Neroli Essential Oil 2 dramonere$9.95
ONIGC: Night Queen Oil 2 dramONIGC$5.50
ONIGQF: Night Queen oil 2 dramONIGQF$6.95
Onyx Banded Tumbled Stone, MEDRACONYXBD-MED$0.50
OOAKC: Oak Moss Oil 2 dramOOAKC$5.50
OOPIF Opium French Oil 2 dramOOPIF$6.95
OORABC: Orange Blossom Oil 2 dramOORABC$5.50
OORAE: Orange, Sweet Essential Oil 2 dramoorae$4.95
Opal Black Tumbled StoneRACOPALBK$1.95
Opal Pink Tumbled StoneRACOPALPK$2.25
Opal Tumbled StoneRACOPAL$2.25
Opal White Tumbled StoneRACOPALWH$1.70
OPATAF: Patchouli Arabian oil 2 dramOPATAF$6.95
OPATC: Patchouli Oil 2 dramOPATC$5.50
OPATE: Patchouli Essential Oil 2 dramopate$9.95
OPEAHA: Peaceful Home Anna Riva Oil 2 dramOPEAHA$3.95
OPEPC: Peppermint Oil 2 dramOPEPC$5.50
OPINC: Pine Oil 2 dramOPINC$5.50
OPINE: Pine Essential Oil 2 dramopine$5.95
OPROSA: Prosperity Anna Riva Oil 2 dramOPROSA$3.95
OPROSC: Prosperity Oil 2 dramOPROSC$5.50
OPROTC: Protection Oil 2 dramOPROTC$5.50
OPSYC: Psychic Oil 2 dramOPSYC$5.50
OPSYF: Psychic Powers Oil 2 dramOPSYF$6.95
Optical Quartz Natural CrystalRACQTZOPT-NAT$1.00
OPURC: Purification Oil 2 dramOPURC$5.50
OQUIA: Quick Money Anna Riva Oil 2 dramOQUIA$3.95
Orange Taper Candles, 6 inch, 2 packC6O$3.00
OROSA: Rosebud Anna Riva Oil 4 dramOROSA$6.95
OROSC: Rose Oil 2 dramOROSC$5.50
OROSGF: Rose Geranium Oil 2 dramOROSGF$6.95
OROSMC: Rosemary Oil 2 dramOROSMC$5.50
OROSME: Rosemary Essential Oil 2 dramorosme$5.95
ORUEC: Rue Oil 2 dramORUEC$5.50
OSAGC: Sage Oil 2 dramOSAGC$5.50
OSAGCC: Sage and Cedar Oil 2 dramOSAGCC$5.50
OSAGE: Sage Essential Oil 2 dramosage$9.95
OSAMC: Samhain Oil 2 dramOSAMC$5.50
OSANAF: Sandalwood, Arabian oil 2 dramOSANAF$6.95
OSANC: Sandalwood Oil 2 dramOSANC$5.50
OSANE: Sandalwood Essential Oil 2 dramosane$8.95
OSANTF: Sandalwood, Tunisian Oil 2 dramOSANTF$6.95
OSATF: Satyr oil 2 dramOSATF$6.95
OSEVF: Seven African Powers Oil 2 dramOSEVF$6.95
OSUNC: Sun Oil 2 dramOSUNC$5.50
OTEAC: Tea Tree Oil 2 dramOTEAC$5.50
OTONF: Tonka Bean Oil 2 dramOTONF$6.95
OTUBC: Tuberose Oil 2 dramOTUBC$5.50
OVANC: Vanilla Oil 2 dramOVANC$5.50
OVETC: Vetivert Oil 2 dramOVETC$5.50
OVETE: Vetivert Essential Oil 2 dramovete$13.95
OVIOC: Violet Oil 2 dramOVIOC$5.50
OWITA: Witchs Anna Riva Oil 2 dramOWITA$3.95
OWITF: Witchs Sight Oil 2 dramOWITF$6.95
OYLAC: Ylang Ylang Oil 2 dramOYLAC$5.50
OYLAE: Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 2 dramoylae$13.95
OYULC: Yule Oil 2 dramOYULC$5.50
Peaceful Dreams Incense StickRACDEPD$3.99
Pegasus Magick Wand LargeLW31$349.99
Pendulum Kit by Sig LonegrenDPENKIT0PS$23.99
Pendulum Magic for Beginners by Webster, RichardBPENMAG$13.95
Pendulum Power by Greg Nielsen & Joseph PolanskyBPENPOW$9.95
Pendulum, Black Obsidian 6 sidedRACPDOBBL$9.99
Pentacle SuncatcherRAC6060$12.95
Pentagram JournalBBBL708$17.95
Pentagram Leather Blank Book Small 5 x 7BBBCPEN$25.95
Pentagram leather blank book with latch, 5 x 7 inchBBBLP449$28.95
Pentagram Leather blank book with lock, 7 x 10 inchBBBCT284$50.95
Pentagram leather blank book with stone and latch, 6 x 9BBBLPENT$54.50
Pentagram leather blank book, 7 x 10BBBCP710$48.95
Peridot Natural Stone, 4 piecesRACPER-CRYS$0.65
Peridot Tumbled Stone, 8 piecesRACPER$0.99
Petalite Crystal, LARGERACPETA-LG$3.50
Petalite Crystal, MEDIUMRACPETA-MED$1.75
Petalite Crystal, SMALLRACPETA-SMALL$1.25
Petrified Wood 6 sided Faceted PendulumRACPDPETWD$9.99
Petrified Wood Natural Stone Slab, 5.25 inchRACPETWD-SLAB5.25$29.99
Petrified Wood Natural Stone, 1 to 2 inchRACPETWD-RGH$0.65
Petrified Wood Tumbled StoneRACPETWD$1.80
Pewter Pentacle PendantRAC1099$10.20
Phantom Quartz Standing PointRACQTZPH-STPT$9.99
Phantom Quartz Tumbled Stone, LGRACQTZPH-LG$1.99
Phantom Quartz Tumbled Stone, MEDRACQTZPH-MED$1.75
Phantom Quartz Tumbled Stone, XLGRACQTZPH-XLG$2.50
Phoenix Wand, LargeLW32$349.99
Picture Jasper Tumbled StoneRACJASPIC-LG$0.99
Picture Stone, XLGRACPICT$1.40
Pietersite Tumbled Stone, MediumRACPIET-MED$3.75
Pietersite Tumbled Stone, SMALLRACPIET-SM$2.25
Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal Mini PointsRACPLEM$3.75
Pink Taper Candles, 6 inch, 2 packC6PI$3.00
Pink Tourmaline in Quartz Matrix, 1.75 inchRACRUBEQTZ-CRY2$17.99
Pink Tourmaline with Quartz Tumbled StoneRACRUBEQTZ$2.25
Polychrome Jasper Desert Jasper Tumbled StoneRACJASPOLY$1.50
Poppy Incense StickRACSWPOP$1.99
Positive Thoughts Wand, MediumW62$71.99
Postive Intentions Large WandLW39$299.99
Power AmuletAM04$43.25
Power Magic Wand, MediumW07$71.99
Practical Guide To Astral Projection by Denning and PhillipsBPRAGUIA$12.95
Practical Magic for Beginners by Brandy WilliamsBPRAMAGB$13.95
Prasiolite - Green Amethyst, Tumbled Stone, SMALLRACPRAS-SM$1.25
Prasiolite Green Amethyst, Tumbled Stone, MEDIUMRACPRAS-MED$1.50
Prasiolite Green Amethyst, Tumbled Stone, XLGRACPRAS-XLG$1.95
Prehnite Tumbled Stone, SmallRACPREN-SM$0.50
Prehnite Tumbled Stone, XLGRACPREN-XL$3.00
Prosperity AmuletAM11$43.25
Prosperity Baby Wand PendantB11$49.95
Prosperity Gem Drop AmuletRACAG11$30.95
Prosperity Magic Wand, MediumW30$71.99
Prosperity Wand, LargeLW1$299.99
Protection AmuletAM15$43.25
Protection Baby Wand PendantB15$49.95
Protection Gem Drop AmuletAG15$30.95
Protection Magic Wand, MediumW31$71.99
Protection Wand, LargeLW15$299.99
Psychic Circle, Ouija Board by Zerner-Farberdpsycir0ta$26.95
Psychic Magic Wand, MediumW16$71.99
Psychic Wand, LargeLW06$299.99
Pure Consciousness AmuletAM47$43.25
Pure Consciousness Wand, MediumW93$71.99
Purification AmuletAM01$43.25
Purification Baby Wand PendantB01$49.95
Purification Magic Wand, MediumW21$71.99
Purple Taper Candles, 6 inch, 2 packC6PU$3.00
Pyrite Mineral Egg, 2.25 inchRACPYR-EGG$29.99
Pyrite Natural Rough Cluster, 2 inchRACPYR-2$7.50
Pyrite Nugget, Rough, 1 to 1.5 inchRACPYR-1$1.45
Pyrite Polished MineralRACPYRTB$5.75
Quartz Crystal Point 1 to 2 inchRACQTZPT12$1.25
Quartz Crystal Point 2.25 to 3 inchRACQTZPT23$3.75
Quartz Crystal Points, Extra Small, 2 piecesRACQTZPT-XSM$0.50
Quartz Crystal Points, Small, .75 to 1.5 inchRACQTZPT-SM$0.85
Quartz Crystal Pyramid, MediumGPYQZ-RAC$13.95
Quartz Green, Himalaya Tumbled StoneRACQTZGRN$5.99
Que Sera Tumbled Stone BrazilRACQUESER$3.99
R4TV: Four Thieves VinegarR4TV$4.95
RA030: Damascus AthameRA030$51.95
RA035: Medieval Athame, Black HandleRA035$36.95
RA181: Eastern Dragon Athame 10.5 inchRA181$31.95
RA603: Wooden Pentagram Altar Tile 6 inchRA603$16.95
RA648S: Round Tree of Life Altar Table 6 inchRA648S$19.95
RAAC4: Triquetra Rune Mother Altar ClothRAAC4$35.95
RABON: Bone AthameRABON$12.95
RAC24: Triquetra Altar or Tarot ClothRAC24$13.95
RAC36: Triquetra Altar Tarot Cloth 36 X 36RAC36$10.95
RAC87: Greenman Altar Tarot ClothRAC87$14.95
RAC89: Ouija Board Altar ClothRAC89$19.95
RAC91: Pentagram Goddess altar cloth 18 x 18RAC91$5.95
Rainbow Moonstone 6 sided faceted PendulumRACPDRBMOON$8.99
Rainbow Moonstone Sphere 2 inchRACGSPHMOON-1.5$49.99
Rainbow Moonstone, Tumbled Stone, LGRACMOONRB-LG$3.25
Rainbow Moonstone, Tumbled Stone, MediumRACMOONRB-MED$1.45
Rainbow Moonstone, Tumbled Stone, SmallRACMOONRB-SM$0.99
Rainbow Moonstone, Tumbled Stone, XLGRACMOONRB-XLG$3.99
Rainbow Obsidian Sphere, 1.5 inchRACGSPHOBRNB-1.5$29.99
Rainbow Obsidian Tumbled Stone, LGRACOBRNB-LG$2.50
Rainbow Obsidian Tumbled Stone, MediumRACOBRNB-MED$2.20
Rainbow Obsidian Tumbled Stone, XLGRACOBRNB-XLG$2.99
RAK28: Moon Phase AthameRAK28$35.95
RAK53: Triquetra Pentagram AthameRAK53$35.95
RAK60NB: Hecates Winged AthameRAK60NB$35.95
RAP24: Pentagram Altar Tarot ClothRAP24$6.95
RAP36: Large Pentacle Altar Tarot ClothRAP36$9.95
RAP3: Pentagram Altar Tile 3 inchRAP3$11.95
RAS11: Silver Egyptian AthameRAS11$31.95
RASC84A: Gold Bordered Pentagram Altar Cloth 36 x 36 inchRASC84A$16.95
RASC84B: Triquetra altar cloth 36 x 36 inchRASC84B$16.95
RASC93: Tree of Life altar cloth 18 x 18 inchRASC93$5.95
RASC94: Goddess altar cloth 18 x 18 inchRASC94$5.95
RAT01: Small Pentagram Altar TableRAT01$26.95
RAT1S: Pentagram Altar Table 6 inch x 6 inchRAT1S$29.95
RAT24: Triple Moon Pentagram Altar Tarot ClothRAT24$13.95
RAT632: Greenman Altar Table 12 inchRAT632$94.95
RAT632S: Greenman Altar Table Small 8 inchRAT632S$29.95
RAT633: Spirit Board Altar Table with Drawer 12 x 12 x 9RAT633$106.95
RAT642S: Small Triquetra Altar Table 6 inchRAT642S$32.95
RAT646S: Antiqued Triple Moon Altar Table 6 inchRAT646S$27.95
RATH6: Simple Wood Handled Athame 6 inchRATH6$8.95
RATHB: Engraved Silver Boot Athame, 6.5 inchRATHB$15.95
Raven leather blank book with latch, 7 inchBBBLR450$28.95
Raven Pentacle SuncatcherRAC6066$12.95
RB333: Ritual Bowl, 3.75 inchRB333$11.95
RB336: Pentagram ritual bowl, 6 inchRB336$14.95
RB75TG: Triple Goddess Tote BagRB75TG$13.95
RB75TR: Triquetra Tote BagRB75TR$13.95
RBAIR: Air bath salts 6 ozRBAIR$4.95
RBAT: Bats Head RootRBAT$2.50
RBC74: Greenman Tote BagRBC74$8.95
RBCB3CH: Triquetra Offering Bowl 3 inchRBCB3CH$12.95
RBCB3P: Pentagram Offering Bowl 3 inchRBCB3P$12.95
RBCB3TG: Triple Moon Offering Bowl 3 inchRBCB3TG$12.95
RBCB5: Pentagram Copper ritual bowl 4 inchRBCB5$19.95
RBEAR: Earth Bath Salts 6ozRBEAR$4.95
RBFIR: Fire Bath Salts 6 ozRBFIR$4.95
RBHEA: Healing Bath Salts 6ozRBHEA$4.95
RBHYS: Hyssop Bath Oil, 4 fl ozRBHYS$8.95
RBLAS: Black Salt Packet, 1oz,RBLAS$1.95
RBLOV: Love Bath Salts 6 ozRBLOV$4.95
RBMS: Devotional Bowl Moss Agate 2 inch diaRBMS$23.95
RBO3: Green Onyx Devotional Bowl 3 inchRBO3$9.95
RBOL: Druidic Boline With Leather Sheath, 10 inchRBOL$34.95
RBOLM: Mini Boline 7 inchRBOLM$19.95
RBPRS: Prosperity Bath Salts 6 ozRBPRS$4.95
RBPRT: Protection Bath Salts 6 ozRBPRT$4.95
RBPUR: Purification Bath Salts 6 ozRBPUR$4.95
RBSPI: Spirit Bath Salts 6ozRBSPI$4.95
RBWAT: Water Bath Salts 6ozRBWAT$4.95
RC080: Dragon chalice 6.75 inchRC080$22.95
RC23: Pentagram ChaliceRC23$29.95
RC24: Triple Goddess ChaliceRC24$26.95
RC27: Triquetra ChaliceRC27$15.50
RC378: Gothic Cross Silver Chalice 7 inchRC378$47.95
RC405: Skull and Spine TankardRC405$26.95
RC9013: Pentagram ChaliceRC9013$15.95
RCOWS: Cowrie Shells 18 pcsRCOWS$4.95
RD406: Wolf dream catcher 13 inchRD406$20.95
RD919: Dragon - Pentagram Dream CatcherRD919$18.95
RDOWR: Brass L Dowsing RodsRDOWR$19.95
Red Phantom Quartz CrystalsRACQTZRDPH-CRYS$2.50
Red Taper Candles, 6 inch, 2 packC6R$3.00
Rejuvenation Incense StickRACDEREJ$3.99
Rejuvenator Wand, MediumW28$71.99
REYED: Eye Dropper, One Pair, 4 inchREYED$3.95
RFLO7: Florida Water, 7 ozRFLO7$8.95
RGRA: Graveyard Dirt 1ozRGRA$3.95
RHNATK: Henna Kit, SmallRHNATK$7.95
Rhodochrosite, Argentinian, LGRACRHODS-ARG-LG$5.80
Rhodochrosite, Argentinian, Tumbled Stone, SmallRACRHODS-ARG-SM$0.99
Rhodochrosite, Peru, Tumbled StoneRACRHODS-PER-MED$3.99
Rhodonite, Tumbled Stone, LGRACRHOD-LG$1.00
RHOLW: Holy Water, 4 ozRHOLW$4.95
Rhyolite Rainforest Jasper Tumbled Stone, SMALLRACRHY-SMALL$0.75
Rhyolite Rainforest Jasper Tumbled Stone, XLGRACRHY-XLG$3.99
Rhyolite Rainforest Jasper with holes, XLGRACRHY-HOLES-XLG$3.99
RIBAT: Bats Blood Ink, 1 ozRIBAT$4.95
Rider Waite Tarot Deck and Book Set by A.E. WaiteDRIDSET0TA$24.00
RIDOV: Doves Blood Ink 1 ozRIDOV$4.95
RIDRA: Dragons Blood Ink, 1 ozRIDRA$4.95
RIGRE: Money Green ink 1 ozRIGRE$4.95
RKATTL: Attract Lover Ritual KitRKATTL$19.95
RKBAN: Banishing Ritual KitRKBAN$19.95
RKBEG: New Beginnings Ritual KitRKBEG$19.95
RKCEN: Centering Ritual KitRkcen$19.95
RKEMP: Empowerment Ritual KitRKEMP$19.95
RKENH: Enhance Your Love Life Ritual KitRKENH$19.95
RKFIN: Find Your Place Ritual KitRKFIN$19.95
RKFLO: Flow with Life Ritual KitRKFLO$19.95
RKGET: Get What You Want Ritual KitRKGET$19.95
RKHEA: Healing Ritual KitRKHEA$19.95
RKJOB: Get A Job Ritual KitRKJOB$19.95
RKMON: Money Drawing Ritual KitRKMON$19.95
RKREL: Releasing Ritual KitRKREL$19.95
RKSOU: Attract Soulmate Ritual KitRKSOU$19.95
RKVIS: Vision Ritual KitRKVIS$19.95
RKWIN: Win In Court Ritual KitRKWIN$19.95
RLFOO: Lodestone Food 4ozRLFOO$4.95
RLNAT: Lodestone NaturalRLNAT$3.95
RLUC: Lucky Hand RootRLUC$4.95
RMATT: Attract Love Herbal Spell Mix .75 ozRMATT$3.95
RMBAN: Banishing Spell MixRMBAN$3.95
RMEMP: Empowerment Herbal Spell Mix 1 ozRMEMP$3.95
RMHEA: Healing Herbal Spell Mix 1 ozRMHEA$3.95
RMPUR: Purification Spell MixRMPUR$3.95
RMQUI: Quick Money Herbal Spell Mix 1 ozRMQUI$3.95
RMREL: Releasing Herbal Spell Mix .75 ozRMREL$3.95
RMRS10: Red Sandalwood Prayer Mala 10mmRMRS10$18.95
RMSIL4: Silver Magnetic Sand, Lodestone Food 4ozRMSIL4$4.95
RMWIS: Wishing Herbal Spell Mix 1 ozRMWIS$3.95
RO33BG: Black Organza Pouch, gold stars 2.75 x 3RO33BG$0.95
RO33BS: Blue Organza Pouch, Silver Stars 2.75 x 3RO33BS$0.95
RO33GG: Green Organza Pouch-gold stars 2.75 x 3RO33GG$0.95
RO45BG: Black Organza Pouch, gold stars 4 x 5RO45BG$1.50
RO45BS: Blue Organza Pouch, Silver Stars 4 x 5RO45BS$1.50
RO45GG: Green Organza Pouch-gold stars 4 x 5RO45GG$1.50
Rose Quartz Crystal Point Pendant, Silver, .75 inchRACJPRQPT-.75$15.99
Rose Quartz Crystal Point Pendant, Silver, 1.5 inchRACJPRQPT-1.5$19.99
Rose Quartz Double Terminated Faceted CrystalRACQTZRSDT$3.99
Rose Quartz Double Terminated Faceted Crystal, 1 inchRACQTZRSDT-SMALL$3.50
Rose Quartz Gemstone Egg 1.75 inchRACQTZRS-EGG$19.99
Rose Quartz Generator, 2.5 inchRACQTZRS-GEN$27.99
Rose Quartz Natural Raw CrystalRACQTZRS-RGH$2.45
Rose Quartz Natural Raw Crystal Specimen, 4.75 inchRACQTZRS-RGH4.75-3$9.99
Rose Quartz Pendulum, 6 sidedRACPDRSQTZ$8.99
Rose Quartz Sphere, 1.5 inchRACGSPHQTZRS-1.5$19.99
Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone, SMALLRACQTZROS-SM$0.50
Rose Quartz, Tumbled Stone, LGRACQTZROS-LG$1.45
Rose Quartz, Tumbled Stone, MediumRACQTZROS-MED$1.00
Rose Quartz, Tumbled Stone, XLGRACQTZROS-XLG$1.95
RPAR25: Parchment Paper 25 Pack 8.5 x 11RPAR25$7.95
RPAR5: Parchment 5 Pack 8.5 x 11RPAR5$2.95
RPASA: Asafedita Ritual Powder 1.5ozRPASA$9.95
RPHOT: Hot Foot Ritual PowderRPHOT$4.95
RPM100: Pendulum Dowsing Board, 8 X 8 glassRPM100$51.95
RPVES: Vesta Ritual Powder 2 ozRPVES$3.95
RPYRW: Pyramid Water, 4ozRPYRW$4.95
RRAME: Amethyst Rune SetRRAME$24.95
RRBLO: Bloodstone Rune SetRRBLO$24.95
RRCAR: Carnelian Rune SetRRCAR$19.95
RRCIT: Citrine Rune SetRRCIT$32.95
RRCOW: Cowrie Shell RattleRRCOW$30.95
RRHEM: Hematite Rune SetRRHEM$32.95
RRLAP: Lapis rune setRRLAP$32.95
RRMOO: Moonstone Rune SetRRMOO$21.95
RRQUA: Clear Quartz Rune SetRRQUA$24.95
RRRJA: Red Jasper rune setRRRJA$18.95
RRROS: Rose Quartz Rune SetRRROS$24.95
RRTIG: Tiger Eye rune setRRTIG$32.95
RRWRM: White Rainbow Moonstone rune setRRWRM$30.95
RS374: Maid, Mother, Crone Scrying BowlRS374$30.95
RS375: Pentagram, Triple Moon Scrying BowlRS375$30.95
RS3BWC: Cedar, White and Blue Sage smudge stick 3 PackRS3BWC$7.95
RS5S: Sage Smudge Stick, 5 inchRS5S$4.95
RS5SCE: Sage and Cedar Smudge Stick, 5 inchRS5SCE$4.95
RS5SCO: Sage and Copal Smudge Stick, 5 inchRS5SCO$4.95
RS5VAR: Smudge Stick Variety Pack, 5 inchRS5VAR$11.95
RS6WS: White Sage smudge stick 6 PackRS6WS$13.95
RSB6: Tibetan Singing Bowl brass, 6 inchRSB6$79.95
RSBAR: Barred Wing Smudging FeatherRSBAR$4.95
RSC7: Cedar Smudge Stick, 7 inchRSC7$5.50
RSC7S: Sage and Cedar Smudge Stick, 7 inchRSC7S$6.95
RSCR3: Scrying Bowl, black stone, 3 inch dia.RSCR3$9.95
RSCR4: Scrying Bowl, black stone, 4 inch dia.RSCR4$11.95
RSCR6: Scrying Bowl, black stone, 6 inch dia.RSCR6$25.95
RSD7S: Desert Sage Smudge Stick, 7 inchRSD7S$6.95
RSFEA: Smudging FeatherRSFEA$22.95
RSFEAD: Deluxe Beaded smudging feather 12 inchRSFEAD$36.95
RSM100: Scrying Mirror, black Celtic Knot 8 x 8RSM100$47.95
RSMB5: Aluminum Singing Bowl with Striker and Cushion, 5 inchRSMB5$68.95
RSMB6: Singing Bowl with Striker and Cushion Aluminum, LargeRSMB6$57.95
RSMH6: Brass Scrying Mirror Holder 6 inchRSMH6$11.95
RSPSW6: 6 pack Palo Santo smudge sticks, 3.5 to 4 inchRSPSW6$7.95
RSS7S: Sage and Sweetgrass Smudge Stick, 7 inchRSS7S$6.95
RSSWEE: Wee Sage Smudge StickRSSWEE$2.50
RST5B: Smudge Pot with Mini White Sage WandRST5B$19.95
RSWEB: Sweetgrass BraidRSWEB$11.95
RTIN2: Tingsha Cymbals, SmallRTIN2$28.95
Ruby Fuschite Crystal Sphere, 2 inch, 50 mmRACGSPHRUBFUS-2$44.99
Ruby Fuschite Tumbled Stone, LGRACRUBFUS-LG$4.99
Ruby Fuschite Tumbled Stone, MediumRACRUBFUS-MED$2.75
Ruby in Feldspar Tumbled StoneRACRUBFEL$9.99
Ruby in Zoisite Tumbled Stone, LGRACRUBZO-LG$3.50
Ruby in Zoisite Tumbled Stone, XLGRACRUBZO-XLG$7.25
Ruby Natural Raw CrystalRACRUBY-RGH$1.80
Ruby Tumbled Stone, LGRACRUBY-LG$6.99
Ruby Tumbled Stone, SmallRACRUBY-SM$5.25
Ruby with KyaniteRACRUBKYAN$4.00
Rune Oracle cards by Lo ScarabeoDRUNORA$19.95
Runes Guidebook by Bianca LunaBRUNGUI$15.95
Rutilated Quartz Natural Crystal, 1 to 1.5 inchRACQTZRUT-CRY-MED$2.99
Rutilated Quartz Natural Crystal, 1.75 to 2.5 inchRACQTZRUT-CRY$5.25
Rutilated Quartz Tumbled StoneRACQTZRUT$2.75
RV23BG: Burgundy Velveteen Bag 2 x 3RV23BG$0.95
RV23BK: Black Velveteen Bag 2 x 2.5 inchRV23BK$0.95
RV23BU: Blue Velveteen Bag 2 x 2.5RV23BU$0.95
RV23GR: Green Velveteen Bag 2 x 2.5 inchRV23GR$0.95
RV23PU: Purple Velveteen Bag 2 x 3RV23PU$0.95
RV23R: Red Velveteen Bag 2 x 2.5RV23R$0.95
RV34BG: Burgundy Velveteen Bag 3 x 4RV34BG$1.25
RV34BK: Black Velveteen Bag 3 x 4RV34BK$1.25
RV34BU: Blue Velveteen Bag 3 x 4RV34BU$1.25
RV34GR: Green Velveteen Bag 3 x 4 inchRV34GR$1.25
RV34PU: Purple Velveteen Bag 3 x 4RV34PU$1.25
RV34R: Red Velveteen Bag, 3 x 4RV34R$1.25
RV46BK: Black Velveteen Bag 4 x 5.5 inchRV46BK$1.50
RV46BU: Blue Velveteen Bag 4 x 5.5 inchRV46BU$1.50
RV46GR: Green Velveteen Bag 4 x 5.5RV46GR$1.50
RV46PU: Purple Velveteen Bag 4 x 5.5 inchRV46PU$1.50
RV46R: Red Velveteen Bag 4 x 5.5 inchRV46R$1.50
RV57BU: Blue Velveteen Bag 5 x 7RV57BU$2.25
RV57GR: Green Velveteen Bag 5 x 7RV57GR$2.25
RV57PU: Purple Velveteen Bag 5 x 7RV57PU$2.25
RV57R: Red Velveteen Bag 5 x 7RV57R$2.25
RVBTOL: Tree of Life Velveteen Bag 5 inchRVBTOL$4.25
RVOODF: Female Voodoo Doll 3 inchRVOODF$6.95
RVOODM: Male Voodoo Doll 3 inchRVOODM$6.95
RVOOR: Red Voodoo Doll 5 inchRVOOR$7.95
RVOOW: White Voodoo Doll 5 inchRVOOW$7.95
RW7AVE: 7 Chakra Green Aventurine wandRW7AVE$49.95
RW7DC: 7 Chakra Dorjee copper healing wandRW7DC$33.95
RW7RQ: 7 Chakra Rose Quartz WandRW7RQ$46.95
RW7TI: 7 Chakra Tiger Iron wandRW7TI$48.95
RW9WIL: Willow Wand 9 inchRW9WIL$35.95
RWBAT: Bats Blood Writing KitRWBAT$6.95
RWCOP: Copper Healing WandRWCOP$31.95
RWDOV: Doves Blood Writing KitRWDOV$6.95
RWDRA: Dragons Blood Writing KitRWDRA$6.95
RWGOL: Gold Healing WandRWGOL$31.95
RWMC: Mini Chakra Healing WandRWMC$22.95
RWMCOP: Mini Copper 7 Chakra Healing WandRWMCOP$25.95
RWOR: Worry Dolls, 6 packRWOR$5.95
RWPAS14: Pagan Ash Wand 16 inchRWPAS14$46.95
RWPE14: Ebony WandRWPE14$46.95
RWPL14: Pagan Lignum Vitae Wand 14 inchRWPL14$46.95
RWPOA14: Oak Wand 14 inchRWPOA14$46.95
RWPWI14: Pagan Willow Wand 16 inchRWPWI14$46.95
RWRM13: Rustic Maple Wand 13- 16 inchRWRM13$29.95
RWRW13: Rustic Willow Wand 13-16 inchRWRW13$29.95
RWTWIW: Twisted Wood Healing WandRWTWIW$35.95
SA886: Angel of Bereavement statueSA886$84.95
Sacred Oak Tree Leather Blank Book, 5 by 7 inchBBBCSOT$25.95
Sandalwood Incense StickRACDESA$3.99
Sapphire Rough Natural StoneRACSAPP-CRYS$1.10
Sapphire Tumbled Stone, B GradeRACSAPP-SM$1.25
Sardonyx Gemstone Egg, 1.75 inchRACSARD1.75-EGG$19.99
Sardonyx Third Eye Agate SphereRACGSPHSARD-1.5$19.99
Sardonyx Tumbled StoneRACSARD$0.99
Sardonyx Tumbled Stone, GreenRACSARDG$0.75
SB7Y1: Sitting Buddha tealite candle holder 8 inchSB7Y1$17.95
SC004: Cat and Pentagram Wall PlaqueSC004$22.95
SC298: Woodland Cross Dragon Wall PlaqueSC298$38.95
SC321: Winged Cat Gargoyle 6.5 inchSC321$27.95
SC846: Midnight Messenger wall clock 13 inchSC846$20.95
Scolecite Spray Crystal Specimen, 3.5 inchRACSCOL-SPRAY3.5$23.99
Scolecite Spray Crystal Specimen, 5.75 inchRACSCOL-SPRAY5.75$59.99
Scolecite Tumbled StoneRACSCOL$3.49
SD297: Dragons Pentagram Wall HangingSD297$39.95
Sea Sprite Faerie Myst Wand, LargeLW33$349.99
Sealing Wax Kit, CelticBSWCEL$14.95
Sealing Wax Kit, MagicBSWMAG$14.95
Sealing Wax Kit, WiccaBSWWIC$14.95
Seance Dowsing Board by XeonixDSGB$45.95
Secret Language of Animals Oracle CardsDSECLAN$21.95